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Internationaler Motorenkongress 2017

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Table of contents

1. Propulsion for 2025
Michael Winkler

2. Worldwide harmonization of emission regulations – a dream never becomes reality?
Manfred Schuckert

3. Climate-neutral mobility
Lars Mönch

4. CNG as ideal supplement to e-traction aiming at CO2-neutral mobility?
Wolfgang Demmelbauer-Ebner, Jens Andersen, Reiner Mangold

5. Challenges facing future high performance combustion engines using Porsche Boxer engines as an example
Thomas Wasserbäch, Jörg Kerner, Markus Baumann

6. Load point shifting for Diesel engines – potentials for passenger car and truck engine applications
Jörg Neugärtner, Alexander Scholz, Anton Schurr, Michael Günthner, Rudolf Flierl

7. Selecting a suitable stroke / bore ratio when combining variable compression and Early Intake Valve Closure (EIVC)
Marc Sens, Michael Günther, Ulrich Walther, Sascha Nicklitzsch, Jan Müller, Matthias Hunger, Steffen Zwahr

8. Extreme lean gasoline technology – best efficiency and lowest emission powertrains
Philipp Adomeit, Johannes Scharf, Matthias Thewes, Bastian Morcinkowski, Patrick Hoppe, Stefania Esposito, Marius Böhmer

9. From glow tube to corona – challenges to the ignition systems of future SI engines
Joachim Hahn, Martin Schenk, Franz Xaver Schauer, Christina Sauer, Gerhard Weber, Christian Schwarz

10. Experimental investigation of the cold start behavior of different coolant circuits for a waste heat recovery system and their influence on the engine
Thomas Matousek, Frank Stahl, Thomas Koch, Michael Bens

11. Method for the predictive calculation of mixed friction
Morten Kronstedt, Christian Lensch-Franzen, T. Doğuer, M. Bäse

12. Predictive diagnostics solutions beyond big data
Michael Hackner, Walter Lehle

13. Optimized heat release rate for enhanced thermal efficiency under NOx, noise and peak firing pressure constraints in light-duty Diesel engines
Jean-Marc Zaccardi, Frédéric Nicolas, Jordan Rudloff, Gaetano De Paola

14. Impact analysis of fuels, operating fluids and combustion parameters: focus raw emission behavior
Christian Lensch-Franzen, Marcus Gohl, Tobias Mink, Martin Schäfer

15. FEV ECObrid – a 48V mild hybrid concept for passenger car Diesel engines
Joschka Schaub, Christian Frenken, Bastian Holderbaum, Philip Griefnow, Rene Savelsberg, Olivier Coppin

16. The tailored powertrain for 48 V – options for the gasoline engine – chance for future Diesel engines
Wolfgang Schöffmann, Helfried Sorger, Michael Weissbäck, Thomas Pels, Carsten Kaup, Mario Brunner

17. Optimal hybrid gasoline engine – solutions for complex powertrains
Christoph Danzer, Gerrit Albrecht, Mark Vallon, Günter Reimer, Wolfgang Wukisiewitsch

18. Model-based combustion chamber layout for passenger car Diesel engines
Alexander Machold, Ludwig Bürgler, Andreas Ennemoser, Markus Grubmüller

19. Targets and parameters for combustion system layout
Stephan-Johannes Schnorpfeil, Benedikt Fuchs, Elias Baum

20. 48 V in series application
Jens Kötz, Siegfried Pint

21. Deployment of 48 V in Renault, current status and future outlook
Richard Pothin, Pietro Dolcini

22. Alternative fuels of today for sustainable mobility of tomorrow
Werner Willems, Ulrich Kramer, Heiko Maas

23. Natural gas-Diesel dual fuel for commercial vehicle engines
Christian Barba, Jan Dyckmans, Jürgen Förster, Thomas Schnekenburger

24. Natural gas for cleaner mobility
Christoph Balzer, Max Kofod, Mathijs Koot, Karsten Wilbrand

25. Energy chains and drive systems in the comparison of efficiency taking into account the air quality
Kurt Kirsten

26. Potentials of sustainable bio Diesel fuels to achieve mobility
Ralf Türck

27. Alternative fuels for commercial vehicles
Jan Arnell

28. Recent results of the sootless Diesel fuel oxymethylene ether
Dominik Pélerin, Kai Gaukel, Martin Härtl, Georg Wachtmeister

29. Oxygenate fuel in a Diesel engine – Is a CI engine capable of lambda 1?
Markus Münz, David Töpfer, Alexander Mokros, Christian Beidl

30. Production of fuels from hydropower and carbon dioxide from organic waste in Norway
Torsten Buddenberg, Christian Bergins, Stephan Schmidt, Hans-Jörg Fell

31. Green hydrogen and downstream synthesis products – electricity-based fuels for the transportation sector
Alexander Tremel

32. Capturing CO2 from air
Jan Wurzbacher

33. Sustainable designer fuels for Diesel and Otto fuels
Robert Schlögl

34. A pragmatic approach to deep reduction in U.S. CO2 emissions
Mike Tamor

35. The challenges of an aftertreatment system for Stage V with SCR-F
Evangelos Katsaounis, Peter Krähenbühl, Dimitrios Tsinoglou, Ralph Wachter

36. Highly integrated exhaust gas aftertreatment systems in heavy-duty applications
S. Schaml, D. Rothe, F. Lutz, F. I. Zuther

37. Next steps towards EGR-only concept for medium-duty industrial engine
Dirk Queck, Olaf Erik Herrmann

38. Further thermal efficiency increase of the Diesel combustion for commercial engines
Gernot Graf, Hans Seitz, Helmut Theißl, Alexander Machold

39. Improving commercial vehicle emissions and fuel economy with engine temperature management using variable valve actuation
Helmut Theissl, Lukas Walter

40. In-house developed turbochargers as key technology element for the development of Daimler heavy-duty engines
Michael Wöhr, Markus Müller, Thorsten Fögeling, Johannes Leweux

41. Efficiency increase of the CV engine with a WHR turbine expander combined with a 48 V board net
Rolf Müller, Holger Oechslen, Thomas Schmidt, René Dingelstadt, Sebastian Ewert

42. Organic Rankine cycle turbine expander design, development, and 48 V mild hybrid system integration
Frederick M. Huscher

43. Fuel saving potential of indirect charge air cooling for heavy-duty trucks
Rainer Lutz

44. Range extender systems for electric drivetrains in medium-duty distribution vehicles
Dirk Bergmann, Stefan Wedowski, Johannes Maiterth, Christopher Marten, Stefano Ghetti, Marius Walters, Pietro Morra

45. Development of a Diesel Power Module (DPM) for electrification of the extra mile
Thomas Praxmarer

46. The new Diesel and gas engines for the lower power range
Markus Schwaderlapp, Wilhelm Feuser, Christian Stein, Kai Tedsen, Frank Eisenhauer

47. The latest generation of Daimler’s 10.7 l heavy-duty engine
Marco Ernst, Jens Kleffel, David Koch

48. The future of the internal combustion engine impacted by increasing electrification
Andreas Schamel

49. Impact of CO2 and ultra-low NOx legislation on commercial vehicle base engine
Lukas Walter, Thomas Wagner, Helmut Theissl, Stephanie Flitsch, Gernot Hasenbichler

50. Fuel: a key element for the mobility of tomorrow
Helmut Eichlseder

Keywords: Engineering, Engine Technology, Automotive Engineering

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