Koinzer, Thomas

Private Schools and School Choice in Compulsory Education

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Table of contents

1. Private Schooling and School Choice as Global Phenomena: An Introduction
Thomas Koinzer, Rita Nikolai, Florian Waldow

Part I. National/Regional Case Studies

2. A Bicycle Built for Three. Private School Governance and Politics in the United States
Stephan Köppe

3. A Country on Its Way to Full Privatisation? Private Schools and School Choice in England
Sonia Exley

4. A Most Poisonous Debate: Legitimizing Support for Australian Private Schools
Martin Forsey, Helen Proctor, Meghan Stacey

5. Private Schools in Sweden: Policy Development, Inequalities and Emerging Issues
Anne West

6. Long Tradition, Moderate Distribution and Growing Importance: Private Schools in Germany as ‘Change Agents’ of School Choice
Rita Nikolai, Thomas Koinzer

7. Class Isolation: Examining Private Schools in Chile
Cristina Alarcón

8. Private Schools in the People’s Republic of China: Development, Modalities and Contradictions
Barbara Schulte

9. Privatisation of Compulsory Education in Ghana: Examining the Developments so Far
Maxwell Akansina Aziabah

Part II. Thematic Studies

10. School Choice and the Urban Neighbourhood: Segregation Processes in the German Primary Sector with Special Reference to Private Schools
Tanja Mayer

11. School Choice in German Primary Schools
Judith Schwarz, Corinna Habeck, Sabine Gruehn, Thomas Koinzer

12. Public and Private School Choice in the German Primary Education Sector: An Empirical Analysis of Parental Reasons
Corinna Habeck, Judith Schwarz, Sabine Gruehn, Thomas Koinzer

13. Taking Advantage of Catastrophes: Education Privatization Reforms in Contexts of Emergency
Clara Fontdevila, Antoni Verger, Adrián Zancajo

14. A Comparative Panorama of Privatisation and School Choice in Education: Concluding Remarks
Florian Waldow, Kathleen Falkenberg, Kerstin Rothe

Keywords: Education, Sociology of Education, International and Comparative Education, Educational Policy and Politics

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