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Grid Integration of Electric Mobility

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Table of contents

1. Electric mobility – sustainably into the future
Marcus Bollig

2. The challenge of electric mobility in digitized power grids
Heiko Fastje, I. Kolmsee

3. The market integration of electric vehicles – how SchwarmMobilität® creates purchasing incentives and stabilizes power grids
Gero Lücking

4. Case study – China’s regulatory impact on electric mobility development and the effects on power generation and the distribution grid
Guiping Zhu, Qiao Ding, C. T. Hein

5. Wie Fahrzeugbatterien die Energiemärkte revolutionieren (Unlock the value of electric vehicles’ batteries)
Marcus Fendt

6. Smart charging in daily routine – expectations, experiences, and preferences of potential users
Franziska Schmalfuß, M. Kreußlein, C. Mair, S. Döbelt, C. Heller, R. Wüstemann, B. Kämpfe, J. F. Krems

7. Energie- und Verkehrssystem wachsen zusammen (Energy and transport systems grow together)
Ulrich Wagner

8. Synergies and challenges when transportation demand meets the electricity sector
Tetyana Raksha, P. R. Schmidt, C. Bendig-Daniels

9. Grid integration of electric vehicles
Xaver Pfab, V. Haese

10. Herausforderungen und Ergebnisse im BMUB Förderprojekt „Gesteuertes Laden V3.0“ (Challenges and results in the BMUB research project ‘Controlled Charging V3.0’)
Michael Westerburg, B. Jünemann, R. Drexler

11. Das Forschungsprojekt “INEES” – Intelligente Netzanbindung von Elektrofahrzeugen zur Erbringung von Systemdienstleistungen (The ‘INEES’ research project – intelligent grid integration of electric vehicles to provide system services)
Hannes Haupt, G. Bäuml, G. Bärwaldt, H. Nannen, M. Kammerlocher

12. Roles for regulators in electric Vehicle‐Grid Integration
Noel Crisostomo

13. Local energy systems for electric mobility
Willibald Prestl, B. Brendle, M. Beer

14. PV energy and electric mobility – driving forces of the energy transition
Detlef Beister, T. Leifert

15. Photovoltaics and electric mobility – potentials and reasonable integration into the power grid – data and facts gained from practical experience
Hans Urban

16. Data communication and grid quality on charging interface
Ursel Willrett

17. ISO 15118 – charging communication between plug-in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure
Andreas Heinrich, Michael Schwaiger

18. E-mobility – a challenge for IT as well!
Jörn Cohrs, R. Walther, R. Norrenbrock, H. Lüschen, M. Neuendorf

19. The grid-friendly integration of shiftable loads – the approaches from the EnBW pilot project ‘Flexible Power-to-Heat’ also suitable for electric vehicles
Holger Wiechmann

20. Decentralized grid integration of electric vehicles
Gunnar Bärwaldt, L. Hofmann

21. Integration of renewables and electric vehicles into the smart grid – innovative energy management strategies and implementation
Yutaka Ota

22. Grid optimization through electric vehicles in a cross-system comparison
Florian Samweber, S. Fattler, S. Köppl

23. Rollout e-mobility – the next big challenge for network operations and network planning
Armin Gaul, C. Czajkowski, S. Voit, S. Übermasser

24. Operational experience of grid-integrated vehicles with V2G in three countries
Willett Kempton, S. Fisher, G. Poilasne

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Engine Technology

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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