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UR:BAN Human Factors in Traffic

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. The Research Initiative UR:BAN
Eberhard Hipp, Klaus Bengler, Ulrich Kressel, Stefan Feit

Part II. Urban Driving

2. A Meta-perspective on Research Activities in UR:BAN Human Factors in Traffic
Matthias Graichen, Verena Nitsch, Berthold Färber

Part III. Human-Machine Interaction for Urban Environments

3. Introduction of Human-Machine Interaction for Urban Environments
Julia Drüke

4. The “HMI tool kit” as a Strategy for the Systematic Derivation of User-Oriented HMI Concepts of Driver Assistance Systems in Urban Areas
Julia Drüke, Carsten Semmler, Lennart Bendewald

5. HMI Strategy – Warnings and Interventions
Susann Winkler, Matthias Powelleit, Juela Kazazi, Mark Vollrath, Wolfgang Krautter, Andreas Korthauer, Julia Drüke, Daniel Töpfer, Carsten Semmler, Lennart Bendewald

6. HMI Strategy – Lateral and Longitudinal Control
Sonja Hofauer, Britta Michel, Sigrun Weise, Anna Julia Karmann, Frank Diermeyer, Amelie Stephan, Julia Drüke, Carsten Semmler, Lennart Bendewald

7. HMI Strategy – Recommended Action
Lena Rittger, Martin Götze

Part IV. Behaviour Prediction and Intention Detection

8. Behaviour Prediction and Intention Detection in UR:BAN VIE – Overview and Introduction
Dietrich Manstetten

9. Analysing Behavioural Data from On-Road Driving Studies: Handling the Challenges of Data Processing
Matthias Graichen, Verena Nitsch, Berthold Färber

10. Predicting Strategies of Driving in Presence of Additional Visually Demanding Tasks: Inverse Optimal Control Estimation of Steering and Glance Behaviour Models
Felix Schmitt, Andreas Korthauer, Dietrich Manstetten, Hans-Joachim Bieg

11. Lane Change Prediction: From Driver Characteristics, Manoeuvre Types and Glance Behaviour to a Real-Time Prediction Algorithm
Matthias Beggiato, Timo Pech, Veit Leonhardt, Philipp Lindner, Gerd Wanielik, Angelika Bullinger-Hoffmann, Josef Krems

12. Fusion of Driver Behaviour Analysis and Situation Assessment for Probabilistic Driving Manoeuvre Prediction
Veit Leonhardt, Timo Pech, Gerd Wanielik

13. Human Focused Development of a Manoeuvre Prediction in Urban Traffic Situations Based on Behavioural Sequences
Jens Heine, Ingmar Langer, Thomas Schramm

14. Application of a Driver Intention Recognition Algorithm on a Pedestrian Intention Recognition and Collision Avoidance System
Frederik Diederichs, Nina Brouwer, Horst Klöden, Peter Zahn, Bernhard Schmitz

Part V. Simulation and Modelling of Road Users’ Behaviour

15. Simulation and Modelling Within the UR:BAN Project
Silja Hoffmann, Fritz Busch

16. Methodology and Results for the Investigation of Interactions Between Pedestrians and Vehicles in Real and Controlled Traffic Conditions
Jens Kotte, Andreas Pütz

17. Understanding Interactions Between Bicyclists and Motorists in Intersections
Mandy Dotzauer, Sascha Knake-Langhorst, Frank Köster

18. Analysis and Modelling of the Operational and Tactical Behaviour of Bicyclists
Heather Twaddle

19. Urban Interaction – Getting Vulnerable Road Users into Driving Simulation
Christian Lehsing, Ilja T. Feldstein

20. Encounters Between Drivers with and Without Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems
Katharina Preuk, Mandy Dotzauer, Frank Köster, Meike Jipp

21. The Multi-Driver Simulation: A Tool to Investigate Social Interactions Between Several Drivers
Dominik Muehlbacher

22. A New Approach to Investigate Powered Two Wheelers’ Interactions with Passenger Car Drivers: the Motorcycle – Car Multi-Driver Simulation
Sebastian Will

23. Multi-Road User Simulation: Methodological Considerations from Study Planning to Data Analysis
Dominik Muehlbacher, Katharina Preuk, Christian Lehsing, Sebastian Will, Mandy Dotzauer

Part VI. Controllability and Safety in Use Assessment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

24. Development and Evaluation of Methods to Assess Controllability and Safety in Use Within the UR:BAN Project
Alexandra Neukum, Norbert Schneider

25. Validity of Research Environments – Comparing Criticality Perceptions Across Research Environments
Christian Purucker, Norbert Schneider, Fabian Rüger, Alexander Frey

26. Emergency Steering Systems – Controllability Investigations with the Vehicle in the Loop
Fabian Rüger, Berthold Färber

27. Consideration of the Available Evading Space for the Evaluation of the Driver Reaction to Emergency Steering Interventions
Andreas Pütz

28. Designing Emergency Steering and Evasion Assist to Enhance Safety in Use and Controllability
Norbert Schneider, Guy Berg, Svenja Paradies, Peter Zahn, Alexander Huesmann, Alexandra Neukum

29. Integrating Different Kinds of Driver Distraction in Controllability Validations
Rico Auerswald, Alexander Frey, Norbert Schneider

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Engine Technology

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