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NEIS Conference 2016

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Table of contents

Part I. Keynotes

1. Renewable Energy: New Market Environment is Key
R. Belmans, B. Gysen

2. Solar Energy Systems – Selected Applications
Rolf Hanitsch

Part II. Electrical Power Grids – Elektrische Netze

3. Estimation of Reactive Power Compensation in the European Transmission System
Dominic Hewes, Irina Boiarchuk, Rolf Witzmann

4. Modelling of Low-Voltage Grids with the Help of Open Data
G. Schlömer, C. Blaufuß, L. Hofmann

5. Self-testing Solid-State Power Controller for High-Voltage-DC Aircraft Applications
F. Grumm, M. F. Meyer, E. Waldhaim, M. Terörde, D. Schulz

6. Power-Transmission via an MMC-based HVDC System for the Rededication of Existing AC-Lines
M. Kleine Jäger, V. Staudt, A. Steimel, D. Meyer, C. Heising

7. Diversification of Energy Sources in the Republic of Tajikistan and their Financing
A. Аkhrorova, F. Boboev, M. Halimjanova, K.-D. Dettmann, D. Schulz

8. Assessment of possible Technologies for Small Scale Emergency Power Supplies
Lucas Lang, Markus Dietmannsberger, Detlef Schulz

Part III. Wind and Photovoltaic Power Plant – Windkraft und Photovoltaik

9. Provision of Control Reserve by Wind Power Plants – A System Study
V. Scheffer, B. Ritt, C. Becker

10. Practical Considerations regarding Implementation of Wind Power Applications into Real-Time Hardware-In-The-Loop Framework
L. Petersen, F. Iov

11. Using Reference Load and PV Profiles for Realistic Evaluations of Residential Energy Systems Including PV Systems
A. Linhart, M. Lange, T. Thomsen, M. Zobel

12. Computer Based Analysis of Distributed Wind Farms for Reactive Power Management in Sub-Transmission Grids
R. Cabadag, U. Schmidt, R. Tiebel, P. Schegner

Part IV. Regulatory and Market Framework Conditions – Regulierungs-, Markt- und Rahmenbedingungen

13. Connected Charging Services for Electric Vehicles: A Stakeholder Analysis for Identifying Smart Charging Strategies in Distributed Energy Systems
J. Glück, L. S. Brandt, T. Weyh

14. The Standby Power of Low Power Equipment Must Be Reduced under 100 Milliwatt
Reinhard Jaschke

15. Status of the National Implementation of the NC RfG in Germany
Fynn Scheben, Kay Genzmer, Jan-Martin Mohrdieck, Jochen Möller

Part V. Energy Storage Systems – Energiespeicher

16. Dynamic Requirements on LFP Batteries used for Providing Virtual Inertia
L. Beushausen, R. Benger, J. Gollenstede, B. Werther, H. P. Beck

17. Optimization of Cogeneration by Seasonal Heat Storage in an Aquifer
N. Strodel, O. Opel, S. Kranz, K. F. Werner, W. K. L. Ruck

18. A Predictive Control Strategy for Battery Energy Storage Systems to combine Peak Shaving with Primary Frequency Control
F. Halfmann, F. Alhaider, J. Wendiggensen, S. Gerhard

19. Underground Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage in South Africa using Aquifers and Existing Infrastructure
S. Y. Khan, I. E. Davidson

20. Enhancing Chiller Efficiencies via use of Cold Energy Storage
P. Puls, S. Linhardt, R. Öchsner

Part VI. Grid Integration – Netzintegration

21. SmartExergy – Primary Energy Efficient and Hybrid Grid Solutions for Municipal Energy Supply Systems
L. Kriechbaum, B. Böckl, J. Vopava, T. Kienberger

22. Power Theory as Basis for the Control of Grid-Connected Converter Systems
V. Staudt, C. Heising, C. Sourkounis

23. Implementation and Compatibility Analysis of Dynamic Voltage Support and Unintentional Islanding Capability of Power-Electronic Generators
Joel Loth, Markus Dietmannsberger, Detlef Schulz

24. Schedule Coordination for Technically and Economically Optimized Virtual Power Plants
Marie Amelsvoort, Christian Glomb, Richard Kuntschke, Michael Specht, Marco Wagler, Martin Winter, Rolf Witzmann

Part VII. Fuel Cell and Battery Systems – Brennstoffzellen- und Batteriesysteme

25. Pressure-Dependent Operation of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells; Exemplified by Aircraft Applications
C. Werner, G. Preiß, F. Gores, M. Griebenow, S. Heitmann

26. A novel PEM Electrolysis System with Dynamic Hydraulic Compression for an Optimized High-pressure Operation
F. J. Wirkert, J. Roth, U. Rost, M. Brodmann

27. Model-based Lifetime Analysis of 2nd-life Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Systems for Stationary Applications
Marco Wieland, Sebastian Gerhard, Achim Schmidt

28. Charging Strategy for a Residential Battery Storage System using Fuzzy Logic Controller
Yu-Shan Cheng, Holger Hesse, Nam Truong, Andreas Jossen, Yi-Hua Liu

Keywords: Energy, Energy Storage, Energy Economics, Circuits and Systems

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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