Brand, Cordula

Dual-Process Theories in Moral Psychology

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Table of contents

Part I. Part I On the Relationship Between Ethics and Empirical Sciences

1. Dimensions of Moral Intuitions – Metaethics, Epistemology and Moral Psychology
Cordula Brand

2. Where and When Ethics Needs Empirical Facts
Dieter Birnbacher

3. Normativity of Moral Intuitions in the Social Intuitionist Model
Maciej Juzaszek

4. Psychology Instead of Ethics? Why Psychological Research Is Important but Cannot Replace Ethics
Janett Triskiel

Part II. Part II Empirical Approaches in Recent Moral Psychology Research

5. Motive for Young Children’s Developing Concern for Others’ Well-Being as a Core Motive for Developing Prosocial Behavior
Robert Hepach

6. Moral Argumentation Skills and Aggressive Behavior. Implications for Philosophical Ethics
Michael von Grundherr

7. Psychology’s Contribution to Ethics: Two Case Studies
Liz Gulliford

8. Moral Judgments and Moral Integrity – Three Empirical Studies
Mariola Paruzel-Czachura

9. Moral Intuitionism and Empirical Data
Jonas Nagel, Alex Wiegmann

10. Can Biological Approaches Explain (Im)Moral Behavior? Problems and Potentials of Studies Focused on a Genetic Predisposition of Human Behavior
Stefan Walter

Part III. Part III Reassessment of Established Terminology in Modern Debates

11. Aristotle’s Moral Philosophy and Moral Psychology A Basic Terminology
Friedo Ricken

12. The ‘New Synthesis in Moral Psychology’ versus Aristotelianism. Content and Consequences
Kristján Kristjánsson

13. Ethos, Eidos, Habitus A Social Theoretical Contribution to Morality and Ethics
Nathan Emmerich

14. Pragmatism, Religion, and Ethics A Reminder from Rorty
Alissa MacMillan

15. Making Trouble: Mindfulness as a Care Ethic
Alexander I. Stingl, Sabrina M. Weiss

Part IV. Part IV Societal Implications of Dual-Process Theories in Moral Psychology

16. Rationalist vs. Intuitionist Views on Morality A Sociological Perspective
Jan E. Stets

17. Can Antimoralism Avoid Moralizing? Reflections on the Relation of Science to Ethics
Ronald de Sousa

18. Uncovering ‘the Political’ in Political Psychology
David John Hall

19. The Crisis of Pedagogy and the Potentials of Professional Ethics
Alexandra Retkowski

Keywords: Philosophy, Ethics, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology, Philosophy of Man, Educational Philosophy

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
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