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Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities

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Table of contents

1. Earthquake Damage and Fragilities of Industrial Facilities
Mustafa Erdik, Eren Uckan

2. Seismic Risk Analysis of an Oil-Gas Storage Plant
Roberto W. Romeo

3. Site-Specific Seismic Hazard Assessment
Timo Schmitt

4. Critical Industrial Facilities: Simply Applying Current Importance Factors γI is not Enough!
Martin G. Koller, Ehrfried Kölz

5. Overview of Seismic Regulations for French Industrial Facilities
Alain Pecker

6. Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities in Germany
Christoph Butenweg

7. Precast Industrial Buildings in Italy - Current Building Code and New Provisions Since the 2012 Earthquake
Marco Mezzi, Fabrizio Comodini, Leonardo Rossi

8. Earthquake Assessment of Existing Chemical Production Facilities
T. Drommer, C. Gellert

9. Probabilistic Seismic Analysis of Existing Industrial Facilities
Hamid Sadegh-Azar, Truong-Diep Hasenbank-Kriegbaum

10. Uncertainty Propagation in Engineering Systems: Probability Density Evolution Theory and its Recent Developments
Jie Li

11. Peak Response Envelopes for the Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures: New Developments and Application to NPP Buildings
Quang Sang Nguyen, Silvano Erlicher, François Martin

12. Improvement of Seismic Response of an Industrial Structure
Milan Sokol, Rudolf Ároch

13. International Fusion Reactor - Tokamak Complex Seismic Isolation
Stéphane Cazadieu, Laurent Patisson, Sébastien Diaz

14. Strategies for the Seismic Protection of Power Plant Equipment
Peter Nawrotzki, Daniel Siepe

15. ″MARMOT″ - A Certified Seismic Monitoring System for Vulnerable Industrial Facilities
Andreas Stiegler, Hans-Jürgen Nitzpon, Werner Bolleter

16. Automatic or Manual Safe Shutdown of Industrial Facilities on Earthquake Signal, Guidelines to Meet the new French Regulation: Seismological and Instrumental Aspects
Fabrice Hollender, Jean-Philippe Girard, Didier Girard, Sébastien Sauvignet

17. Experimental Study on Seismic Behaviour and Vibration Control of Wind Turbine and Electrical Transmision Tower
Bin Zhao, Taixiu Cui, Zhuang Xu, Yilong Cao

18. Systemic Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Analysis of Urban Systems, Lifelines and Infrastructures
Kyriazis Pitilakis, Sotiris Argyroudis

19. Floor Response Spectra Considering Influence of Higher Modes and Dissipative Behaviour
Marius Pinkawa, Benno Hoffmeister, Markus Feldmann

20. Application and Distinction of Current Approaches for the Evaluation of Earthquake-Response of Secondary Systems
Franziska Wehr, Andreas Bach, Wolfhard Zahlten

21. Seismic Design of Mechanical and Electrical Components According to Safety Standard KTA 2201 of the German Nuclear Safety Standards Commission
Matthias Wacker

22. Seismic Qualification of Equipment in Industrial Facilties
Carsten Block, Thomas Bauer, Fritz-Otto Henkel

23. Shake Table Test on the 1:30 Model Structure of a Large Cooling Tower for Fire Power Plant
J. W. Dai, X. R. Weng, Y. Hu

24. Seismic Qualification of Electrical Cabinets
Fritz-Otto Henkel, Marcus Ries, Helmut Kennerknecht, Philipp Moor

25. Seismic Design of Fastenings with Anchors in Nuclear Power Plants
Rüdiger Meiswinkel, Franz-Hermann Schlüter

26. New European Seismic Regulations Provide Guidance for the Qualification and Design of Post-installed Anchoring
J. Gramaxo, M. Di-Sario

27. Fastenings for Use in Concrete - Seismic Actions
Wolfgang Roeser

28. Reliability Analysis on Capacity Design Rules for Steel Frames
Benno Hoffmeister, Markus Feldmann, Max Gündel

29. Dissipative Devices for Vulnerability Reduction of Precast Buildings
Marco Mezzi, Fabrizio Comodini, Leonardo Rossi

30. Seismic Performance of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular (CFST) Structures
Lin-Hai Han, Wei Li

31. System Identification of Industrial Steel Building Based on Ambient Vibration Measurements and Short Time Monitoring
Sergey Churilov, Simona Markovska, Elena Dumova-Jovanoska, Goran Markovski

32. Collapse Simulation of Building Structures Induced by Extreme Earthquakes
Xinzheng Lu, Xiao Lu, Linlin Xie

33. The Eurocode Approach to Seismic Design of Liquid-filled Steel Storage Tanks
Margarita Chasapi

34. Lateral Free Vibration of Liquid-Storage Tanks
Konstantinos Mykoniou

35. Seismic Design of Spherical Pressure Vessels
Marius Pinkawa, Benno Hoffmeister, Markus Feldmann, Matthias Wieschollek

36. Seismic Isolation of Cylindrical Liquid Storage Tanks
Christoph Butenweg, Julia Rosin, Thomas Kubalksi

37. A Comparison of Piping Stress Calculation Methods Applied to Process Piping System for Seismic Design
Weimin Cheng, Heiko Jopp, Jan Pekař

38. Seismic Analysis of Pressure Vessels in Correspondence to the VCI Guideline
Jörg Habenberger, Sebastian Villiger

39. Seismic Assessment of Horizontal Cylindrical Reservoirs
Martin G. Koller, Christos Baltas, Pierino Lestuzzi

40. The Significance of Site Effect Studies for Seismic Design and Assessment of Industrial Facilities
Martin G. Koller, Pierino Lestuzzi, Corinne Lacave, Christelle Salameh

41. Soil Liquefaction: Mechanism and Assessment of Liquefaction Susceptibility
Roberto Cudmani

42. Seismic Design and Verification of a NPP Structure for the Storage of Radioactive Waste Components
Davide Kurmann, Zdenek Janda, Jan Cervenka

43. Seismic Analysis of Onshore Wind Turbine Including Soil-structure Interaction Effects
Francesca Taddei, Konstantin Meskouris

44. Dynamic Impedance of Foundation on Multi-layered Half-Space
Gao Lin

45. The Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method for Transient Wave Propagation Problems
Carolin Birk, Denghong Chen, Chongmin Song, Chengbin Du

46. Attenuation of Ground-Borne Vibrations Induced by Underground Dynamic Excitation
Tong Jiang

47. Boundary Effects on Seismic Analysis of Multi-storey Frames considering Soil Structure Interaction Phenomenon
Kemal Edip, Mihail Garevski, Christoph Butenweg, Vlatko Sesov, Julijana Bojadjieva, Igor Gjorgjiev

48. Response Analysis of a Long-span Arch Bridge under the Seismic Travelling Wave Excitation
Menglin Lou, Qiang Li, Shan Gao

49. A 3D Dynamic Impedance of Arbitrary-shaped Foundation on Anisotropic Multi-layered Half-space
Gao Lin, Zejun Han

50. Two Parameters to Improve the Accuracy of the Green’s Functions Obtained via the Thin Layer Method
Lin Chen

51. Time-domain Analysis of Dynamic Response for 3D Rigid Foundation on Multi-layered Soil
Zejun Han, Jianbo Li

52. Eta-based Conditional Mean Spectrum, a New Design Spectrum for Industrial Facilities
Alireza Azarbakht

Keywords: Architecture / Design, Industrial Design, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences

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