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Advances in Advertising Research (Vol. IV)

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Table of contents

Part I. The Roles of Advertising

1. Customer Engagement Behavior: Interacting with Companies and Brands on Facebook
Sofie Bitter, Sonja Grabner-Kräuter

2. Choose Your Ad Paper Type Carefully: How Haptic Ad Paper Characteristics Affect Product Judgments
Tobias Langner, Alexander Fischer, Philipp Brune

3. Social Media Engagement that Drives Purchase Behavior
Edward C Malthouse, Mark Vandenbosch, Su Jung Kim

4. Who “Likes” Brands? Exploring the Characteristics of Brand Fans on Facebook
Philipp Rauschnabel, Gunnar Mau, Björn Sven Ivens

5. Webcare as Customer Relationship and Reputation Management? Motives for Negative Electronic Word of Mouth and Their Effect on Webcare Receptiveness
Lotte Willemsen, Peter C. Neijens, Fred A. Bronner

Part II. The Faces of Advertising

6. Product Placement: A New Definition, Classificatory Framework and Agenda for Future Research
Shinyi Chin, Bradley Wilson, Angelina Russo

7. Building Brand Image Through Online Sales Promotion: A Comparative Study Between the Web User’s Experience and Their Promotion-proneness
Esmeralda Crespo-Almendros, Salvador Del Barrio-García

8. Celebrities as Indirect Spokespeople in Advertising
Jasmina Ilicic, Cynthia M. Webster

9. The Importance of the Social Context on the Impact of Product Placements
Valeria Noguti, Cristel Antonia Russell

10. Is Website Interactivity Always Beneficial? An Elaboration Likelihood Model Approach
Polyxeni (Jenny) Palla, Rodoula H. Tsiotsou, Yorgos C. Zotos

11. Message Framing: How Source Credibility Moderates the Effects of Outcome Type and Outcome Valence
Sandra Praxmarer-Carus, Marina Isabel Czerwinka

12. Modeling Synergies in Cross-Media Strategies: On-line and Off-line Media
Jana Suklan, Vesna Žabkar

13. Investigating the Entertainment–Persuasion Link: Can Educational Games Influence Attitudes Toward Products?
Martin K. J. Waiguny

14. Cross-Media Synergy: Exploring the Role of the Integration of Ads in Cross-Media Campaigns
Hilde A.M. Voorveld, Sanne Valkenburg

Part III. Perceptions of Advertising

15. Health versus Appearance Focus in One- versus Two-sided Messages Discouraging Sun Tanning
Erlinde Cornelis, Verolien Cauberghe, Patrick Pelsmacker

16. The Effectiveness of Green Advertisements: Combining Ad-based and Consumer-based Research
Lynn Vlieger, Liselot Hudders, Gino Verleye

17. ”I” Lose, “Others” Gain – Message Framing and Beneficial Appeals in Ads Promoting Green Consumption
Alexandra Langer

18. Developing Different Types of Anticipated Experience Positioning for Electric Cars
Ingrid Moons, Patrick Pelsmacker

19. Value Appeals in Chinese Television Advertising for Automobiles: A Content Analysis
Liyong Wang, Carolus L. C. Praet

Part IV. Reception of Advertising

20. Face Value: Images of Headless Decorative Models Increase Consumer Identification and Product Attitudes
Hanna Berg, Magnus Söderlund

21. Appreciation and Effects of Sponsorship Disclosure
Sophie C. Boerman, Eva A. Reijmersdal, Peter C. Neijens

22. When Self-Referencing Cues are Harmful: The Effects of “For You” Statements in Advertisements on Product Attitudes
Sandra Bombe, Heribert Gierl

23. An Examination of the Current Usage of Probability Markers in Print Advertising: A Content Analysis
Ivana Bušljeta Banks, Patrick Pelsmacker

24. The Influence of Demographic Factors on the Perception of Humane-Oriented (CSR) Appeals in Advertisements: A Multi-Country Analysis
Sandra Diehl, Barbara Mueller, Ralf Terlutter

25. Are You Involved? Are You Focused?: The Regulatory Fit and Involvement Effects on Advertisement Effectiveness
Ezgi Merdin, Mina Seraj

26. An Examination of The Effects of Message Content that Categorizes the Customer
Magnus Söderlund, Claes-Robert Julander

27. Cultural Differences? Visual Metaphor in Advertising: Comprehension and Tolerance of Ambiguity in Four European Countries.
Andreu Hooft, Margot Mulken, Ulrike Nedertigt

28. The Online Behavioural Advertising Icon: Two User Studies
Guda Noort, Edith G. Smit, Hilde A. M. Voorveld

29. Children’s Responses to Traditional Versus Hybrid Advertising: The Moderating Role of Persuasion Knowledge
Yann Verhellen, Caroline Oates, Patrick Pelsmacker, Nathalie Dens

30. The Effects of Consumers’ Subjective Knowledge on Evaluative Extremity and Product Differentiation
Andy Wong

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Marketing

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