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Finance Bundling and Finance Transformation

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Table of contents

1. Strategic Roadmap of a Global Finance Shared Services Organization
Kai-Eberhard Lueg

Part 1. “Lift and Drop” – Gaining Speed and Volume for a Global Finance Shared Services Organization

2. Shared Services Generating Value for Business
Ralf P. Thomas

3. The Role of a Governance Function in a Shared Services Environment
Jochen Schmitz

4. Finance Bundling: Transforming the Finance Regional Organization of a Global Player
Klaus P. Stegemann, Sigrid Dengler, Alexander Riedel, Tobias Weber

5. Managing the Transformation During a Finance Shared Services Journey
Marcell Vollmer, Peter Rasper

6. Shared Service Trajectories
Frank Ulbrich

7. Successful Management of Transition Projects in Finance Shared Services Organizations
Stephan Boos

8. Managing the Growth from a Shared Services Center Perspective
Dan Novak

Part 2. “Change” – Get to the Next Level of Shared Services Maturity and Productivity

9. Process Improvements for Accounting – A Systematic Approach
Otto Wendland

10. Leverage Finance Shared Services (FSS) to Optimize Overall Corporate Performance
Annette Häusser

11. Visualize and Monitor Shared Services Quality by a Corporate Dashboard
Oliver Wolf

12. Process Quality and Performance in a Shared Services Environment
Matthias Lohrmann, Alexander Riedel

13. A Conceptual Model for Measuring the Service Quality of Shared Services Organizations
Stefan Röder, Frank Keuper

Part 3. “Enhance and Innovate” – From a Service Provider to a Strategic Partner

14. Shared Services for Smaller Entities
Kai Zabel

15. Shared Services as Integrated Business Partners Manage End-to-End Processes
Joachim Jäckle, Sebastian Wolf

16. Developing and Selling New Portfolio Elements in a Captive Shared Services Environment
Nicole Dreher

17. Controlling Shared Services (CSS) – Managing Capabilities for the Digital Age
Dominic Stephenson, Roman Becker, Patrick Lange, Thilo Rau, Alexander Riedel

18. Operational Risk Management as Shared Service Center of Excellence (CoE)
Marijn Janssen, Anton Joha, Jürgen Grinsven

19. Future Trends in Finance Shared Services Organisations
Frank Helbing, Thilo Rau, Alexander Riedel

20. Shared Services in 2020
Kai-Eberhard Lueg, Frank Keuper

Part 4. Selected Enablers and Prerequisites for a Successful Development of a Shared Services Organization

21. A Sustainable Approach to Transition Projects – Change Management
Vanessa Egli

22. Service Business Is People Business – Strategic Personnel Management in a Global Shared Services Organization
Susanne Sommerer

23. Transfer Pricing Requirements Concerning Shared Services
Arwed Crüger, Andreas Riedl

24. Transfer Pricing Aspects of Cross-Border Service Provisions
Stefan Stein, Winfried Ruh, Marcus Selg, Martin Trost, Alexander Riedel

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Management/Business for Professionals, Finance/Investment/Banking

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