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ISSE 2012 Securing Electronic Business Processes

Reimer, Helmut - ISSE 2012  Securing Electronic Business Processes, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Data Loss Prevention in Real Life
Thorsten Scharmatinat

2. Threats, Risks and the Derived Information Security Strategy
Lenka Fibikova, Roland Mueller

3. Information Security Management – Best Practice Guidelines for Managers
Werner Wüpper, Iryna Windhorst

4. IT Security Investment and Costing Emphasizing Benefits in Times of Limited Budgets
Mechthild Stöwer, Reiner Kraft

5. A Modern Approach on Information Security Measurement
Frederik Humpert-Vrielink, Nina Vrielink

6. e-Identity – Monetization and Interoperability
Marc Sel

7. The PoSecCo Security Decision Support System
Cataldo Basile, Antonio Lioy, Stefano Paraboschi

8. Enterprise Mobility – A Balancing Act between Security and Usability
Patrick Michaelis

9. A Systematic Holistic Approach for Providers to Deliver Secure ICT Services
Eberhard Faber, Wolfgang Behnsen

10. Implementing Least Privilege for Interconnected, Agile SOAs/Clouds
Ulrich Lang, Rudolf Schreiner

11. Privacy-Preserving Smart Metering
Alfredo Rial, George Danezis

12. Smart Metering, Common Criteria and European Privacy Needs
Markus Bartsch

13. Securing the Smart Grid with Hardware Security Modules
Dieter Bong, Andreas Philipp

14. The Human Aspect in Data Leakage Prevention in Academia
Elham Rajabian Noghondar, Konrad Marfurt, Bernhard Haemmerli

15. Security of Mobile Devices, Applications and Transactions
Daniel Borleteau, Nicolas Bousquet, Thierry Crespo, Xavier Dubarry, Jan Eichholz, Virginie Galindo

16. Management and Use of ID Credentials on NFC Enabled Phones: Use Cases, Challenges, Technologies and Standards
Philip Hoyer

17. Malware Detection in Ubiquitous Environments
Manuel García-Cervigón, Roberto Morales

18. A New Security Architecture for Smartcards Utilizing PUFs
Thomas Esbach, Walter Fumy, Olga Kulikovska, Dominik Merli, Dieter Schuster, Frederic Stumpf

19. Strong Authentication of Humans and Machines in Policy Controlled Cloud Computing Environment Using Automatic Cyber Identity
Libor Neumann, Tomáš Halman, Pavel Rotek, Alexander Boettcher, Julian Stecklina, Michal Sojka, David Núñez, Isaac Agudo

20. eConsent Management and Enforcement in Personal Telehealth
Muhammad Asim, Paul Koster, Milan Petković, Martin Rosner

21. Information Management and Sharing for National Cyber Situational Awareness
Florian Skopik, Thomas Bleier, Roman Fiedler

22. Analyzing G-20's Key Autonomus Systems and their Intermeshing using As-Analyzer
Sebastian Feld, Norbert Pohlmann, Michael Sparenberg, Bastian C. Wichmann

23. Intention Semantics and Trust Evidence
Claire Vishik, David Ott, David Grawrock

24. Applying a Security Kernel Framework to Smart Meter Gateways
Michael Gröne, Marcel Winandy

25. Securing Smartphone Compartments: Approaches and Solutions
Ammar Alkassar, Steffen Schulz, Christian Stüble, Sven Wohlgemuth

26. ETSI STF 428 – Accelerating Deployment of Interoperable Electronic Signatures
in Europe
Juan Carlos Cruellas, Andrea Caccia, Konrad Lanz, Giulana Marzola, Luigi Rizzo, Laurent Velez

27. PEPPOL – Experience from Four Years Work on eSignature Interoperability
Jon Ølnes

28. Exploiting Virtual File Formats for Fun and Profit
Enno Rey, Pascal Turbing, Daniel Mende, Matthias Luft

29. Anonymous, a new Civil Disobedience Phenomenon
Vaclav Jirovsky

30. Building Technologies that Help Cyber-Defense: Hardware-enabled Trust
Claire Vishik, Ruby B. Lee, Fred Chong

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Science, general

Publication year
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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