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Media Convergence Handbook - Vol. 2

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Table of contents

Part I. Impact of Convergence on Media Organizations and Markets

1. Media Convergence as Evolutionary Process
Cinzia Dal Zotto, Artur Lugmayr

2. Intelligent Networking and the Transnational Corporation: Redefining Business Work Space
Richard A. Gershon

3. The Effects of Information to Gain Employee Involvement and Achieve Organizational Convergence in a Media Setting
Stavros Georgiades

4. Convergent Business Environments: Debating the Need for New Business Models, Organizational Structures and Management respectively Employee Competencies
Matthias Karmasin, Sandra Diehl, Isabell Koinig

5. Converging Technologies and Diverging Market Trends of Internet/Web and Traditional Media
Zvezdan Vukanovic

Part II. Media Production and Convergence

6. Designing, Implementing and Producing for Participation: Media Convergence in Practice
Marie Denward

7. Transmedia Storytelling: The Roles and Stakes of the Different Participants in the Process of a Convergent Story, in Divergent Media and Artefacts
M. N. Sousa, M. L. Martins, N. Zagalo

8. Converging Universes and Media Niches in Serial Narratives: An Approach Through Information Architecture
V. Innocenti, G. Pescatore, L. Rosati

9. Micro-studios Meet Convergence Culture: Crossmedia, Clustering, Dialogues, Auto-communication
Indrek Ibrus

10. Digital Doppelgängers: Converging Technologies and Techniques in 3D World Modeling, Video Game Design and Urban Design
Shaun Foster, Jacob Brostoff

Part III. Media User Interfaces, Experiences and Perspectives

11. User Perspectives on Media Convergence: Results from Quantitative and Qualitative Studies
Alexandre Fleury

12. Quality of Experience in Convergent Communication Ecosystems
Peter Reichl

13. Interaction Design for Convergence Medias and Devices: A Multisensory Challenge
Tatiana Aires Tavares, Damian Schofield

14. Multimodal Interface for Effective Man Machine Interaction
N. S. Sreekanth, Nobby Varghese, C. H. Pradeepkumar, Pal Vaishali, R. Ganga Prasad, N. Pal Supriya, N. K. Narayanan

15. Gearing Up the Knowledge Engineers: Experience Design Through Effective Human-Computer Interaction
Elspeth McKay

16. Transmedia Perspectives
Sabiha Ghellal, Annika Wiklund-Engblom, Ann Morrison, Damjan Obal

Part IV. Convergence and Media Business Outlook

17. Making Money with and through Information and Knowledge: Reflections on the Inner Context of Competitive Intelligence, Trend Analysis and Revenue Models of Media Companies
Johanna Grüblbauer, Peter Haric

18. A Model for Evaluating Converging Media for Advertising Purposes
Mattias Svahn, Richard Wahlund, Marie Denward, Claudia Rademaker, Patrik Nilsson

19. The Live Event Ecosystem: Local Media Against Global Ticket Sellers?
Raphael Giesecke

20. Media Business Drivers and Concepts 2020: The Case of David and Goliath Revisited
Stina Giesecke, Raphael Giesecke

21. Media Convergence is NOT King: The Triadic Phenomenon of Media “Convergence-Divergence-Coexistence” IS King
Artur Lugmayr, Cinzia Dal Zotto

Keywords: Business and Management, Media Management, IT in Business, Innovation/Technology Management

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Media Business and Innovation
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