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Table of contents

Part I. Theoretical Fundamentals and Concepts

1. Towards a Holistic Framework of Open Tourism
Roman Egger, Igor Gula, Dominik Walcher

2. Innovation Through Co-creation: Towards an Understanding of Technology-Facilitated Co-creation Processes in Tourism
Barbara Neuhofer

3. The Importance of Customer Co-creation of Value for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Digna Roeffen, Ursula Scholl-Grissemann

4. IT-Enabled Value Co-creation in a Tourism Context: The Portale Sardegna Case
Francesca Cabiddu, Tsz-Wai Lui, Gabriele Piccoli

5. Open Source Marketing in Tourism: Motivational Drivers and Practical Approaches
Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Sascha Langner

6. Crowdsourcing in the Lodging Industry: Innovation on a Budget
Brendan Richard, William P. Perry, Robert C. Ford

7. Improving Hotel Industry Processes Through Crowdsourcing Techniques
Jose Luis Galdon-Salvador, Fernando J. Garrigos-Simon, Ignacio Gil-Pechuan

8. Motivation for Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing: Why Does the Crowd Engage in Virtual Ideas Communities?
Ulrich Bretschneider, Jan Marco Leimeister

9. The Value of Crowdfunding: The Significance of Community-Financed Projects Beyond the Act of Financing
Christian Papsdorf

10. Open Innovation in the Tourism Experience Sector: The Role of Practice Based Knowledge Explored
Hindertje Hoarau

11. Open Innovation: A Chance for the Innovation Management of Tourism Destinations?
Birgit Pikkemaat, Mike Peters

12. Managing Open Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Sabine Brunswicker

Part II. Case Studies: Information Level

13. Netnography: The Mint Journey
Michael Bartl, Nayeli Tusche

14. Prospects of Technology-Enhanced Social Media Analysis for Open Innovation in the Leisure Industries
Markus Lassnig, Mark Markus, Robert Eckhoff, Kathrin Parson

15. Review Platforms in Destinations and Hospitality
Barbara Gligorijevic

16. Review Platforms in Hospitality
Alexander Fritsch, Holger Sigmund

17. Exploring TripAdvisor
Kyung-Hyan Yoo, Marianna Sigala, Ulrike Gretzel

18. Opening Up Government: Citizen Innovation and New Modes of Collaboration
Stefan Etzelstorfer, Thomas Gegenhuber, Dennis Hilgers

Part III. Case Studies: Creation Level

19. Crowdsourcing in the Tourism Industry: From Idea Generation Towards Merchandizing User-Generated Souvenirs
Johann Füller, Katja Hutter, Giordano Koch

20. Collecting Tour Plans from Potential Visitors: A Web-Based Interactive Tour-Planner and a Strategic Use of Its Log Data
Yohei Kurata

21. CrowdCity: Crowdsourcing an Online Smart City Magazine
Paul Blazek

22. How Quebec City Crowdsources Locals to Promote Its Destination
Frederic Gonzalo

23. Involvement of Tourist Visitors to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Goa, India
Mihir Ignatius Nayak, Kurt Luger

24. The InnoWellen Case Study: The Use of Web-Based Idea Competitions as a Tool of Stakeholder Participation in the Leisure Industry
Benjamin Kreitmeir

25. Potential of Open Innovation Models in the Tourism Sector: Three Case Studies
Marut Doctor, Marc Schnyder, Sandra Bürcher

26. Crowdsourcing as a Tool to Help Generate Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Hotels
Jennifer Menzel

27. Co-creation in Club Tourism
Katsutoshi Murakami

28. Gamification: Best Practices in Research and Tourism
Dorothée Stadler, Volker Bilgram

29. Open Service Prototyping
Christiane Rau, Julia Jonas, Fiona Schweitzer

30. Flinkster: The Carsharing Platform of Deutsche Bahn AG
Petra Ringeisen, Robert Goecke

31. Case Study INNOTOUR: Providing Open Innovation in Tourism Education, Research and Business Development
Janne J. Liburd, Anne-Mette Hjalager

Part IV. Case Studies: Provision Level

32. The Crowdfunding Ecosystem: Benefits and Examples of Crowdfunding Initiatives
Reinhard Willfort, Conny Weber, Oliver Gajda

33. Beyond the Offer: Co-creation in Tourism: When Your Guest Becomes Your Partner, Value Emerges
Frank T. Piller, Christian Gülpen

34. Working Customers in the Hotel Industry: And Why They Work
Kerstin Rieder, Marco Schröder, Isabel Herms, Anita Hausen

35. Innovation for Volunteer Travel: Using Crowdsourcing to Create Change
Thomas Kohler, Anna Stribl, Daniel Stieger

Keywords: Business and Management, Innovation/Technology Management, IT in Business, Marketing

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Tourism on the Verge
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27 pages
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