Landa, Janet Tai

Economic Success of Chinese Merchants in Southeast Asia

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Introduction
Janet Tai Landa

Part II. Empirical Studies of Chinese Mutual Aid (Pang 帮) and Economic Organizations in Singapore and Malaysia

2. Chinese Mutual Aid (PANG 帮) and Economic Organizations: General Background
Janet Tai Landa

3. Marketing of Pontian Smallholders’ Rubber: Mutual Aid Arrangements Among Hokkien Dealers
Janet Tai Landa

Part III. The Ethnically Homogeneous Middleman Group and the Chinese Family Firm: Theoretical Approaches

4. Coasean Foundations of a Unified Theory of Western and Chinese Contractual Practices and Economic Organizations
Janet Tai Landa

5. A Theory of the Ethnically Homogeneous Middleman Group: An Institutional Alternative to Contract Law
Janet Tai Landa

6. The Economics of Symbols, Clan Names, and Religion
Jack L. Carr, Janet Tai Landa

7. Personal versus Impersonal Trade: The Size of Trading Groups and Contract Law
Robert Cooter, Janet Tai Landa

8. Cognitive and Classificatory Foundations of Trust and Informal Institutions: A New and Expanded Theory of Ethnic Trading Networks
Janet Tai Landa

9. The Role of Culture and Institutions in Promoting Middleman-Entrepreneurship in Less-Developed Economies
Janet Tai Landa

10. The Co-evolution of Markets, Entrepreneurship, Laws, and Institutions in China’s Economy in Transition: A New Institutional Economics Perspective
Janet Tai Landa

11. The Socio-Economic Functions of Kinship and Ethnic Ties in the Establishment and Growth of the Tan Kah Kee Family Firm in Singapore: A Transaction Costs Approach
Janet Tai Landa, Janet W. Salaff

Part IV. Economic Success of Chinese Merchants in Southeast Asia: Identity, Cooperation and Conflict

12. The Bioeconomics of Homogeneous Middleman Groups as Adaptive Units: Theory and Empirical Evidence Viewed from a Group Selection Framework
Janet Tai Landa

13. Sows, Cows, and Coase: The Conflict of Cultures
Janet Tai Landa

14. The Law and Bioeconomics of Identity, Ethnic Cooperation and Conflict in Plural Societies of Southeast Asia: A Theory of Chinese Merchant Success
Janet Tai Landa

Keywords: Economics, Regional/Spatial Science

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Page amount
16 pages
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