Richter, Hendrik

Recent Advances in the Theory and Application of Fitness Landscapes

Richter, Hendrik - Recent Advances in the Theory and Application of Fitness Landscapes, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Principles and Perspectives

1. Fitness Landscapes: From Evolutionary Biology to Evolutionary Computation
Hendrik Richter

2. Fundamental Principles of Control Landscapes with Applications to Quantum Mechanics, Chemistry and Evolution
Herschel Rabitz, Re-Bing Wu, Tak-San Ho, Katharine Moore Tibbetts, Xiaojiang Feng

3. Biomolecular Information Gained through In Vitro Evolution on a Fitness Landscape in Sequence Space
Takuyo Aita, Yuzuru Husimi

Part II. Topology, Measures and Problem Hardness

4. Fitness Landscape Analysis for Metaheuristic Performance Prediction
Katherine M. Malan, Andries P. Engelbrecht

5. Fitness Landscapes and Problem Difficulty in Evolutionary Algorithms: From Theory to Applications
Guanzhou Lu, Jinlong Li, Xin Yao

6. Geometry and Coarse-Grained Representations of Landscapes
Konstantin Klemm, Jing Qin, Peter F. Stadler

7. Polytopes, Graphs and Fitness Landscapes
Kristina Crona

8. Estimating the Degree of Neutrality and Ruggedness of Fitness Landscapes
Yoshiaki Katada

9. Local Optima Networks: A New Model of Combinatorial Fitness Landscapes
Gabriela Ochoa, Sébastien Verel, Fabio Daolio, Marco Tomassini

Part III. Coevolution and Dynamics

10. Fitness Landscapes That Depend on Time
Hendrik Richter

11. Red Queen Coevolution on Fitness Landscapes
Ricard V. Solé, Josep Sardanyés

12. Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics on Deformable Fitness Landscapes
Richard A. Watson, Marc Ebner

13. Correlation Analysis of Coupled Fitness Landscapes
Wim Hordijk

14. Dynamic Real-Valued Landscapes and the Optimization Performance
Krzysztof Trojanowski

Part IV. Visualization and Characterization

15. Fractal Analysis of Fitness Landscapes
Ivan Zelinka, Oldrich Zmeskal, Petr Saloun

16. Fitness Morphs and Nonlinear Projections of Agent-Case Embeddings to Characterize Fitness Landscapes
Daniel Ashlock, Justin Schonfeld, Wendy Ashlock, Colin Lee

17. Visual Analysis of Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Using Fitness Landscapes
Sebastian Volke, Simon Bin, Dirk Zeckzer, Martin Middendorf, Gerik Scheuermann

18. Predicting Evolution and Visualizing High-Dimensional Fitness Landscapes
Bjørn Østman, Christoph Adami

Part V. Outlook and Afterthoughts

19. Frontiers of Fitness Landscapes: A Summary of Open Questions
Hendrik Richter

20. Fitness Landscapes - 20 Years Later
Edward D. Weinberger

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Mathematical and Computational Biology, Systems Biology

Publication year
Emergence, Complexity and Computation
Page amount
36 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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