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Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Design and Development of a Driving Condition Collector for Electric Vehicles
Junghoon Lee, Gyung-Leen Park, Byung-Jun Lee, Jikwang Han, Joo Kyung Kang, Bongsoo Kim, Jinhwan Kim

2. Electric Vehicle Telematics Services Built Upon Charging Infrastructure Monitoring
Junghoon Lee, Gyung-Leen Park, Seulbi Lee, Jihyun Kang, Young-cheol Kim, Seong jun Lee

3. A Chronic Disease Identification Scheme Using Radar Chart Method for Personalized Healthcare System
Sangjin Jeong, Chan-Hyun Youn, Yong-Woon Kim

4. Wireless Data Collection in Power System
Roman Kuznetsov, Valeri Chipulis

5. Automatic LED Lighting System Using Moving Object Detection by Single Camera
Giao Pham Ngoc, Suk-Hwan Lee, Ki-Ryong Kwon

6. Audio Recorder Identification Using Reduced Noise Features
Chang-Bae Moon, HyunSoo Kim, Byeong Man Kim

7. Performance Evaluation of a Generalized Music Mood Classification Model
Min Kyun Song, HyunSoo Kim, Chang-Bae Moon, Byeong Man Kim

8. Reliable Transmission for Remote Device Management (RDM) Protocol in Lighting Control Networks
Sang-Il Choi, Sanghun Lee, Seok-Joo Koh, Sang-Kyu Lim, Insu Kim, Tae-Gyu Kang

9. Configuration of Tracking Area Code (TAC) for Paging Optimization in Mobile Communication Systems
Hyung-Woo Kang, Woo-Ju Kim, Seok-Joo Koh, Hyon-Goo Kang, Jung-Bae Moon

10. OpenFlow-Based Implementations of Distributed ID-LOC Mapping System in Mobile Internet
Nak-Jung Choi, Ji-In Kim, Jin-Ho Park, Seok-Joo Koh

11. A Study on Performance Comparison of Cloud Architectures Using Nested Virtualization
HeeSeok Choi, TaeMuk Lyoo, JongBeom Lim, Daeyong Jung, Jihun Kang, Taeweon Suh, Heonchang Yu

12. Recognizing Text in Low Resolution Born-Digital Images
Minh Hieu Nguyen, Soo-Hyung Kim, Gueesang Lee

13. CICC to Support Location Based Service in Cloud Computing
Doohee Song, Kwangjin Park

14. Method for Detecting Cars Cutting in to Change Lanes by Using Image Frames Played in Reverse
Chi-Hak Lee, Hyun-Woo Kim, Inwon Lee, Eun-Ju Lee, Young-Mo Kim

15. An Efficient Video Hooking in Androidx86 to Reduce Server Overhead in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Tien-Dung Nguyen, Cong-Thinh Huynh, Hyun-Woo Lee, Eui-Nam Huh

16. Algorithm for Detection of Four Lane Highway Accidents in CCTV Stream
In Jung Lee

17. A Petri Net Design toward Prolonging Operational Lifetime of Ad Hoc Networks under Flooding Attack
Fuu-Cheng Jiang, Hsiang-Wei Wu, Chu-Hsing Lin, I-En Liao, Ching-Hsien Hsu

18. Clustering Method Using Weighted Preference Based on RFM Score for Personalized Recommendation System in u-Commerce
Young Sung Cho, Song Chul Moon, Seon-phil Jeong, In-Bae Oh, Keun Ho Ryu

19. Motor Primitive Generation Framework for NAOs in Ubiquitous Applications
Yunsick Sung, Kyungeun Cho, Young-Sik Jeong, Kyhyun Um

20. A Patient Status Classification Method for Metabolic Syndrome Care Based on Service Level Agreements
Sangjin Jeong, Chan-Hyun Youn, Yong-Woon Kim

21. FakePIN: Dummy Key Based Mobile User Authentication Scheme
Siwan Kim, Hyunyi Yi, Jeong Hyun Yi

22. Image Compression System Using Colorization and Meanshift Clustering Methods
Taekyung Ryu, Byung Gook Lee, Suk-Ho Lee

23. Efficient Data Protection Scheme in Hybrid Clouds
Der-Kuo Tung, Wei-Hsiu Chen, Chiang-Lung Liu

24. Predicted Cost Model for Integrated Healthcare Systems Using Markov Process
Sangjin Jeong, Chan-Hyun Youn, Yong-Woon Kim

25. Gaussian Mixture Model Based on Hidden Markov Random Field for Color Image Segmentation
Khoa Anh Tran, Nhat Quang Vo, Tam Thi Nguyen, Gueesang Lee

26. Performance Analysis of SPDY Protocol in Wired and Mobile Networks
HeeJung Kim, GyuSun Yi, HanNa Lim, JiCheol Lee, BeomSik Bae, SungWon Lee

27. An Efficient Data Aggregation Scheme for Protecting the Integrity of Sensitive Data in Wireless Sensor Networks
Hyunjo Lee, Tae-Hoon Kim, Jae-Woo Chang

28. Design of a Multi-purpose Real-Time Tracking System for Electric Vehicles
Junghoon Lee, Gyung-Leen Park, Hye-Jin Kim, Min-Jae Kang, Ho-Young Kwak, Sang Joon Lee, Eel-Hwan Kim, Jae-Do Song, Hee Suk Kang

29. Classification and Analysis of Time Synchronization Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks in Terms of Power Consumption
Shi-Kyu Bae

30. The Vehicle Speed Detection Based on Three-Dimensional Information Using Two Cameras
Inwon Lee, Jong-pil Ahn, Eun-Ju Lee, Chi-Hak Lee, Young-mo Kim

31. Enhancing Spatial Information for Relief Work during Nuclear Accidents
Ming-Kuan Tsai, Nie-Jia Yau

32. Resource Analysis for Mobile P2P Live Video Streaming
Jongmyoung Kim, Seungchul Park

33. A Study on Searchable Encryption System against Chosen-Ciphertext Attack
Sun-Ho Lee, Jae-Cheol Ryou, Im-Yeong Lee

34. A Compensation Cost-Aware Coordination for Distributed Long Running Transactions
Qing Lin, Jeongyong Byun

35. Ubiquitous Mobile Game Development Using Arduino on Android Platform
Andy S. Y. Lai, S. Y. Leung

36. Performance Analysis for PUF Data Using Fuzzy Extractor
Hyunho Kang, Yohei Hori, Toshihiro Katashita, Manabu Hagiwara, Keiichi Iwamura

37. High-Speed Block Cipher Algorithm Based on Hybrid Method
Bac Thi, Minh Nguyen Hieu

38. Decision Engine Based Access Router Discovery Scheme in IEEE 802.11
HwaMin Lee, DooSoon Park, DaeWon Lee, SungJai Choi

39. Development and Usability Assessment of Tablet-Based Synchronous Mobile Learning System
Jang Ho Lee

40. Bidirectional Multichannel Beacon Management for TVWS WPAN
Young-Ae Jeon, Dae-Young Kim, In Jang, Kwang-Il Hwang

41. An Information Architecture for Preventing and Tracing Information Leakage in the Age of Micro Devices
Jong Uk Choi, Joo Won Cho

42. Automatic Images Classification Using HDP-GMM and Local Image Features
Wanhyun Cho, Seongchae Seo, In-seop Na, Soonja Kang

43. A Novel Construction for PEKS Scheme Using Matrix Group
Tin Q. Phan, Van H. Dang, Thuc D. Nguyen

44. An Efficient Outlier Detection Technique in Wireless Sensor Networks
Hongyeon Kim, Jun-Ki Min

45. Discovering High-Quality Paths with Load Balancing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Anh Tai Tran, Myung Kyun Kim

46. Secure NFC Authentication Protocol Based on LTE Network
Ebrahim AL Alkeem, Chan Yeob Yeun, Joonsang Baek

47. De-Noising Model for Weberface-Based and Max-Filter-Based Illumination Invariant Face Recognition
Hoang-Nam Bui, In-Seop Na, Soo-Hyung Kim

48. Virtual Reality Based Assessment Tool for Measuring Human Perceptual Sensitivity to Erroneous Motion
Min-Hyung Choi, Mohammed Bahni Alquzi, Min Hong

49. Assessment of Compatibility between Standard Medical Systems of u-RPMS and HL7
Hyun Nam-Gung, Young-Hyuk Kim, Il-Kown Lim, Jae-Gwang Lee, Jae-Pil Lee, Jae-Kwang Lee

50. The Extraction of Spatial Information and Object Location Information from Video
Kyung-Je Park, Min-Soo Moon, Ki-Jung Lee

51. Computer Assisted English Learning System with Gestures for Young Children
Seng Il Jung, Joon Yeon Choeh, Sung-Wook Baik, Soonil Kwon, Jong-Weon Lee

52. A Workflow Scheduling Technique for Task Distribution in Spot Instance-Based Cloud
Daeyong Jung, JongBeom Lim, Heonchang Yu, JoonMin Gil, EunYoung Lee

53. Cost-Effective Content Delivery Networks Using Clouds and Nano Data Centers
Ikhsan Putra Kurniawan, Hidayat Febiansyah, Jin Baek Kwon

54. Adaptive Transformation for a Scalable User Interface Framework Supporting Multi-screen Services
Yuseok Bae, Bongjin Oh, Jongyoul Park

55. Towards Nearest Collection Search on Spatial Databases
Hong-Jun Jang, Woo-Sung Choi, Kyeong-Seok Hyun, Kyoung-Ho Jung, Soon-Young Jung, Young-Sik Jeong, Jaehwa Chung

56. Application of Environment Constraints in Improving Localization Accuracy
Dinh-Van Nguyen, Eric Castelli, Trung-Kien Dao, Duc-Tho Le, Lan-Huong Nguyen, Salim Attig

57. Inferring Probability of Guessing from Item Response Data Using Bayes’ Theorem
Byoung Wook Kim, Ja Mee Kim, Won Gyu Lee

58. Implementation of Water Pollution Response Information Systems Based on IP-USN
H. S. Shim, G. Y. Min, D. H. Jeoung

59. Implementation of M2M System for a Racing Car
Min-seop Song, Seong-Hyun Beak, Jong-wook Jang

60. A Study on Sound Reproduction for Adaptive Mixed-Reality Space
Ho-Jin Lee, Ji-Woong Park, Soon Il Kwon, Jong-Weon Lee, Sung-Wook Baik

61. A Study on the Resource Management against Availability Attacks in Cloud Computing
Sung-Min Jung, Jun-Kwon Jung, Tae-Kyung Kim, Tai-Myoung Chung

62. Development of a Simulation Tool for the Face Recognition Using Feature Feedback
Nguyen Trong Nghia, Chang-Woo Park, Sang-Il Choi, Sang-Hoon Ji, Gu-Min Jeong

63. Dynamic Data Collection Algorithm with a Mobile Element in Wireless Sensor Networks
SungSuk Kim, Young-Sik Jeong

64. Implementation of the Android-Based Automotive Infortainment System for Supporting Drivers’ Safe Driving
Minyoung Kim, Jung-eun Lee, Jong-wook Jang

65. Design and Implementation of an Around View Image Storing System Based on Car PC
Sang-uk Seo, Sweung-hwan Cheon, Si-woong Jang

66. Mobile Cloud Computing Architectural Design Taxonomy toward the ‘Cloud Computing in Hand’ Era
Yoojin Lim, Eunmi Choi

67. Analysis of Discriminant Features in Fourier Domain Compensating Shadow Areas on Facial Images
Phuc Truong Huu, Sang-Il Choi, Sang-Hoon Ji, Hong-Seok Kim, Gu-Min Jeong

68. An Efficient Routing Scheme Based on Social Relations in Delay-Tolerant Networks
Chan-Myung Kim, In-Seok Kang, Youn-Hee Han, Young-Sik Jeong

69. A Data Aggregation Based Efficient Clustering Scheme in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Khoa Thi-Minh Tran, Seung-Hyun Oh

70. Efficient Voice Communications over Wireless Sensor Networks
Hyunchul Yoon, JaeHyung Lee

71. Development of SWF Based Virtual Prototyping Framework for Simulating Ubiquitous Systems
Soo Young Jang, Jihun Kim, Woo Jin Lee

72. Study on Relation between Social Circles and Communities in Facebook Ego Networks
Soo-jin Shin, Yong-jin Jeong, Chan-Myung Kim, Youn-Hee Han, Chan Yeol Park

73. Comparative Analysis of Graphic Contents Rendering Techniques in a Multi-view System through Agent-Mediator Based Communication
Fahad, Muhammad Azhar, Muhammad Sajjad, Irfan Mehmood, Soon Il Kwon, Jong-Weon Lee, Sung-Wook Baik

74. A Digital Forensic Model Based on the Generated Fuzzy Number Using FCM Clustering
Seokhwan Yang, Youngjun Son, Mokdong Chung

75. Development of a PC-Based Code Simulator for Verifying Ubiquitous Embedded Software
Sooyong Jeong, Sunghee Lee, Woo Jin Lee

76. Distinguishing Attack on SDDO-Based Block Cipher BMD-128
Jinkeon Kang, Kitae Jeong, Changhoon Lee, Seokhie Hong

77. A Receiver-Initiated MAC Protocol for Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks
Kien Nguyen, Vu-Hoang Nguyen, Duy-Dinh Le, Yusheng Ji, Duc Anh Duong, Shigeki Yamada

78. A Data Driven cSLAM of Multiple Exploration Robots
Sang-Hoon Ji, Phuc Truong Huu, Hong-Seok Kim, Sang-Moo Lee

79. Efficient Purchase Pattern Clustering Based on SOM for Recommender System in u-Commerce
Young Sung Cho, Song Chul Moon, Seon-phil Jeong, In-Bae Oh, Keun Ho Ryu

80. Collusion-Resistant Watermarking Using Modified Barni Method
Hyunho Kang, Keiichi Iwamura

81. Design and Implementation of a High Integrated Noncontact ECG Monitoring Node for Wireless Body Sensor Networks
Fangmin Sun, Zhan Zhao, Zhen Fang, Lidong Du, Yangming Qian, Huaiyong Li, Lili Tian

82. A Wearable Multi-parameter Physiological System
Zhihong Xu, Zhen Fang, Lidong Du, Zhan Zhao, Xianxiang Chen, Diliang Chen, Fangmin Sun, Yangming Qian, Huaiyong Li, Lili Tian

83. On Mobility-Aware Dual Pointer Forwarding Handoff Scheme in Cost-Optimized Proxy Mobile IPv6 Networks
Seungsik Son, Sangik Jeong, Jaeyoung Choi, Jongpil Jeong

84. An Adaptive Teaching and Learning System for Efficient Ubiquitous Learning
Kil Hong Joo, Nam Hun Park, Jin Tak Choi

85. Enhanced Indirect-Broadcasting Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Shi-Kyu Bae

86. Multimodal Combination of GPS, WiFi, RFID and Step Count for User Localization
Hung-Long Nguyen, Eric Castelli, Trung-Kien Dao, Viet-Tung Nguyen, Thanh-Thuy Pham

87. User Authentication Mechanism Based on Secure Positioning System in RFID Communication
Xinyi Chen, Inshil Doh, Kijoon Chae

88. A Study on a Bio-signal Biometric Algorithm on the Ubiquitous Environments
Sangjoon Lee, Sung Yun Park, Sung Jae Kim, Jae Hoon Joeng, Sung Min Kim

89. Energy-Aware Profiler: An Energy Consumption Analysis Techniques for Offloading Communication-Intensive Mobile Apps
K. O. Kwangman, P. A. E. K. Yunheung

90. A Study on CKP Signal Collection Algorithms for Knocking Identification and Development of Engine Diagnosis System in CRDI ECU
Hwa-seon Kim, Seong-jin Jang, Jong-wook Jang

91. How to Detect Obstacles within the Lane through Smartphone-Based Lane Recognition
Hwan Heo, Taeg-Keun WhangBo, Gi-Tea Han

92. Improved Depth Map Generation Using Motion Vector and the Vanishing Point from a Moving Camera Monocular Image
Su-Min Jung, Taeg-Keun WhangBo

93. Design and Implementation of Customized Encryption Platform for Data Security in Open Software Environment
Jae-Sung Shim, Seok-Cheon Park

94. An Effective Adoption of Disparity to Enhance Recognizing Three-Dimension Facial Expression
Kwangmu Shin, Kidong Chung

95. Protecting Cloud-Based Home e-Healthcare with Cryptographic Scheme
Ndibanje Bruce, Hyun Ho Kim, Mangal Sain, Hoon Jae Lee

96. Partitioning-Based Selection of Aggregator Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
Aziz Nasridinov, Wuin Jang, Young-Ho Park

97. A Propose on a Varied Dual Match Method for Subsequence Queries
Sun-Young Ihm, Wuin Jang, Young-Ho Park

98. A Survey on Density-Based Clustering Algorithms
Woong-Kee Loh, Young-Ho Park

99. A Bandwidth Allocation Mechanism in Mobile P2P Streaming in the Wireless LAN
Geun-Hyung Kim

100. An Indoor Location Tracking System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks and Marker-Based Fingerprinting Algorithm
Youn-Sik Hong, Hye-Gyeong Jeon

101. Design and Implementation of Customized Spatial Information Provider System for Chronic Disease Patients Based on PHR
Jae-Sung Shim, Seok-Cheon Park

102. A Scalable and Distributed Electrical Power Monitoring System Utilizing Cloud Computing
Ryousei Takano, Hidemoto Nakada, Toshiyuki Shimizu, Tomohiro Kudoh

103. Performance Evaluation of WDS-Based Mobile ITS Video Control System for Smart APT Traffic Control
Young-Hyuk Kim, Il-Kwon Lim, Jae-Gwang Lee, Jae-Pil Lee, Hyun Namgung, Jae-Kwang Lee

104. Simulation Based Opportunistic Network Coding in Ad Hoc Networks
Hayoung Oh, Sanghyun Ahn

105. Multipath Routing Method for Supporting QoS and Improving Energy Efficiency in WMSNs
Si-Yeong Bae, Sung-Keun Lee, Jin-Gwang Koh

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Computer Communication Networks, Multimedia Information Systems

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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22 pages
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