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Strategy and Communication for Innovation

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Table of contents

Part I. Strategic Perspectives on Innovation

1. Strategies for Business Model Innovation: Challenges and Visual Solutions for Strategic Business Model Innovation
Martin J. Eppler, Friederike Hoffmann

2. Enriching Open Innovation Theory and Practice by Strengthening the Relationship with Strategic Thinking
Wim Vanhaverbeke, Nadine Roijakkers

3. Open Innovation: Strategic Options, Actors, Tools and Tensions
Kathrin Moeslein

4. Overcoming the Innovation Barrier: A Search-Selection Model of Breakthrough Innovation in Large Firms
Simon J. Ford, Simone Ferriani, David R. Probert

5. Harnessing the Innovation Potential of Citizens: How Open Innovation Can be Used to Co-develop Political Strategies
Giordano Koch, Maximilian Rapp, Niclas Kröger

6. Strategic and Innovation Networks in the Flanders Biotechnology Industry
Thomas Crispeels, Radu Huculeci, Jurgen Willems, Ilse Scheerlinck

7. Cognitive Diversity of Top Management Teams as a Competence-Based Driver of Innovation Capability
Michael Hülsmann, Meike Tilebein, Philip Cordes, Vera Stolarski

Part II. Communicative Perspectives on Innovation

8. The Role of Communicators in Innovation Clusters
Bettina Blasini, Rani J. Dang, Tim Minshall, Letizia Mortara

9. Integrated Communication in the Innovation Process: An Approach to Integrated Innovation Communication
Manfred Bruhn, Grit Mareike Ahlers

10. Innovation Marketing: An Introduction
Fee Steinhoff, Volker Trommsdorff

11. The Role of Social Capital, Strategic Networking and Word of Mouth Communication in the Commercialisation of Innovation
Tim Mazzarol

12. Managing Emotions Matters: A Balanced Framework for Communicating Innovations in Companies
Claudia Mast

13. The Scent of Innovation: Towards an Integrated Management Framework for Innovation Communication
Nicole Pfeffermann

Part III. Integrated Perspectives on Innovation

14. Innovation Communication and Inter-Functional Collaboration: A View from the Competing Values Framework for Corporate Communication
Alan Belasen, Rosalyn Rufer

15. Innovation Communication as an Integrative Management Capability in Digital Innovation Ecosystems
Nicole Pfeffermann

16. A Relational Communication Strategy for Successful Collaborative Innovation in Business-to-Business Markets
Thomas O’Toole, Mary T. Holden

17. Achieving Market Leadership with Collaborative Innovation: The Case of Technology-Driven Companies
Eric Viardot

18. Audience-Centered Approaches to Strategic Planning: Accessing Social Capital Through Sharing Platforms on Social Media
Sherry Devereaux Ferguson

19. Communicating for Innovation: The “Social” Enterprise and the Translation of Novel Ideas
Eduardo Rodriguez-Montemayor

20. There is Something Forgotten About the Customer in the State of Denmark’s Finance: The Tale of Danske Bank’s Misaligned Innovation and Communication Strategy
Jørn Bang Andersen

Part IV. Best Practices and Case Examples

21. A Holistic Approach to Communicating Innovations: Siemens and Its Environmental Portfolio
Ulrich Eberl

22. User-Centered Radical Innovation at Telekom Innovation Laboratories: Tools and Methods to Generate New Propositions for Mobile Payment
Fee Steinhoff, Henning Breuer

23. Co-Innovation and Communication: The Case of SAP’s Global Co-Innovation Lab Network
Sabine Patsch, Ansgar Zerfass

24. Empowering Members of a Brand Community to Gain Consumer Insights and Create New Products: The Case of the Vorwerk Thermomix Research Community
Madeleine Kröper, Volker Bilgram, Ramona Wehlig

25. The Role of Social Media for Innovation
Tim Kastelle, Ralph Ohr

26. Innovation and Value in Networks for Emerging Musicians
Phillip A. Cartwright, Gareth Dylan Smith

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Innovation/Technology Management, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Industrial Organization

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