Ciarlet, Philippe G.

Partial Differential Equations: Theory, Control and Approximation

Ciarlet, Philippe G. - Partial Differential Equations: Theory, Control and Approximation, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Control and Nash Games with Mean Field Effect
Alain Bensoussan, Jens Frehse

2. The Rain on Underground Porous Media
Christine Bernardi, Adel Blouza, Linda ElAlaoui

3. Finite Volume Multilevel Approximation of the Shallow Water Equations
Arthur Bousquet, Martine Marion, Roger Temam

4. Non-Gaussian Test Models for Prediction and State Estimation with Model Errors
Michal Branicki, Nan Chen, Andrew J. Majda

5. Asymptotic Analysis in a Gas-Solid Combustion Model with Pattern Formation
Claude-Michel Brauner, Lina Hu, Luca Lorenzi

6. Implicit Sampling, with Application to Data Assimilation
Alexandre J. Chorin, Matthias Morzfeld, Xuemin Tu

7. Periodic Homogenization for Inner Boundary Conditions with Equi-valued Surfaces: The Unfolding Approach
Doina Cioranescu, Alain Damlamian, Tatsien Li

8. Global Null Controllability of the 1-Dimensional Nonlinear Slow Diffusion Equation
Jean-Michel Coron, Jesús Ildefonso Díaz, Abdelmalek Drici, Tommaso Mingazzini

9. Sharp Interpolation Inequalities on the Sphere: New Methods and Consequences
Jean Dolbeault, Maria J. Esteban, Michal Kowalczyk, Michael Loss

10. On the Numerical Solution to a Nonlinear Wave Equation Associated with the First Painlevé Equation: An Operator-Splitting Approach
Roland Glowinski, Annalisa Quaini

11. MsFEM à la Crouzeix-Raviart for Highly Oscillatory Elliptic Problems
Claude Bris, Frédéric Legoll, Alexei Lozinski

12. Exact Synchronization for a Coupled System of Wave Equations with Dirichlet Boundary Controls
Tatsien Li, Bopeng Rao

13. Mixing Monte-Carlo and Partial Differential Equations for Pricing Options
Tobias Lipp, Grégoire Loeper, Olivier Pironneau

hP Finite Element Approximation for Full-Potential Electronic Structure Calculations
Yvon Maday

15. Increasing Powers in a Degenerate Parabolic Logistic Equation
José Francisco Rodrigues, Hugo Tavares

16. Composite Waves for a Cell Population System Modeling Tumor Growth and Invasion
Min Tang, Nicolas Vauchelet, Ibrahim Cheddadi, Irene Vignon-Clementel, Dirk Drasdo, Benoît Perthame

Keywords: Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control, Optimization, Numerical Analysis

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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