Aftab, Tariq

Artemisia annua - Pharmacology and Biotechnology

Aftab, Tariq - Artemisia annua - Pharmacology and Biotechnology, ebook


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Table of contents

1. How Techniques of Herbal Drug Preparation Affect the Therapeutic Outcome: Reflections on Qinghao 青蒿 (Herba Artemisiae annuae) in the History of the Chinese Materia Medica
Elisabeth Hsu

2. Ethnopharmacology of Artemisia annua L.: A Review
Alia Sadiq, Muhammad Qasim Hayat, Muhammad Ashraf

Artemisia annua: A Miraculous Herb to Cure Malaria
M. Naeem, Mohd Idrees, Minu Singh, M. Masroor A. Khan, Moinuddin

4. Whole Plant Approaches to Therapeutic Use of Artemisia annua L. (Asteraceae)
Pamela Weathers, Kirsten Reed, Ahmed Hassanali, Pierre Lutgen, Patrick Ogwang Engeu

5. Pharmacological Potentials of Artemisinin and Related Sesquiterpene Lactones: Recent Advances and Trends
María José Abad Martínez, Luis Miguel Bedoya Olmo, Luis Apaza Ticona, Paulina Bermejo Benito

6. Taxonomic Implications of Artemisia annua L.
Sadia Malik, Muhammad Qasim Hayat, Muhammad Ashraf

7. Trichomes in Artemisia annua: Initiation, Development, Maturation and the Possibilities to Influence these Factors
Anders Kjaer, Kai Grevsen, Martin Jensen

8. Potential Methods to Improve the Efficiency of Artemisinin Extraction from Artemisia annua

Rhianna Briars, Larysa Paniwnyk

9. Extraction, Purification, and Quantification of Artemisinin and its Analogs from Artemisia annua L.
Shuoqian Liu, Na Tian, Zhonghua Liu

10. Effect of Mineral Nutrition, Growth Regulators and Environmental Stresses on Biomass Production and Artemisinin Concentration of Artemisia annua L.
Tariq Aftab, M. Masroor A. Khan, J. F. S. Ferreira

11. Recent Advances to Enhance Yield of Artemisinin: A Novel Antimalarial Compound, in Artemisia annua L. Plants
Mauji Ram, D. C. Jain, Himanshu Mishra, Shantanu Mandal, M. Z. Abdin

12. Artemisinin in Cancer Therapy
Bianca Ivanescu, Andreia Corciova

13. Recent Developments in Controlling Insect, Acari, Nematode, and Plant Pathogens of Agricultural and Medical Importance by Artemisia annua L. (Asteraceae)
Jalal Jalali Sendi, Roya Khosravi

14. Reverse Pharmacology and Drug Discovery: Artemisia annua and Its Anti-HIV Activity
Frank Kooy

15. Production of Artemisinin In Planta and in Microbial Systems Need Not Be Mutually Exclusive
Ebiamadon Andi Brisibe, Peter Nkachukwu Chukwurah

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Plant Biochemistry

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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