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Future Information Technology

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Table of contents

1. Dedicated Smart Software System for Mobile X-Ray
Chang Won Jeong, Young Sik Jeong, Jinseok Lee, Su Chong Joo

2. Real-Time Intuitive Terrain Modeling by Mapping Video Images onto a Texture Database
Wei Song, Seongjae Cho, Kyungeun Cho, Kyhyun Um, Chee Sun Won, Sungdae Sim

3. The RIP for Random Matrices with Complex Gaussian Entries
Kuo Xu, Jian Wang, Byonghyo Shim

4. Evolving Mobile App Recommender Systems: An Incremental Multi-objective Approach
Xiao Xia, Xiaodong Wang, Xingming Zhou, Bo Liu

5. Project Proposals Ranking
Sylvia Encheva

6. A Stereo Micro Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Expectation-Maximization Technique
Cuixia Bai, Gangyi Jiang, Mei Yu, Yigang Wang, Feng Shao, Zongju Peng

7. Moldable Job Scheduling for HPC as a Service
Kuo-Chan Huang, Tse-Chi Huang, Mu-Jung Tsai, Hsi-Ya Chang

8. MapReduce Example with HBase for Association Rule
Jongwook Woo, Kilhung Lee

9. Service Level Agreement Renegotiation Framework for Trusted Cloud-Based System
Ahmad Fadzil M. Hani, Irving Vitra Paputungan, M. Fadzil Hassan

10. A Cross-IdP Single Sign-On Method in SAML-Based Architecture
Tzu-I Yang, Chorng-Shiuh Koong, Chien-Chao Tseng

11. Live Virtual Machine Migration with Optimized Three-Stage Memory Copy
Feiran Yin, Weidong Liu, Jiaxing Song

12. Performances of New Chaotic Interleaver Design in OFDM-IDMA System
Brahim Akbil, Driss Aboutajdine

13. Application of an Artificial Intelligence Method for Diagnosing Acute Appendicitis: The Support Vector Machine
Sung Yun Park, Jun Seok Seo, Seung Chul Lee, Sung Min Kim

14. On Extracting Important User Preferences
Sylvia Encheva

15. Object Retrieval Scheme Using Color Features in Surveillance System
Su-wan Park, JeongNyeo Kim, Jong Wook Han

16. Multi Criteria Decision Making Related to Services
Sylvia Encheva

17. Keyword Searchable Encryption with Access Control from a Certain Identity-Based Encryption
Koji Tomida, Masami Mohri, Yoshiaki Shiraishi

18. Attribute-Based Encryption with Attribute Revocation and Grant Function Using Proxy Re-encryption and Attribute Key for Updating
Takeru Naruse, Masami Mohri, Yoshiaki Shiraishi

19. Research on Stereo Image Authentication Watermarking with Self-recovery
Ting Luo, Gangyi Jiang, Mei Yu, Yigang Wang, Feng Shao, Zongju Peng

20. Fine-Grained Access Control in Object-Oriented Databases
Rahat Masood, Muhammad Awais Shibli, Abdul Ghafoor

21. Doubly Encrypted Identity-Based Encryption for File Transfer Service
Makoto Sato, Masami Mohri, Hiroshi Doi, Yoshiaki Shiraishi

22. Toward a Honeypot Solution for Proactive Security in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Dhavy Gantsou, Patrick Sondi

23. DWL Tool for Creating a Customized Web-Based System Generator
Ling-Hua Chang, Sanjiv Behl, Tung-Ho Shieh, Chin-Chih Ou

24. The Task-Oriented Circulation Planning
Tzu-I Yang, Chorng-Shiuh Koong, Chien-Chao Tseng

25. A Framework for Selecting the Optimal Technique Suitable for Application in a Data Mining Task
Haruna Chiroma, Sameem Abdul-Kareem, Adamau Abubakar

26. Discovery of Closed Consensus Temporal Patterns by Group Decision Making
Tony Cheng-Kui Huang

27. A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on Tag Clustering
Rujuan Liu, Zhendong Niu

28. BSTree: An Incremental Indexing Structure for Similarity Search and Real Time Monitoring of Data Streams
Abdelwaheb Ferchichi, Mohamed Salah Gouider

29. Learning Teaching in Teaching: Online Reinforcement Learning for Intelligent Tutoring
Fangju Wang

30. Minimax Self Playing Game Alquerque
Ishtiaq Ahmed, Donghai Guan, Md. Nasir Uddin Laskar, Tae Choong Chung

31. Fractal Based Hardware Accelerated Technique for Graphical Rendering
Divya Udayan J., HyungSeok Kim, Jun Lee, Jee-In Kim

32. Topics on Public Game Art Using Media Façade
Hyoyoung Kim, Jin Wan Park

33. A Physical Interactive Game for Learning English of Children
Sang-I Shin, Kyoungju Park

34. Using Multiple Verifiers to Detect Sybils in a Social Network Graph
Kyungbaek Kim

35. The Impact of Addiction to Twitter among University Students
Shahnil Asmar Saaid, Nalisa Alia Amin Al-Rashid, Zaridah Abdullah

36. Design and Prototype Implementation of Smart-Phone Voice Locker Using Voice Recognition
Won Min Kang, Ki Won Lee, Ji Soo Park, Jong Hyuk Park

37. Extended RBAC Model with Task-Constraint Rules
Li Ma, Yanjie Zhou, Wei Duan

38. Historical Data Recovery from Android Devices
Yitao Yang, Zhiyue Zu, Guozi Sun

39. A Static Semantic Model for Trusted Forensics Using OCL
Zehui Shao, Qiufeng Ding, Xianli Jin, Guozi Sun

40. A Novel Hybrid Cellular Automata Based Cipher System for Internet of Things
Mouza Ahmed Bani Shemaili, Chan Yeob Yeun, Mohamed Jamal Zemerly, Khalid Mubarak

41. An Efficient Computer Forensics Selective Imaging Model
Waleed Halboob, Khaled S. Alghathbar, Ramlan Mahmod, Nur Izura Udzir, Mohd. Taufik Abdullah, Ali Deghantanha

42. Cloud Computing Risk Assessment: A Systematic Literature Review
Rabia Latif, Haider Abbas, Saïd Assar, Qasim Ali

43. Security Requirements Specification Framework for Cloud Users
Rida Naveed, Haider Abbas

44. Digital Evidence Bag Selection for P2P Network Investigation
Mark Scanlon, Tahar Kechadi

45. A Research for Partition Restoration Techniques
Jaeung Namgung, Il young Hong, Jungheum Park, Changhoon Lee, Sangjin Lee

46. Definition of Evaluation Index Model for Network Management System
Fei Xu, Jinqiao Shi, K. P. Chow, Xiaojun Chen, Peipeng Liu

47. Investigating and Measuring Capabilities of the Forensics File Carving Techniques
Khawla Alghafli, Andrew Jones, Thomas Martin

48. Application for Reversible Information Hiding in Multilpe Secret Images Sharing Based on Shamir’s Scheme
Chyuan-Huei Thomas Yang, Che-Lun Chung, Yu Min Lin, Song Yong Fan

49. The Arm Strength Training Machine with Biofeedback
Tze-Yee Ho, Mu-Song Chen, Yuan-Joan Chen, Hung-Yi Chen

50. Privacy Breach Investigations of Incident Response to Personal Information Protection Act
Da-Yu Kao, Cheng-Yu Peng, Frank Fu-Yuan Huang, Shiuh-Jeng Wang

51. Measuring Digital Crime Investigation Capacity to Guide International Crime Prevention Strategies
Joshua I. James, Yunsik Jake Jang

52. Study on the Growth Strategy to Become a Global Logistics Company, through the Expansion of the Domestic Logistics Companies in China
Hyunwoo Kim, Chulung Lee

53. The U-Work Utilization Analysis Using Groupware on Non-profit Organization
Kyeong Hui Du, Chulung Lee

54. The U-Work Utilization Analysis Using Groupware on Non-profit Organization
Kyeong Hui Du, Chulung Lee

55. Analysis of the Risks of Overseas Advancement by Logistics Companies Applying AHP
Mihyung Kim, Ki-sung Hong, Chulung Lee

56. Development of an Operating System for Optimization of the Container Terminal by Using the Tandem-Lift Quay Crane
Sang-Hei Choi, Hyeonu Im, Chulung Lee

57. Knowledge Sharing and the Forms of R&D Collaboration
Sang Ho Kook

58. Global Supply Chain Management Using Business Risk Re-alignment via the Change of the Transfer Pricing Methodology
Sang Min Ahn, Ki-sung Hong, Chulung Lee

59. Research of Touchscreen Terminals Gesture Operation Error Based on Kansei Engineering
Rong Qin, Dongxiang Chen, Xuelong Hou

60. Heart Sound Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Singular Entropy
Zhang Lu

61. Research on MTMP Structure Chlorine Dosing Decoupling Control
Xie Peizhang, Zhou Xingpeng

62. The Research on Electronic Data Forensic Institutions Equipment Configuration Standards
Mai Yonghao, K. P. Chow, Zhou Gang, Lu Zhengwu, Zhang Jun

63. Design of an RDFizer for Online Social Network Services
Junsik Hwang, Hyosook Jung, Sujin Yoo, Seongbin Park

64. A Holistic Cloud-Enabled Robotics System for Real-Time Video Tracking Application
Bingwei Liu, Yu Chen, Erik Blasch, Khanh Pham, Dan Shen, Genshe Chen

65. Improving Network Health Monitoring Accuracy Based on Data Fusion for Software Defined Networking
Sejun Song

66. Improving Diagnostic Accuracy Using Multiparameter Patient Monitoring Based on Data Fusion in the Cloud
Zhanpeng Jin, Xiaoliang Wang, Qiong Gui, Bingwei Liu, Sejun Song

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Information Systems and Communication Service, Multimedia Information Systems

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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19 pages
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