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Typhoon Impact and Crisis Management

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
DanLing Tang, GuangJun Sui

Part I. Remote Sensing Observations of Typhoon (Hurricane)

2. Microwave Instruments for Observing Tropical Cyclones
Kristina B. Katsaros, Leonid Mitnik, Peter Black

3. Typhoon Eye Observations Using SAR and MTSAT
A. K. Liu, Y. -H. Cheng, C. -R. Ho, S. -J. Huang, N. -J. Kuo

4. Satellite Passive and Active Microwave Methods for Arctic Cyclone Studies
E. V. Zabolotskikh, L. M. Mitnik, L. P. Bobylev, B. Chapron

5. Numerical Simulation and Forecasting Techniques for Tropical Cyclones in the South China Sea
Qilin Wan, Fangni Lin, Jinnan Yuan, WeiYu Ding, Gad Levy, DanLing Tang

Part II. Typhoon Impacts on Environments

6. Predicting and Visualizing Storm Surges and Coastal Inundation: A Case Study from Maryland, USA
Ming Li, Xiaohong Wang, Peng Jia

7. Influence of Tropical Storms in the Northern Indian Ocean on Dust Entrainment and Long-Range Transport
V. Ramaswamy

8. Rainfall Prediction for Landfalling Tropical Cyclones: Perspectives of Mitigation
Kevin K. W. Cheung, Lisa T.-C. Chang, Yubin Li

Part III. Typhoon Impacts on Marine Ecosystems

9. Typhoon Impacts on the Surface Phytoplankton and Primary Production in the Oceans
SuFen Wang, DanLing Tang, Yi Sui, Gang Pan, Dmitry Pozdnyakov

10. Typhoon Impacts on Subsurface Marine Ecosystems
DanLing Tang, Hai Jun Ye, Yi Sui, Y. D. Afanasyev, SuFen Wang

11. A Pilot Satellite-Based Investigation of the Impact of a Deep Polar Cyclone Propagation on the Phytoplankton Chlorophyll Spatial and Temporal Dynamics in the Arctic Ocean
Dmitry Pozdnyakov, DanLing Tang, Leonid Bobylev, Pavel Golubkin, Elizaveta Zabolotskikh, Dmitry Petrenko, Evgeny Morozov

12. Effects of Typhoon on Seagrass Distribution
DingTian Yang, ChaoYu Yang

13. Impacts of Typhoons on Nutrient Supply and Potential Fish Production in the Southern East China Sea
Chin-Chang Hung, Gwo-Ching Gong, Ming-An Lee, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Yi Chang, Yung-Yen Shih, Kuo-Shu Chen, Meng-Hsien Chen, Peter H. Santschi

14. Typhoon Impacts on Fishery in the South China Sea
DanLing Tang, Jie Yu, SuFen Wang, Gang Pan

Part IV. Typhoon Impacts and Global Changes

15. Responses of the China Seas to Tropical Cyclone
Chau-Ron Wu

16. An Inferential Statistical Study on the Climate Characteristics of Tropical Cyclones over the Northwestern Pacific
ZhangJin Wei, DanLing Tang, GuangJun Sui

17. Comparisons of Two Types of El Niño Impacts on TC Genesis over the South China Sea
DongXiao Wang, Xin Wang, Wen Zhou, ChongYin Li

Part V. Typhoon Impacts on Economics

18. Theory and Practice for Typhoon Disaster Assessment
GuangJun Sui, ZhangJin Wei, DanLing Tang

19. Concepts and a Framework for Typhoon Disaster Assessment
GuangJun Sui, ZhangJin Wei, DanLing Tang

20. Mechanisms of Emergency Management Against Typhoon Disasters: A Case Study of Typhoon “Bilis”
GuangJun Sui, HuiYing Pu, DanLing Tang

21. Comprehensive Impact and Defensive Measures for Typhoon Disasters: A Case Study of Typhoon Morakot
GuangJun Sui, He Chen, DanLing Tang

Part VI. Crisis Management for Typhoon Disaster

22. The Mathematical Model for Typhoon Disaster Management
Wang-Kun Chen, Guang-Jun Sui, DanLing Tang

23. A Study on Typhoon Risk Prediction by Different Methods of Pattern Recognition
Wang-Kun Chen, GuangJun Sui, DanLing Tang

24. Disaster Management and Risk Reduction: Impacts of Sea Level Rise and Other Hazards Related to Tsunamis on Syrian Coastal Zone
Hussain Aziz Saleh, Georges Allaert

25. Using Geology as a Tool for Assessing Coastal Risk in Asia
Fengling Yu, Adam D. Switzer

26. A Typhoon Disaster Loss Evaluation System Based on Multi-models
AiMin Yang, GuangJun Sui, DanLing Tang, He Chen, JiangHao Lin

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Meteorology, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Earth System Sciences, Oceanography, Marine & Freshwater Sciences

Publication year
Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research
Page amount
23 pages
Natural Sciences

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