Park, James J. (Jong Hyuk)

Mobile, Ubiquitous, and Intelligent Computing

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Table of contents

1. A Novel Ranking Technique Based on Page Queries
Gwangbum Pyun, Unil Yun

2. Ranking Book Reviews Based on User Discussion
Heungmo Ryang, Unil Yun

3. The Blog Ranking Algorithm Using Analysis of Both Blog Influence and Characteristics of Blog Posts
Jiwon Kim, Unil Yun

4. Frequent Graph Mining Based on Multiple Minimum Support Constraints
Gangin Lee, Unil Yun

5. Design of Automatic Paper Identification System with QR Code for Digital Forensics
Ha-Kyung Jennifer Lee, Young-Mi Yun, Kee-Hyung Yoon, Dong-Sub Cho

6. Processing Continuous Range Queries with Non-spatial Selections
HaRim Jung, Seongkyu Kim, Joon-Min Gil, Ung-Mo Kim

7. DSPI: An Efficient Index for Processing Range Queries on Wireless Broadcast Stream
Kwanho In, Seongkyu Kim, Ung-Mo Kim

8. End-to-End High Speed Forward Error Correction Using Graphics Processing Units
Md Shohidul Islam, Jong-Myon Kim

9. DirectSpace: A Collaborative Framework for Supporting Group Workspaces over Wi-Fi Direct
Jong-Eun Park, Jongmoon Park, Myung-Joon Lee

10. Specification of Communication Based Train Control System Using AADL
Lichen Zhang, Bingqing Xu

11. An Agent Modeling for Overcoming the Heterogeneity in the IoT with Design Patterns
Euihyun Jung, IlKwon Cho, Sun Moo Kang

12. BK-means Algorithm with Minimal Performance Degradation Caused by Improper Initial Centroid
Hoon Jo, Soon-cheol Park

13. Detect Spatial and Temporal Gait Parameters by Dual Accelerometers
Wann-Yun Shieh, An-Peng Liu, Tyng-Tyng Guu

14. Implementation of Load Management Application System in Energy Management Service
Taekyeong Kang, Hyungkyu Lee, Dong-Hwan Park, Hyo-Chan Bang, Namje Park

15. Toward a Mobile Application for Social Sharing Context
Meng-Yen Hsieh, Ching-Hung Yeh, Yin-Te Tsai, Kuan-Ching Li

16. A Research Based on the Effect of Smart Phone Use on Consumption Life of Teenagers in a Smart Era
Jeonghan Son, Keon Uk Kim, Yeon-gyeong Seo, Wonyeong Oh, Seowon Choi, Ana Kang

17. Quality-Workload Tradeoff in Pig Activity Monitoring Application
Haelyeon Kim, Yeonwoo Chung, Sungju Lee, Yongwha Chung, Daihee Park

18. Applying Different Cryptographic Algorithms for Mobile Cloud Computing
Sung-Min Jung, Nam-Uk Kim, Seung-Hyun Lee, Dong-Young Lee, Tai-Myoung Chung

19. Intrusion-Tolerant Jini Service Architecture for Ensuring Survivability of U-Services Based on WSN
Sung-Ki Kim, Jae-Yeong Choi, Byung-Gyu Kim, Byoung-Joon Min

20. Creation Mechanism for Access Group Based on User Privacy Policy-Based Protection
Taekyeong Kang, Hyungkyu Lee, Dong-Hwan Park, Hyo-Chan Bang, Namje Park

21. Specification of Train Control Systems Using Formal Methods
Bingqing Xu, Lichen Zhang

22. Formal Descriptions of Cyber Physical Systems Using Clock Theory
Bingqing Xu, Lichen Zhang

23. An Intelligent Dynamic Context-Aware System Using Fuzzy Semantic Language
Daehyun Kang, Jongsoo Sohn, Kyunglag Kwon, Bok-Gyu Joo, In-Jeong Chung

24. Efficient Data Monitoring in Sensor Networks Using Spatial Correlation
Jun-Ki Min

25. Power-Time Tradeoff of Parallel Execution on Multi-core Platforms
Sungju Lee, Heegon Kim, Yongwha Chung

26. Effective Object Identification through RFID Reader Power Control
Shung Han Cho, Sangjin Hong, Nammee Moon

27. Market-Based Resource Allocation for Energy-Efficient Execution of Multiple Concurrent Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mo Haghighi

28. Clustering Objects in Heterogeneous Information Network Using Fuzzy C-Mean
Muhammad Shoaib, Wang-Cheol Song

29. Better Induction Models for Classification of Forest Cover
Hyontai Sug

30. Application for Temporal Analysis of Scientific Technology Information
Myunggwon Hwang, Do-Heon Jeong, Jinhyung Kim, Jangwon Gim, Sa-kwang Song, Sajjad Mazhar, Hanmin Jung, Shuo Xu, Lijun Zhu

31. ROI Extraction in Dermatosis Images Using a Method of Chan-Vese Segmentation Based on Saliency Detection
Zehan Wang, Lijun Zhu, Jiandong Qi

32. The Study on Semantic Self-sufficiency in Factual Knowledge Extraction
Yunliang Zhang

33. XML-Based Document Retrieval in Chinese Diseases Question Answering System
Haodong Zhang, Lijun Zhu, Shuo Xu, Weifeng Li

34. Mathematical Document Retrieval Model Using Structural Information of Equations in Pseudo-documents
Yeongkil Song, Junsoo Shin, Harksoo Kim

35. Lexical Feature Extraction Method for Classification of Erroneous Online Customer Reviews Based on Pattern Matching
Maengsik Choi, Junsoo Shin, Harksoo Kim

36. Unified Concept Space and Mapping Discovery Algorithm for Heterogeneous Knowledge Systems
Lijun Zhu, Chen Shi, Jianfeng Guo

37. Author-Topic over Time (AToT): A Dynamic Users’ Interest Model
Shuo Xu, Qingwei Shi, Xiaodong Qiao, Lijun Zhu, Hanmin Jung, Seungwoo Lee, Sung-Pil Choi

38. Scalable RDF Path Query Processing Based on Runtime Class Path Lookup Scheme
Sung-Jae Jung, Dong-min Seo, Seungwoo Lee, Hanmin Jung

39. Risk Aversion Parameter Estimation for First-Price Auction with Nonparametric Method
Xin An, Jiancheng Chen, Yuan Zhang

40. Diverse Heterogeneous Information Source-Based Researcher Evaluation Model for Research Performance Measurement
Jinhyung Kim, Myunggwon Hwang, Do-Heon Jeong, Sa-kwang Song, Jangwon Gim, Hanmin Jung, Shuo Xu, Lijun Zhu

41. Fast Big Textual Data Parsing in Distributed and Parallel Computing Environment
Jung-Ho Um, Chang-Hoo Jeong, Sung-Pil Choi, Seungwoo Lee, Hanmin Jung

42. K-Base: Platform to Build the Knowledge Base for an Intelligent Service
Sungho Shin, Jung-Ho Um, Sung-Pil Choi, Hanmin Jung, Shuo Xu, Lijun Zhu

43. A Novel Anomaly Detection System Based on HFR-MLR Method
Eunhye Kim, Sehun Kim

44. Knowledge Discovery and Integration: A Case Study of Housing Planning Support System
Junyoung Choi, Daesung Lee, Hanmin Jung

45. Performance Analysis of MapReduce-Based Distributed Systems for Iterative Data Processing Applications
Min Yoon, Hyeong-il Kim, Dong Hoon Choi, Heeseung Jo, Jae-woo Chang

46. A Semi-clustering Scheme for Large-Scale Graph Analysis on Hadoop
Seungtae Hong, Youngsung Shin, Dong Hoon Choi, Heeseung Jo, Jae-woo Chang

47. Multi-stream Parallel String Matching on Kepler Architecture
Nhat-Phuong Tran, Myungho Lee, Sugwon Hong, Dong Hoon Choi

48. Microscopic Bit-Level Wear-Leveling for NAND Flash Memory
Yong Song, Woomin Hwang, Ki-Woong Park, Kyu Ho Park

49. HASV: Hadoop-Based NGS Analyzer for Predicting Genomic Structure Variations
Gunhwan Ko, Jongcheol Yoon, Kyongseok Park

50. Provisioning On-Demand HLA/RTI Simulation Environment on Cloud for Distributed-Parallel Computer Simulations
In-Yong Jung, Byong-John Han, Chang-Sung Jeong

51. Fast Shear Skew Warp Volume Rendering Using GPGPU for Cloud 3D Visualization
Chang-Woo Cho, Ki-Hyun Kim, Ki-Young Choi, Chang-Sung Jeong

52. A Vision-Based Robust Hovering Control System for UAV
Tyan Vladimir, Dongwoon Jeon, Doo-Hyun Kim

53. Finding Relationships between Human Affects and Colors Using SVD and pLSA
Umid Akhmedjanov, Eunjeong Ko, Yunhee Shin, Eun Yi Kim

54. Home Appliance Control and Monitoring System Model Based on Cloud Computing Technology
Yun Cui, Myoungjin Kim, Seung-woo Kum, Jong-jin Jung, Tae-Beom Lim, Hanku Lee, Okkyung Choi

55. Load Distribution Method for Ensuring QoS of Social Media Streaming Services in Cloud Environment
Seung Ho Han, Myoungjin Kim, Yun Cui, SeungHyun Seo, Yi Gu, Hanku Lee

56. A Robust Cloud-Based Service Architecture for Multimedia Streaming Using Hadoop
Myoungjin Kim, Seung Ho Han, Jong-jin Jung, Hanku Lee, Okkyung Choi

57. Video Image Based Hyper Live Spatial Data Construction
Yongwon Cho, Muwook Pyeon, Daesung Kim, Sujung Moon, Illwoong Jang

58. A Peer-to-Peer Based Job Distribution Model Using Dynamic Network Structure Transformation
Seungha Lee, Yangwoo Kim, Woongsup Kim

59. Distributed 2D Contents Stylization for Low-End Devices
Mingyu Lim, Yunjin Lee

60. Authority Delegation for Safe Social Media Services in Mobile NFC Environment
Jinsung Choi, Okkyung Choi, Yun Cui, Myoungjin Kim, Hanku Lee, Kangseok Kim, Hongjin Yeh

61. Introspection-Based Periodicity Awareness Model for Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks
Okan Turkes, Hans Scholten, Paul Havinga

62. Collaborative Recommendation of Mobile Apps: A Swarm Intelligence Method
Xiao Xia, Xiaodong Wang, Xingming Zhou, Tao Zhu

63. Enhanced Implementation of Max ∗  Operator for Turbo Decoding
Dongpei Liu, Hengzhu Liu, Li Zhou

64. A Context Description Language for Medical Information Systems
Kurt Englmeier, John Atkinson, Josiane Mothe, Fionn Murtagh, Javier Pereira

65. Eccentricity-Based Data Gathering and Diameter-Based Data Forwarding in 3D Wireless Sensor Networks
A. S. M. Sanwar Hosen, Gi-hwan Cho

66. Weighted Mining Frequent Itemsets Using FP-Tree Based on RFM for Personalized u-Commerce Recommendation System
Young Sung Cho, Song Chul Moon

67. The System of Stress Estimation for the Exposed Gas Pipeline Using the Wireless Tilt Sensor
Jeong Seok Oh, Hyo Jung Bng, Si-Hyung Lim

68. The Architecture Design of Semantic Based Open USN Service Platform Model
Hyungkyu Lee, Namje Park, Hyo-Chan Bang

69. Use-Cases and Service Modeling Analysis of Open Ubiquitous Sensor Network Platform in Semantic Environment
Taegyeong Kang, Namje Park, Hyungkyu Lee, Hyo-Chan Bang

70. A Neural Network Based Simple Weak Learner for Improving Generalization Ability for AdaBoost
Jongjin Won, Moonhyun Kim

71. Serial Dictatorial Rule-Based Games for Camera Selection
Gowun Jeong, Yong-Ho Seo, Sang-Soo Yeo, Hyun S. Yang

72. Security Analysis on a Group Key Transfer Protocol Based on Secret Sharing
Mijin Kim, Namje Park, Dongho Won

73. Analysis of Cyber Attacks and Security Intelligence
Youngsoo Kim, Ikkyun Kim, Namje Park

74. Protection Profile for PoS (Point of Sale) System
Hyun-Jung Lee, Youngsook Lee, Dongho Won

75. A Probabilistic Timing Constraint Modeling and Functional Validation Approach to Dynamic Service Composition for LBS
Weimin Li, Xiaohua Zhao, Jiulei Jiang, Xiaokang Zhou, Qun Jin

76. An Implementation of Augmented Reality and Location Awareness Services in Mobile Devices
Pei-Jung Lin, Sheng-Chang Chen, Yi-Hsung Li, Meng-Syue Wu, Shih-Yue Chen

77. Development of STEAM Education Program Centering on Non-traditional Energy
Yilip Kim, Jeongyeun Kim, Namje Park, Hyungkyu Lee

78. Scalable Key Management for Dynamic Group in Multi-cast Communication
Fikadu B. Degefa, Dongho Won

79. Result of Implementing STEAM Program and Analysis of Effectiveness for Smart Grid’s Education
Jeongyeun Kim, Yilip Kim, Namje Park

80. Security Enhanced Unlinkable Authentication Scheme with Anonymity for Global Mobility Networks
Youngseok Chung, Seokjin Choi, Youngsook Lee, Dongho Won

81. A Feature-Based Small Target Detection System
Jong-Ho Kim, Young-Su Park, Sang-Ho Ahn, Sang-Kyoon Kim

82. A Small Target Detection System Based on Morphology and Modified Gaussian Distance Function
Jong-Ho Kim, Jun-Jae Park, Sang-Ho Ahn, Sang-Kyoon Kim

83. Using Hardware Acceleration to Improve the Security of Wi-Fi Client Devices
Jed Kao-Tung Chang, Chen Liu

84. An Anonymous Communication Scheme with Non-reputation for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Ching-Hung Yeh, Meng-Yen Hsieh, Kuan-Ching Li

85. A Mobility Management Scheme for Internet of Things
Yuan-Kai Hsiao, Yen-Wen Lin

86. An Overlay Network Based on Arrangement Graph with Fault Tolerance
Ssu-Hsuan Lu, Kuan-Ching Li, Kuan-Chou Lai, Yeh-Ching Chung

87. Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks: Survey and Challenges
Aziz Nasridinov, Sun-Young Ihm, Young-Sik Jeong, Young-Ho Park

88. Accelerating Adaptive Forward Error Correction Using Graphics Processing Units
Md Shohidul Islam, Jong-Myon Kim

89. High-Performance Sound Engine of Guitar on Optimal Many-Core Processors
Myeongsu Kang, Cheol-Hong Kim, Jong-Myon Kim

90. Community Identification in Multiple Relationship Social Networks
Ting-An Hsieh, Kuan-Ching Li, Kuo-Chan Huang, Kuo-Hsun Hsu, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Kuan-Chou Lai

91. An Improved ACO by Neighborhood Strategy for Color Image Segmentation
Shih-Pang Tseng, Ming-Chao Chiang, Chu-Sing Yang

92. A Novel Spiral Optimization for Clustering
Chun-Wei Tsai, Bo-Chi Huang, Ming-Chao Chiang

93. Recent Development of Metaheuristics for Clustering
Chun-Wei Tsai, Wei-Cheng Huang, Ming-Chao Chiang

94. The Originality of a Leader for Cooperative Learning
Po-Jen Chuang, Chu-Sing Yang

95. A Hybrid Ant-Bee Colony Optimization for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem with Competitive Agents
Abba Suganda Girsang, Chun-Wei Tsai, Chu-Sing Yang

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computer Engineering

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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19 pages
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