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Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control

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Table of contents

Part I. Unsteady Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence

1. A Look at the Turbulent Wake Using Scale-By-Scale Energy Budgets
F. Thiesset, L. Danaila, R. A. Antonia

2. Controlling the Large-Scale Motions in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
I. Marusic, K. M. Talluru, N. Hutchins

3. Triangular Tabs for Supersonic Jet Mixing Enhancement
E. Rathakrishnan

4. Development of a Feedback Model for the Self-Excited Impinging Planar Jet
D. Arthurs, S. Ziada

5. Self-Excited Oscillations of Two Opposing Planar Jets
M. Hassaballa, D. Arthurs, S. Ziada

6. Pressure Fluctuations in the Vicinity of a Wall-Mounted Protuberance
Abdelkader Frendi, Philip Hahn

7. Effects of Polymer Additive on Turbulent Bulk Flow: The Polymer Concentration Dependence
Heng-Dong Xi, Haitao Xu, Eberhard Bodenschatz

8. Orthogonal Wavelet Analysis of Flow Structures in Asymmetric Wakes
S. Fujimoto, A. Rinoshika

9. Phase Average Visualization of a Finite Cylinder Wake as Predicted by Large Eddy Simulation
N. Moazamigoodarzi, D. J. Bergstrom, M. Einian, D. Sumner

10. Three-Dimensional Wavelet Multi-resolution Analysis of Flow Structures Behind a Vehicle External Mirror
A. Rinoshika, Y. Zheng

11. POD Study of a Turbulent Boundary Layer Over a Rough Forward-Facing Step
Yanhua Wu, Hui Tang

12. Eulerian/Lagrangian Sharp Interface Schemes for Multimaterials
Yannick Gorsse, Angelo Iollo, Thomas Milcent

13. Turbulent Drag Reduction at High Reynolds Numbers
Yongmann M. Chung, Edward Hurst

14. Open- and Closed-Loop Control of a Turbulent Round Jet Based on Fluidic Means
P. Zhang, H. L. Cao, J. Zhan, Y. Zhou

15. Effect of Humpback Whale-like Leading-Edge Protuberances on the Low Reynolds Number Airfoil Aerodynamics
M. M. Zhang, G. F. Wang, J. Z. Xu

16. Active Flow Control Over a Wing Model Using Synthetic-Jet-Actuator Arrays
Hui Tang, Pramod Salunkhe, Jiaxing Du, Yanhua Wu

17. Initial Flow Structure Control of Jet Diffusion Using a Coaxial DBD Plasma Actuator
M. Kimura, J. Asakura, M. Onishi, K. Sayo, N. Miyagi

18. End-Effects of a Finite Synthetic Jet on Flow Control
Li-Hao Feng, Li-Qun Ma, Jin-Jun Wang

19. Streaky Structures in a Controlled Turbulent Boundary Layer
H. L. Bai, Y. Zhou, W. G. Zhang

20. Airfoil Flow Control Using DBD Plasma Actuators
X. N. Wang, W. B. Wang, Y. Huang, Z. B. Huang, Z. H. Sheng

21. Comparison of the Near-Field Flow Structures of a Triangular Jet with and without the Initial Confinement of a Chamber
M. Xu, S. K. Lee, J. Mi, P. Li, J. Zhang

22. On Spectral Exponent Over Inertial Range in a Turbulent Square Jet
J. Zhang, M. Xu, A. Pollard, J. Mi

23. Wake Manipulation Using Control Cylinders in a Tandem Arrangement
S. Rajagopalan, N. Lefeuvre, R. A. Antonia, L. Djenidi

24. Flow Above the Free End of a Surface-Mounted Finite-Height Cylinder
N. Rostamy, D. Sumner, D. J. Bergstrom, J. D. Bugg

25. Intermittency of Vortex Shedding in the Near Wake of a Finite-Length Square Prism
H. Wang, M. Xu

26. Strouhal Numbers of Unsteady Flow Structures Around a Simplified Car Model
B. F. Zhang, S. To, Y. Zhou

27. Reynolds Number Effect on Flow Classification Behind Two Staggered Cylinders
C. W. Wong, Y. Zhou, Md. Mahbub Alam

28. Simultaneously Measured Vorticity and Passive Heat in a Cylinder Wake
H. Cao, T. Zhou, Y. Zhou, H. Zhang

29. Turbulent Intensity Effect on Low Reynolds Number Airfoil Wake
S. Wang, Y. Zhou, M. M. Alam, H. X. Yang

Part II. Acoustics and Flow-Sound Interaction

30. Temporal and Spectral Quantification of the ‘Crackle’ Component in Supersonic Jet Noise
Woutijn J. Baars, Charles E. Tinney

31. Sound Generated by a Wing with a Flap Interacting with a Passing Vortex
A. Manela, L. Huang

32. Modes of Pressure Fluctuations Around a Leading-Edge Slat
Peng Chen, Xunnian Wang, Yuchang Wen

33. On the Flow and Noise of a Two-Dimensional Step Element in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
Danielle J. Moreau, Jesse L. Coombs, Con J. Doolan

34. The Study of Prediction Method on Propeller Broadband Noise
Yihong Chen, Denghai Tang, Zhuqing Liu, Hongxing Sun

35. A Class of High Order Compact Schemes with Good Spectral Resolution for Aeroacoustics
Xuliang Liu, Shuhai Zhang

36. Stator Vane-Based Active Control of Turbofan Engine Noise
I. Vinogradov, Y. Zhou

37. Controlling the Acoustic Resonance in a Corrugated Flow Pipe
M. Amielh, F. Anselmet, Y. Jiang, U. Kristiansen, P. O. Mattéi, D. Mazzoni, C. Pinhède

38. A Three-Dimensional Semi-analytical Model for the Prediction of Underwater Noise Generated by Offshore Pile Driving
A. Tsouvalas, A. V. Metrikine

39. Vibroacoustic Coupling of Piping with Rubber Hose and Elastic Supports
Zhiyong Yin, Wenwei Wu, Zhenping Weng

40. Low-Frequency Noise Propagation from a Small Wind Turbine Tower
Ehsan Mollasalehi, Qiao Sun, David H. Wood

41. Combined Spherical Nearfield Acoustic Holography and Sound Quality Analyses
Jiangming Jin, Huancai Lu, Weijie Hu, Minzhong Li, Fang Yuan

42. Making Use of Turbulence and its Interaction with Sound: A Non-Invasive Flow Monitor
A. Nichols, K. Horoshenkov, S. Tait, S. Shepherd

Part III. Fluid-Structure Interaction

43. The Swimming of Manta Rays
Alexander J. Smits, Keith W. Moored, Peter A. Dewey

44. Flow and Sound Generation in Human Lungs: Models of Wheezes and Crackles
Yingying Hu, Shiyao Bian, Marcel Filoche, John C. Grotberg, Joshua White, Shuichi Takayama, James B. Grotberg

45. Stability of a Spring-Mounted Cantilevered Flexible Plate in a Uniform Flow
R. M. Howell, A. D. Lucey

46. The Effect of Localised Stiffening on the Stability of a Flexible Panel in Uniform Flow
Ben H. Tan, Anthony D. Lucey, Richard M. Howell

47. Eigen-Analysis of an Inviscid Channel Flow with a Finite Flexible Plate in One Wall
M. A. Burke, A. D. Lucey, R. M. Howell, N. S. J. Elliott

48. Instability of Axial Flow Over a Plate Hinged at Its Leading Edge
Chao Zhang, Naitong Liu, Lixi Huang

49. An Immersed Boundary Method for Simulating an Oscillating Airfoil
Guotun Hu, Lin Du, Xiaofeng Sun

50. Passive Morphing of Solar Powered Flying Wing Aircraft
Pezhman Mardanpour, Dewey H. Hodges

51. Active Control of Self-Excited Roll Oscillations of LAR Wings
Z. Wang, T. Hu, I. Gursul

52. A New Stall Delay Model for HAWT Based on Inviscid Theory
Q. Wang, Y. Xu, J. Z. Xu

53. Flow Control for Vortex Shedding of a Circular Cylinder Based on a Steady Suction Method
Wen-Li Chen, Hui Hu, Hui Li

54. Numerical Investigation on the Flow-Induced Oscillation of Two Elastic Circular Cylinders in Tandem
H. Chen, H. J. Zhang, C. J. Zhang, Z. D. Su

55. Flow-Induced Vibrations of a Circular Cylinder Interacting with Another of Different Diameter
Md. Mahbub Alam, Y. Zhou

56. Numerical Study on Vortex-Induced Vibration of Three Cylinders in Equilateral-Triangular Arrangements
Feng Xu, Yi-qing Xiao, Hai-tao Liu, Jin-ping Ou

57. The Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction on a Simple Cluster in an Axial Flow
Z. G. Liu, Y. Liu, J. Lu

58. Feedback Control of Flow-Induced Vibrations on Head Gimbals Assembly Inside Hard Disk Drives
X. Y. Huang, H. Min, Q. D. Zhang

59. Towards the Numerical Modelling of Floating Offshore Renewables
A. Viré, J. Xiang, M. D. Piggott, C. J. Cotter, J-P. Latham, C. C. Pain

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control

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Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
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