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Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management

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Table of contents

Part V. Supply Chain Management

1. On Effectivity of Delays in Queuing Systems
Asaf Hajiyev, Farah Ahmadzada, Irada Ibadova

2. Rough Approximation Based Decentralized Bi-Level Model for the Supply Chain Distribution Problem
Zhimiao Tao, Yuan Wang, Zhibin Wu, Jinwei Hu

3. The Selection of Supply Chain Strategic Partners
Hongchun Wang, Yimiao Lv

4. A Coordination-Based Two-Stage Algorithm for Pickup and Delivery of Customers to Airport
Zhengzheng Xu, Jiafu Tang

5. Research on the Supply Chain Coordination of the Buyback Contract Based on Sales Effort
Guorui Jiang, Juanyu Liu

6. Supply Chain Contract: Informed Manufacturer (Principal) and Risk Undertake
Hongmei Guo, Pingping Wang, Xianyu Wang

7. Evaluation on the Risk of Supply Chain Basing on the RS and the Principal Component in the Real Estate Enterprises
Rongsheng Lv, Yijie Liu

8. Influence of Hospital’s Internal Service Quality to Staff Loyalty-in the Case of West China Hospital’s Outpatient and Emergency Department
Zhuoying Li, Weiping Yu, Guimin Duan, Sihuan Liu

9. The Elements of Supply Chain Management in New Environmental Era
Hua Wen, Qianling Gu

10. Contracting to Share Bilateral Information in Supply Chain
Xinhui Wang, Xianyu Wang

11. A Closed-loop Supply Chain Network Equilibrium Model with Multi-criteria and Stochastic Demand
Bing Xu, Kun Jiang

12. Sustainable Development-Oriented Supply Chain Management for Tourism E-commerce
Lei Xu, Yanfei Deng

13. Demand Disruption Risks as Opportunity Costs in JIT Supply Chain Coordination
Kurt A. Masten, Avijit Banerjee

14. Logistics Distribution Centers Location Problem under Fuzzy Environment
Muhammad Hashim, Liming Yao, Abid Hussain Nadeem, Muhammad Nazim, Muhammad Nazam

15. The Entropy Mechanism of Organization Knowledge Governance Based on Value Chain
Xuebing Xiong, Xiaoping Li

16. Trade-offs among Lean, Agile, Resilient and Green Paradigms in Supply Chain Management: A Case Study Approach
Helena Carvalho, Susana Azevedo, Virg´ılio Cruz-Machado

Part VI. Project Management

17. Net Zero: Rational Performance Targets for High Performance Buildings
Charles J. Kibert, Ravi Srinivasan

18. A Framework to Explore Energy Saving Measures During Construction Phase
Abdol R. Chini, Sandeep Shrivastava

19. Conflict Types and Innovative Work Behavior: Exploring a New Path
Rabia Imran, Arshad Zaheer, Afsheen Fatima, Muhammad Asif Khan

20. The Exact Solutions to Analytical Model of Tsunami Generation by Sub-Marine Landslides
Zehra Pınar, Ekin Deliktas, Turgut Özis

21. Impact of Work-life Balance on Employees Productivity and Job Satisfaction in Private Sector Universities of Pakistan
Asif Kamran, Shuana Zafar, Syed Nayyer Ali

22. Research on Risk Control of Human Resources Outsourcing in Private Enterprise
Yihua Wang, Xiaosu Zheng

23. The Information Efficiency of Stock Index Futures in China
Qianwei Yi, Ziying Liang

24. Market Reaction to Repurchase Announcement-A Study for UK 2010–2011 Stock Market Reaction
Yong Zheng, Rui Gong

25. Strategic HRM Practices in Roche Pharmacueticals, Pakistan
Nadeem A. Syed, Farooq A. Cheema, Asif Kamran, Noman Khalid

26. Manager Power and Decision of Capital Expenditure: Empirical Research from China’s Securities Market
Jing Xu

27. The Driving Force of University Patent Transaction: Evidence from Twenty-six Provinces of China
Ningjing Zhang, Xin Gu, Yuandi Wang

28. The Exploration of Risk Management Issues for Leisure Sports
Ming Xu, Lei Xu

29. Use a Balanced Scorecard to Evaluate Business Processes of Sichuan Electric Power Company
Yanfang Ma

30. Impact of Demand Nature on the Bullwhip Effect. Bridging the Gap between Theoretical and Empirical Research
Juan R. Trapero, Fausto P. Garc′ıa, N. Kourentzes

31. Impact of Human Resources Practices upon Turnover and Productivity in the Banking Sector of Pakistan
Nadeem A. Syed, Farooq A. Cheema, Asif Kamran, Hira Khalid

32. On the Actuarial Simulation of the General Pareto Distribution of Catastrophe Loss
Chengyi Pu, Xiaojun Pan

33. Solving Unit Commitment Problem with Parallel Computing
Mikhail Sher, Avijit Banerjee

Part VII. Ecological Engineering

34. The Evaluation of Circular Economy Development for Coal Resources City Based on Material Flow Analysis
Dianming Geng, Xiaolu Song

35. A Study on Public Satisfaction with Urban–Rural Integration by Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
Rong Huang, Jun Wang

36. Evaluation of Agricultural Modernization Based on Maximizing Deviation and GMDH
Yue He, Weiru Deng, Lili Zhang

37. An Empirical Study of the Technological Innovation Cooperation Performance Between the Resource-based Enterprises
Guichuan Zhou

38. Determinants of Gold Prices in Pakistan
Asif Kamran, Shumaila Israr, S. M. Ahsan Rizvi

39. A Dynamic Optimal Management on Economic Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries
Dong Wang, Kan Tao

40. Research on Partner Selection for Technology Innovation Alliance in Knowledge Perspective
Qifeng Wei, Xin Gu

41. Strategic Development of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone of Guangxi: From the Perspective of Low Carbon Economy
Xiaoguo Xiong, Yongjun Tang

42. Rescue System Construction for Sports Leisure and Outdoor Sports in Sichuan Province
Ming Xu

43. Application of RFID Based Low-Carbon Scenic Integrated Management System in Jiuzhaigou Area
Maozhu Jin, Di Zheng, Peiyu Ren

44. Improving Competitive Level of Elite Woman Tennis Doubles Players in China
Qing Liu, Ying He

45. Low-Carbon Economic Structure Evolution for Sustainable Development of Western China
Yanfei Deng, Lei Xu

46. Applying STIRPAT Model to Identify Driving Factors of Urban Residential Building Energy Consumption: A Case Study of Chongqing in China
Yahui Zhu, Weiguang Cai

47. Birth and Death: Modeling Optimal Product Sampling Over Time for Nondurables
Wei Lu, Bing Han, Zhineng Hu

48. A Decision Making Analyzing Mode for Opportunity Factors from Major Environmental Risks in an Enterprise’s Sustainable Innovation Process
Yujiao Shi, Yunlong Duan, Gang Xiang

49. A Study on Determinants of Unemployment in Pakistan
Asif Kamran, Sobia Shujaat, Nadeem A. Syed, Syed Nayyer Ali

Part VIII. Industrial Engineering

50. The Travelling Wave Solutions of the Active-Dissipative Dispersive Media Equation by (G′/G)-Expansion Method
Refet Polat, Turgut Öziş

51. Industry Competitiveness Evaluation Based on RCA and Information Entropy
Mei Han, Dan Zhang, Yue He

52. Power Generation Capacity and its Investment Requirements in Pakistan for Twenty Years (2011–2030)
Nadeem A. Syed, Akbar Saeed, Asif Kamran

53. The Effect of CNH Market on Relationship of RMB Spot Exchange Rate and NDF
Chuyang Kou, Liuliu Kong

54. From “Control” to “Serve”: Brand-construction of Public Service of CII
Ying Zheng

55. The Fuzzy Time-Cost-Quality-Environment Trade-off Analysis of Multi-mode Construction Systems for Large-scale Hydroelectric Projects
Huan Zheng

56. Firm Heterogeneity and Learning by Technology In-Licensing: Empirical Evidence from China
Yuandi Wang, Xin Pan, Jiashun Huang, Xuanjin Chen, Nadine Roijakkers, Wim Vanhaverbeke

57. The Correlation Evaluation and Composite Industry Chain Research Between Jiangsu Marine and Land Industry
Qian Hui, Guojun Zhu, Hua Fan

58. Efficient Subset Selection in Large-Scale Portfolio with Singular Covariance Matrix
Chunfu Jiang

59. The Study on Strategic Alliances Risk Control: An Analytical Framework
Yan Guo, Qiang Zhang, Bin Guo

60. An Improved SA-Based BP-ANN Technique for Annual Runoff Forecasting Under Uncertain Environment
Qiurui Liu

61. Joint Purchasing Decisions Based on the Shortage Cost of the Automotive Industry
Rui Wang, Yue Shen

62. Market Entry Barriers in China’s Industrial Markets
Yongge Niu, Fumin Deng

63. On the Key Factors for Firms’ Sustainable Growth: A Perspective Based on “Industrial Strategic Inflection Point” and Resource-Based View
Changyi Zhao, Xiaowen Jie, Xin Gu

64. Multi-objective Dynamic Layout Problems for Unequal-Area Workshop Facilities Based on NSGA-II
Xiaoling Song, Yusheng Wang, Cuiying Feng

65. Applied Graph Theory and Topology for 3 Phase Power System Under Faulted Studies
Tedja Santanoe Oepomo

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operation Research/Decision Theory, Computer Engineering, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management

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