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Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management

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Table of contents

1. Advancements of Engineering Management Based on Electrical
Jiuping Xu

Part I. Computer and Networks

2. A New Ranking Method Approach for Decision Making in Maintenance Management
Fausto Pedro Garc′ıa M′arquez, Alberto Pliego, Jos’e Lorente, Juan R. Trapero

3. Exploring Determinants of Knowledge Sharing in a Social Network of Practice
Jae Hwa Choi, Benjamin Lev, Hak-Lae Kim

4. Research on the Function of Chinese NGOs in the Internet Mobilization
Jing Yang, Mengting Yang

5. Dealing with Learning Concepts via Support Vector Machines
Korhan Günel, Rıfat Asliyan, Mehmet Kurt, Refet Polat, Turgut Özis

6. Gold Price Forecasting Based on RBF Neural Network and Hybrid Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm
Fengyi Zhang, Zhigao Liao

7. A Cloud-based Decision Support System Framework for Order Planning and Tracking
Zhaoxia Guo, Chunxiang Guo

8. A Third-party Logistics Network Design Model under Fuzzy Random Environment
Xiaoyang Zhou, Yan Tu

9. The Optimization of the Bandpass Lengths in the Multi-Bandpass Problem
Mehmet Kurt, Hakan Kutucu, Arif Gursoy, Urfat Nuriyev

10. The Evolutionary Path and Process of Mutual Trust Among Members of Knowledge Networks
Tao Wang, Chenglin Tang, Xin Gu

11. Enterprises’ Micro-blogging Interaction: Based on Chinese Electric Household Industry
Zhanheng Zhao, Weiping Yu

12. Simplification of Large Scale Network in Time–cost Tradeoff Problem
Zhixiong Su, Jianxun Qi, Zhinan Kan

13. Analysis on Forming Mechanism and Realization Path of Innovative Cluster
Hongchang Mei, Lingrui Liao

14. The Study of User Download Behavior in Application Stores and Its Influencing Factors
Changzheng He, Wei Shu, Dongyue Du

15. An Empirical Study of Customer Behavior Online Shopping in China
Minxi Wang, Huimin Zhi, Xin Li

16. The Periodic Solutions of the Model of Drop Formation on a Coated Vertical Fibre
Zehra Pinar, Turgut Özis

Part II. Information Technology

17. Searching a Fit in IT Alignment for Japanese Firms
Michiko Miyamoto, Shuhei Kudo, Kayo Iizuka

18. Multi-attribute Group Decision Making based on Proportional 2-Tuple Linguistic Model
Congcong Li, Yucheng Dong

19. Research of Information Dissemination’s PublicRisk Management in We-media Era
Shuai Xu, Yucheng Dong

20. A Research on High and New Technology Enterprise Entrepreneurial Incubator Selection
Fangwei Ning, Junwen Feng, Ye Xu

21. The Research of Information Disseminating System Management in New Media Age
He Liu, Junwen Feng, Ye Xu

22. A Classifier Ensemble Model Based on GMDH-Type Neural Network for Customer Targeting
Jin Xiao, Changzheng He, Shouyang Wang

23. Consumer Demand, Investment Demand and Housing Price Volatility
Jiejing Shen, Xuedong Liang, Cheng Luo

24. Study on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Affect on Brand Trust and Purchase Intention After Brand Scandal
Chunya Wang, Weiping Yu

25. Human Capital, Collective Psychological Capital and Regional Innovation: Provincial Evidence from China
Xiaoye Qian, Baiyin Yang, Qian Li

26. Efficiency Evaluation of Chinese Press and Publication Listed Companies Based on DEA Model
Jia Liu, Yongzhong Yang

27. Ten Years Accounting Informatization Research and Reviews
Xiaoyan Hao, Peishen Ren

28. The Study on Sport Psychological Skills and Coping Styles of High-level Wrestling Athletes
Ying He

29. Integrating Safety Culture into OSH Risk Mitigation via Information Technologies
Dong Zhao, Yingbin Feng, Yincheng Ye, Min Jae Suh

30. Applying Cognitive Psychology to Research the Identity-Oriented System of General Hospitals
Yueyu Li

31. Operation Monitoring System Model of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Sichuan Province in 2012
Rui Wang, Yue Shen, Huijun Lin, Gongzong Yu

32. Optimal IPO Timing: Based on Growth Changes of Cash Flow
Jun Wang, Kun Li

Part III. Decision Support Systems

33. An Empirical Research on the Relationship Between Fulfilling Degree of Work Values and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
Qingsong Zhu, Qin Huang, Siyin Zhou

34. Efficiency of the Board and Quality of Information Disclosure: Based on the Perspective of Ultimate Ownership Structure
Rui Xiang, Qiqi Li, Yaqi Li

35. An Evaluation of Evaluators: Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Journal Evaluation Indicators
Neil Desnoyers, Zongmin Li

36. Economic Determinants of Workers’ Remittances in Pakistan
Asif Kamran, Sadaf Alam, Kaleem A. Ghias, Syed Nayyer Ali

37. The Fuzzy Time-Cost-Quality-Environment Trade-off Analysis of Resource-Constrained Multi-mode Construction Systems for Large-Scale Hydroelectric Projects
Huan Zheng

38. American Option Pricing with Time-Varying Parameters
Meng Wu, Nanjing Huang, Huiqiang Ma

39. Safety Evaluation of Special Equipment Based on Revolutionary AHP-FCE Method
Fumin Deng, Fan Zeng, Xuedong Liang, Jian Zhang

40. The Macroeconomic Leading Indicators Analysis Based on the Method of K–L Information Content and Time Difference Correlation Coefficient
Bochi Cai, Yue He

41. Research in Financial Governance Effect of Equity Structure of Listed Companies in China
Xiaoyan Hao, Dongfeng Song, Ye Wu

42. The Evaluation of College Students’ Comprehensive Quality Based on Rough and ANN Methods
Xiaofeng Li, Lingyuan Liu

43. Partner Selecting, Partnership and Alliance Performance in Alliance Development Process
Yan Guo, Yuerong Liu, Bin Guo

44. A Fusion Based Approach for Group Decision Making Based on Different Uncertain Preference Relations
Zhibin Wu, Zhimiao Tao

45. China Creative Industry Development Efficiency Assessment
Yongzhong Yang, Minghua Lin, Haitao Lei, Dahai Cai

46. Optimal Corporate Bankruptcy System Design: From the Perspective of the Contingent Governance
Sheng Ma, Jinjun Gong

47. A New Hybrid Model of Feature Selection for Imbalanced Data
Bing Zhu, Qingqing Deng, Xiaozhou He

48. Research on Inventory Level Distribution for a Closed-loop Support System
Dan Zhao, Mingwu Liu, Xu Zhang

49. Multiple Objective Optimization for Multistage Transportation System Under Uncertainty
Cuiying Feng, Chi Ouyang, Xiaoling Song

Part IV. Manufacturing

50. The Improvement of Z-score Model Based on Listed Company of “Non-Metallic Mineral Products” Industry in China
Dan Zhang, Jing Hou, Yue He

51. Brand Scandals Spillover Model Based on the GMDH
Yufeng Yang, Weiping Yu

52. GDP Growth Sources of Finance in Pakistan
Asif Kamran, Nadeem A. Syed, Khurram Amin, Syed Nayyer Ali

53. Game Analysis on the Price-fixing Strategy of Hi-tech Products
Hong Mo, Zhaojun Feng

54. Evaluation of Support Systems Based on Demand of Manufacturing Industry Development
Yongjun Tang, Xiaoguo Xiong

55. A Quantitative Analysis for House Price Target of Real Estate Control Policy in China
Ziyang Geng, Li Zhang, Xueting Li

56. Indicator Selection of Joint Purchasing Mode of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises
Liming Zhang

57. Pricing and Customer Returns Policies with Loss Averse Customers
Gulay Samatli-Pac, Wenjing Shen

58. Research Review and Prospect of Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumers’ Purchase Intention
Yachun Xu, Weiping Yu, Yan He

59. Study of the Product Symbiotic Interface Optimization Strategy Path with the Technology Paradigm Shift
Longan Deng

60. Multi-Objective Inventory Planning under Stochastic Availability of Complement in Fuzzy Environment
Muhammad Nazim, Zhimiao Tao, Muhammad Hashim, Abid Hussain Nadeem, Jamil Ahmad

61. The Analysis of Two Kinds of Promotion Ways of Complementary Products
Xin Liu, Ruikun Xie

62. Information Fusion for Multi-sensor System with Finite-time Correlated Process Noises
Fan Li, Wujia Zeng

63. Analysis of Sampling on the Diffusion of Complementary Product under Dynamic Market Potential
Bing Han, Wei Lu, Zhineng Hu

64. Factors Which Affect the Sustainable Production of Cotton in Pakistan: A Detailed Case Study from Bahawalpur District
Abid Hussain Nadeem, Muhammad Nazim, Muhammad Hashim, Muhammad Kashif Javed

65. An Inventory Control Model for Stone Industry under a Fuzzy Random Environment
Liming Yao, Jingjie Wang, Ling Wang

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operation Research/Decision Theory, Computer Engineering, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

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