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Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Industrial Engineering – Systems Modeling and Simulation

1. Information Fusion Model Based on Multi-sensor Array and Its Anti-jamming Capability
Jiang Shen, Zhi-fang Liu, Man Xu

2. Analyzing Dynamic Capabilities from the Routine-Based Perspective: An Agent-Based Simulation Research
De-hua Gao, Xiu-quan Deng, Shao-long Kuang, Shun-tang Zhang, Bing Bai

3. Valuation of Sustainable Development in Mudanjiang City Based on the Method of Genuine Saving
Ying Zhang, Hai-xin Huang

4. General Aviation Flight Service Station Architecture Designing Based on Arena
Su-ling Jia, Fei Guo

5. Application of 3D Scene Building Technology in Crane Simulation Platform Based on OSG
Qian-wang Deng, Xiao-lai Liu

6. Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring Scheme with PLS and SVDD
Jia Liu, Yan-guang Sun

7. The Signal Processing of Wharf Structure Health Monitoring Based on Wavelet Analysis
Xiao-bo Wang, Jue-long Li, Jian-chun Xing, Li-qiang Xie

8. Studies of Balance and Simulation of Gearbox Assembly Line Based on Flexsim Software
Hong-ying Shan, Li-bin Zhang, Xin-zhao Gao, Xiang-bo Li

9. The Maturity Evaluation of Technology Application for Guilin National Tourism Comprehensive Reforming Zone
Fu-xing Zhang, Jun Li, Wen-zhong Du, Meng-yi Qiu

10. A Forecasting Model for the Detection Demand of Automobiles
Gang Xie, Guang-chao Wang, Shou-feng Ma

11. Application of Fuzzy Matter Element Model in Evaluation of Traffic Noise in Residential Area Using Euclid Approach Degree
Xue Xiao, Wen-zhou Jin, Lu-ou Shen, Jian Wei

12. Evaluation Research on the Portfolio Pricing Model of Convertible Bonds
Ding-yue Kan, Chang Liu, Li Qian, Lu-yao Huang, Hong-ye Wang

13. Linkage Effects of Trade Openness and Financial Openness on Technological Progress
Feng-wu Han, Ling-xue Zhu

14. The Whole Interaction of Trade Openness, Financial Openness and Scale Effect
Feng-wu Han, Xiang-song Meng

15. Study on Measurement of Eco-efficiency of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Region
Wen-bao Sun, Jing Peng

16. Food Regional Economic Regulation and Control Policy Research
Zhi-qiang Feng

17. An Incentive Model for University Teachers Based on Knowledge
Li-shuan Qin

18. The Private Listed Company Executive Compensation and Company Performance: Based on Moderation Effect of Stock Rights
Yong-dong Wang, Lie-jin Lu

19. Study on Cumulative Effect of R&D Investment Performance of Chinese Listed Companies – Empirical Analysis Based on Modified Cobb-Douglas Production Function
Xin-gang Zhao

20. Modeling and Simulation of a Centralized Supply Chain Distribution System for a Single Product in Uncertain Demand
Zhi-gao Liao, Xi-gang Yuan, Xiao-qing Zhang

21. The Transformation Mode of the Export-Oriented Processing SMEs in Zhejiang Province: Based on Global Value Chain Theory
Ning Sun

22. The Model of Regional Innovation System Based on the Complex Adaptive System
Wen-Liang Sun, Zi-Biao Li, Bao-Min Hu

23. User Transfer in Collaborative Commerce: Evident from Virtual Community to Social Commerce
Guo-yin Jiang, Fei-cheng Ma, Yun-zhou Fang, Xiu-zhen Li

24. The Exploration and Study of Innovation Pattern of Community Administration: A Case Study of Shenzhen
Bo-lin Xie

25. Simulation Modeling for a Container Terminal with Enhanced Information Technology
Rie Gaku

26. A Traffic Simulation System Based on Platform-Plugins Structure
Xu-hai Chen

Part II. Engineering Management – Accounting and Finance

27. The Volatility and Cycle of Emerging Industry Stock Market in China: An Empirical Study Based on EEMD
Ying-qing Gong

28. The Downturn of Stock Market and the Irrational Exuberance of Leveraged Funds: A Case Study on Yinhuaxinli in SZSE
Yong-jun Qi, Kai-guo Yin, Hai-yan Zhong

29. Securities Analysts’ Competence: Model Design and Application
Jia-ni Wang

30. The Value at Risk Measure of the Yuan Against the Dollar
Guang-lai Zhou, Cui Lu, Bei-bei Qi, Li Shang

31. Does Investor Sentiment Have Certain Impacts on IPO Underpricing Rate?
Song Wang, Yao Yao

32. A Study on Similar Financial Model in Real Estate Sector
Yi-chun Li

33. Research on Financial Backing of Technological Innovation in Heilongjiang Province by System Dynamics
Xiu-ying Guo, Xiao-lei Yang, Xiao-feng Hui

34. Long-Run Performance of IPOs: Phenomenon and Theories
Jia-wei Zhang, Yi-fang Liu

Part III. Engineering Management – Construction Management

35. Analysis to Elements Influencing the Scale of Investment and Construction of Security Housing in Shenyang
Ya-chen Liu, Shuai Dong

36. Research on Construction Management Based on the WSR System Methodology
Wei-na Ji, Jun-jie Wang

37. The Study of Urban Disaster Prevention and Reduction Planning
Zun-peng Yu, Hui-ying Gao

38. The Study on the Selection of Industrial Undertaking and Spatial Arrangement of Hebei Province
Yuan-yuan Li, Hai-wei Zhang, Hui Jin

39. Analysis of Construction of Large Infrastructure Projects Based on PPP Mode Through Cooperative Game
Yi Leng, Hao Wang

Part IV. Engineering Management – Project Management

40. Study on Strategic Environmental Assessment of Highway Construction Based on Entropy–AHP
Yu He

41. A Study into the Implementation Path of the Whole Process Cost Consultation Business: A Perspective of Integrated Consultation
Jiao-jiao An, Jin-qin Yan

42. The VE Project Selection of Real Estate Program Based on ANP
Pan-jie Zhang, Ya-juan Han, Guo-fang Song

43. Empirical Study of the Production Efficiency Change of Chinese Regional Construction Industry Basing on Stochastic Frontier Analysis
Sen Lin, Zheng-fei Hu, Guan-ping Liu

44. Factor Analysis and Clustering-Based Empirical Study on Regional Construction Industry Development in China
Ya-yun Dang, Xing Bi

45. Research on the Emergency Management Strategies of China High-Speed Railway Based on Risk Network Theory
Yun-yi Zhang, Nai-ding Yang, Dan-ping Zhang

46. A Novel Method for Optimal Selection of Technology Commercialization Team Based on Commercial Competence
Ling Zhang, Yi Cui

47. Research on Evaluation Theory and System of the Old Industrial Buildings (Group) Recycling Project
Wen-hu Yin, Lin-na Wang

48. Eco-budget Study of China Main Functional Areas
Wen-ming Sun, Li-ping Xu, Li-li Wang

49. Measurement Model of Project Risks of Commercial Banks Based on Combination Weighting
Zhan-jiang Li, Guo-tai Chi, Zhan-dong Xu

50. A New Framework on Monitoring Equipment Technology Reformation Project Management Based on Petri Net
Xing-cun Sun, Hao Wu, Qiang Wang, Su-ling Jia

51. Effect Analysis of FDI on the Construction Industry Competitiveness
Jia-qiang Mao, Jia-jia Wang, Kun Jing

52. Engineering Project Management Evaluation Based on Team and Structural Equation Modeling
A-di Zhang, Yu-heng Zeng

Part V. Engineering Management – Quality Management and Reliability

53. Effect of Service Failure Criticality on Recovery Strategy Choosing: Moderating Role of Attribution
Du-sheng Chen

54. The Research and Application of DMAIC Model in New Student Register System
Hong-na Guo, Jun-ming Zhu

55. Valuation of Enterprises Brand Assets Based on Risk Cash Flow
Shi-liang Xia

56. Application of DMAIC Method and Discrete Event Simulation to Reduce Waiting Time in Outpatient Department
Xing Gao, Wen-ying Zhou

57. Application to Car Quality Evaluation Using Decision Tree Technology with Imbalance Correction Coefficient
Hao-yu Wang, Chang-an Liu, Shu-juan Wang, Yan Li

58. Research on the Maintenance Strategy of CNC Machine Tool
Ao-fu Zhang, Li-rong Cui, Pu Zhang

59. Study of the Application of Activity-Based Quality Cost Management Based on Linear Programming
Jing-fei Hao, Yu-jie Luo

60. Application of Artificial Neural Network for the Optimal Welding Parameters Design of Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Thick Plate
Jhy-Ping Jhang

61. The Theoretical Framework of Modern Equipment Operation and Maintenance Management in Grid Enterprise
Jia-xu Cheng

62. Research on Risk Quantification of Comprehensive Unit Price Based on Fuzzy Theory
An-na Dai, Ling Yan

63. Construction and Application of Intrinsic Safety Management System in Coal Mine
Guang-qiao Lin, Jin-wang Zhang, Yan-liang Wang

64. Risk Analysis of Commercial Bank Loans to Local Government Financing Platform Based on Multi-step Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
Xing Bi, He Zhao

65. Empirical Analysis of Stock Index Futures Risk Management Based on CVaR-GARCH-GED Model
Xiao-bo Zhang

66. The Analysis on the Subway Construction of Safety Risk Early Warning Process
Wen-hu Yin, Ge Sun, Lin-na Wang

67. The Stochastic Interest Rate Risk Measurement Based on Nonparametric Estimation Method
Jing-jing Li, Bao-chen Yang

68. The Research of Quality Evaluation System in Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Zi-jing Wang

Part VI. Management Sciences – Communication Management

69. Impact of Physical Proximity and Temporal Proximity on Online Impulse Buying in Online Transactions
Xuan Zhang

70. Moderator of the Microblog Communication on E-shoppers’ Purchase Intentions
Jin Yi, Xing-yuan Wang, Qing Xin

71. Study on Customer Interpersonal Skills, Normative Participation and Customer Performance in Service Situation
Yuan Gao, Qin-hai Ma

72. Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Function Design and Business Solution
Xuan Luo

Part VII. Management Sciences – Financial Management

73. A Study on the Environment Quality Cost Control Model of Enterprises
Shu-ying Jin, Jing-jing Du, Ying-wen Xu

74. The Impact of Different Rankings of Large Shareholders to the Rate of Return
Jian Su, Xiao-ming Ji

75. Political Connections, Debt Financing and Firms’ R&D Investment – Evidence from Listed Companies in China
Na Zhang, Yu-feng Wang, Xiang Yan

76. An Empirical Study on the Relationship Between Human Capital and Financial Capital—Taking the Information Industry and the Pharmaceutical a Shares of Listing Corporation as an Example
Fu-ying He

77. The Application of Value Chain Analysis and Benchmarking in Cost Management
Hao Ran, Shan Huang, Si-tong Guo

78. Capital Structure and Growth: Evidence from China’s Listed Companies
Li-ping Xiao, Zhe Liu, Zhe Li

79. Optimal Stopping of the Compound Binomial Model with Capital Injection Controlled by Optimal Dividend Strategy
Tong-ge Wang, Ya Liu, Da-jun Sun

80. Study on Value Effect of Fund Management Based on GRE 3D Balanced Perspective: A Case Study of Listed Companies in Construction Industry and Real Estate Industry
Li Wang, Gui-wen Liu

Part VIII. Management Sciences – Human Resources Development and Management

81. On the Social Root of Economic Contrast Between the South China and the North China in Terms of Human Resources Management
Xiao-di Wang

82. Study on the Relationship Between Human Capital Management and Agricultural Enterprise Performance—Based on Different Marketing Strategy
Li-li Wang, Yue-wu Wang, Wen-ming Sun

83. A Cluster Analysis of the Research of Governmental Staff’s Competency
Lu Ma, Da-you Du

84. Managing Intangible Assets of Sports Celebrities in China
Xin-ping Zhang, Rui-hua Shang, Xiao-yu Zhang

85. The Current College Students’ Employment Situation Analysis and Countermeasures to Explore
Xue-dong Li, Da-yong Xu

86. Explored on the Qualification Standard System in the Human Resource Managements of Research Institutions
Xiu-jiang Li, Chuang Yang, Chong-jiang Huang

87. A Survey and Study on Competence of the Little Village Official—Taking Suqian City of Jiangsu Province as an Example
Wei-guo Yang

88. Research of the Problems and Measures About Large Scale Employee Demission Happened in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Shandong Province from Human Oriented Angle
Ying Wang, Xiao-jiang Huang, Jing Wang

89. The Application of the Entire Human Resources Crisis Management Model in E-Commerce Company: Make Example of AZ Company
Xing Bi, Ying Liu

90. Pay for Competencies on Broadbanding Platform in Human Resource Development
Man Huang, Gui-long Zhu

91. To Construct the Human Resource Management System with Competence–Based on the Certified Public Accountant Industry
Shao-li Qi, Hong Yue

92. The Emergence of Strategic Human Capital Under the Differentiation Strategy: Data from Manufacturing Industry
Su-ying Gao, Long Xu, Yan-li Zhang, Hong-feng Zhang

93. Competency-Based Public Servants Training Needs Analysis
Li-ping Fu, Yue-feng Luo, Xiao-ming Zhou

Part IX. Management Sciences – Management Information System and Simulation

94. An Exploration of Data Quality Management Based on Allocation Efficiency Model
Hao Jiang, Jia-xin Liu, Yi Zhang, Chun-hua Yu

95. A Research on the Value of the Value-Added Services of Government Information Resources
Ruo-ying Li, Wei-zhe Liu, Tian-mei Wang

96. Network Public Opinion Information Monitoring Index System Model Research
Yi-lin Tian, Yan Zhou

97. Study on the Model of Lean Arranging Course Under the Credit System
Quan-qing Li, Ming Li

Part X. Management Sciences – Organizational Management

98. Research on the Classification and Constitution of Knowledge in the Manufacturing & Machining Process of Flow Industry
Yong-fan Li, Jing Wang

99. Organization Cycle and Evaluation of Its Flux and Capability
Zhi-qiang Zhao, Ye-zhuang Tian

100. Analysis Methods of Improve the University’s Anti-corruption System Execution
Zhi-tong Shang, Yue-ning Zang, Wei-feng Yu, Su-dan Wang

101. Ownership, Firm Size, CSR Awareness and Charitable Donations of Public Utilities: Evidence from Water Supply Companies in China
Yong-zhong Liao, Yun-feng Wang, Zhao Zhao

102. Research on Mechanism of Organizational Culture Infiltrated Based on Shared Mental Models
Guang Xu, Yie-Zhuang Tian, Chen-Guang Zhao, Xue-Liang Pei

103. Use Ideological and Political Work to Enhance the Sense of Social Responsibility of the State-Owned Enterprises
Ju-qin Wang, Bao-lin Li

Part XI. Management Sciences – Stratagem Management

104. Series Brand Building Modes of Liquor SMEs—A Case Study of Yanghe Spirit
Jin-ting Lu

105. Research on Value Activities Optimization Management of High and New Technology Enterprise Based on Core Competence
Jian-long Wu, Hong-qi Wang, Li Tian

106. Main Problems and Their Marketing Countermeasures of China’s Domestic Luxury Brands
Tao Wen

107. The Establishment of “Out-Going” Enterprise Strategic Risk Recognition Model Based on Complex Network
Chun-hua Wang, Rong-yao Chen

108. A SWOT Analysis to Enterprise Strategic Management – Small and Medium-Sized Real Estate Enterprises as an Example
Ping Li, Hui-ying Gao

109. Analysis of Competitiveness Condition of International Patents of Subsea Production Equipment
Tao Zhang, Jason Z. Yin

110. Industrialized Culture, the Development of Regional Symbols in Tourism Economy – Traditional “Frog Pattern” in Hainan Province
Ya Dong, Ying Guo

111. Preliminary Discuss on the University’s Bond System About Diligent and Honest
Wei Li, Hui-xin Yu

112. The Influence of Consumers’ Need for Uniqueness on Perceived Value and Purchase Intention
Jun-feng Liao, Hua-qiong Chen, Pei-er Cai

113. Study of “Co-opetition” Strategy in Nonlinear Environment
Zhen-hua Li, Min-ru Zhao

114. The Managerial Modes of Traceable Markets and Application Based on Cloud Computing
Jiang Shen, Xin Bi, Qian Zhang

115. Breakthrough Problem Solving Using TRIZ Component Trimming
D. Daniel Sheu, Chun Ting Hou

116. A Method Based on Grey Theory for Multiple Attribute Group Decision-Making Considering Decision Makers’ Risk Attitudes
Fang Wang, Hua Li, Meng-zhe Jia

117. Chaotic Simulated Annealing Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Research
Ai-jun Liu, Hua Li, Ming Dong

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Innovation/Technology Management, Industrial and Production Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing

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