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Airborne Wind Energy

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Table of contents

Part I. Fundamentals

1. Airborne Wind Energy: Basic Concepts and Physical Foundations
Moritz Diehl

2. Traction Power Generation with Tethered Wings
Roland Schmehl, Michael Noom, Rolf Vlugt

3. Pumping Cycle Kite Power
Rolf H. Luchsinger

4. Efficiency of Traction Power Conversion Based on Crosswind Motion
Ivan Argatov, Risto Silvennoinen

5. An Introduction to Meteorology for Airborne Wind Energy
Cristina L. Archer

6. Kites: Pioneers of Atmospheric Research
Werner Schmidt, William Anderson

7. Financing Strategies for Airborne Wind Energy
Udo Zillmann, Sebastian Hach

Part II. System Modeling, Optimization and Control

8. Theory and Experimental Validation of a Simple Comprehensible Model of Tethered Kite Dynamics Used for Controller Design
Michael Erhard, Hans Strauch

9. On Modeling, Filtering and Automatic Control of Flexible Tethered Wings for Airborne Wind Energy
Lorenzo Fagiano, Aldo U. Zgraggen, Manfred Morari

10. Modeling of Airborne Wind Energy Systems in Natural Coordinates
Sébastien Gros, Moritz Diehl

11. Numerical Trajectory Optimization for Airborne Wind Energy Systems Described by High Fidelity Aircraft Models
Greg Horn, Sébastien Gros, Moritz Diehl

12. Model Predictive Control of Rigid-Airfoil Airborne Wind Energy Systems
Mario Zanon, Sébastien Gros, Moritz Diehl

13. Airborne Wind Energy Conversion Systems with Ultra High Speed Mechanical Power Transfer
Leo Goldstein

14. Model-Based Efficiency Analysis of Wind Power Conversion by a Pumping Kite Power System
Uwe Fechner, Roland Schmehl

15. Economics of Pumping Kite Generators
Jannis Heilmann, Corey Houle

Part III. Analysis of Flexible Kite Dynamics

16. Aeroelastic Simulation of Flexible Membrane Wings based on Multibody System Dynamics
Jeroen Breukels, Roland Schmehl, Wubbo Ockels

17. Nonlinear Aeroelasticity, Flight Dynamics and Control of a Flexible Membrane Traction Kite
Udo Zillmann, Sebastian Hach

18. Simulation Based Wing Design for Kite Power
Flavio Gohl, Rolf H. Luchsinger

19. Estimation of the Lift-to-Drag Ratio Using the Lifting Line Method: Application to a Leading Edge Inflatable Kite
Richard Leloup, Kostia Roncin, Guilhem Bles, Jean-Baptiste Leroux, Christian Jochum, Yves Parlier

Part IV. Implemented Concepts

20. Application of an Automated Kite System for Ship Propulsion and Power Generation
Falko Fritz

21. Design and Testing of a 60 kW Yo-Yo Airborne Wind Energy Generator
Mario Milanese, Franco Taddei, Stefano Milanese

22. Modeling and Testing of a Kite-Powered Water Pump
David J. Olinger, Jitendra S. Goela, Gretar Tryggvason

23. Design and Experimental Characterization of a Pumping Kite Power System
Rolf Vlugt, Johannes Peschel, Roland Schmehl

24. Development of a Three-Line Ground-Actuated Airborne Wind Energy Converter
Alexander Bormann, Maximilian Ranneberg, Peter Kövesdi, Christian Gebhardt, Stefan Skutnik

25. Combining Kites and Rail Technology into a Traction-Based Airborne Wind Energy Plant
Uwe Ahrens, Björn Pieper, Clemens Töpfer

26. Description and Preliminary Test Results of a Six Degrees of Freedom Rigid Wing Pumping System
Richard Ruiterkamp, Sören Sieberling

27. An Experimental Test Setup for Advanced Estimation and Control of an AirborneWind Energy System
Kurt Geebelen, Milan Vukov, Andrew Wagner, Hammad Ahmad, Mario Zanon, Sebastien Gros, Dirk Vandepitte, Jan Swevers, Moritz Diehl

28. Analysis and Flight Test Validation of High Performance AirborneWind Turbines
Damon Lind

29. High Altitude Wind Energy from a Hybrid Lighter-than-Air Platform Using the Magnus Effect
Ricardo J. M. Penedo, Tiago C. D. Pardal, Pedro M. M S. Silva, Nuno M. Fernandes, T. Rei C. Fernandes

30. Lighter-Than-Air Wind Energy Systems
Chris Vermillion, Ben Glass, Adam Rein

Part V. Component Design

31. Ram-air Wing Design Considerations for Airborne Wind Energy
Storm Dunker

32. Conceptual Design of Textile Kites Considering Overall System Performance
Xaver Paulig, Merlin Bungart, Bernd Specht

33. Airborne Wind Energy Tethers with High-Modulus Polyethylene Fibers
Rigo Bosman, Valerie Reid, Martin Vlasblom, Paul Smeets

34. Non-Reversing Generators in a Novel Design for Pumping Mode AirborneWind Energy Farm
Joseph Coleman, Hammad Ahmad, Emmanuel Pican, Daniel Toal

35. Software System Architecture for Control of Tethered Kites
Jochen Maaß, Michael Erhard

Keywords: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Energy Technology

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Green Energy and Technology
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23 pages
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