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Advances in Social Simulation

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Table of contents

1. Towards Validating Social Network Simulations
Syed Muhammad Ali Abbas, Shah Jamal Alam, Bruce Edmonds

2. On the Quality of a Social Simulation Model: A Lifecycle Framework
Claudio Cioffi-Revilla

3. A New Framework for ABMs Based on Argumentative Reasoning
Simone Gabbriellini, Paolo Torroni

4. Testing Model Robustness – Variation of Farmers’ Decision-Making in an Agricultural Land-Use Model
Georg Holtz, Marvin Nebel

5. Agent-Based Dynamic Network Models: Validation on Empirical Data
Richard Oliver Legendi, László Gulyás

6. Analyzing the Problem of the Modeling of Periodic Normalized Behaviors in Multiagent-Based Simulation of Social Systems: The Case of the San Jerónimo Vegetable Garden of Seville, Spain
Flávia Cardoso Pereira Santos, Thiago Fredes Rodrigues, Henrique Donancio, Glenda Dimuro, Diana F. Adamatti, Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro, Esteban Manuel Jerez

7. Saddle Points in Innovation Diffusion Curves: An Explanation from Bounded Rationality
Lorena Cadavid, Carlos Jaime Franco Cardona

8. Estimation of Production Rate Limits Using Agent-Based Simulation for Oil and Gas Plants Safety
Yukihisa Fujita, Kim Nee Goh, Yoke Yie Chen, Ken Naono

9. Moral Guilt: An Agent-Based Model Analysis
Benoit Gaudou, Emiliano Lorini, Eunate Mayor

10. Punishment and Gossip: Sustaining Cooperation in a Public Goods Game
Francesca Giardini, Mario Paolucci, Daniel Villatoro, Rosaria Conte

11. How Much Rationality Tolerates the Shadow Economy? – An Agent-Based Econophysics Approach
Sascha Hokamp, Götz Seibold

12. Studying Possible Outcomes in a Model of Sexually Transmitted Virus (HPV) Causing Cervical Cancer for Poland
Andrzej Jarynowski, Ana Serafimovic

13. The Interaction of Social Conformity and Social orientation in Public Good Dilemmas
Friedrich Krebs

14. Effects of Corporate Tax Rate Cuts on Firms’ Investment and Valuation: A Microsimulation Approach
Keiichi Kubota, Hitoshi Takehara

15. Growing Inequality, Financial Fragility, and Macroeconomic Dynamics: An Agent Based Model
Alberto Russo, Luca Riccetti, Mauro Gallegati

16. By the Numbers: Track Record, Flawed Reviews, Journal Space, and the Fate of Talented Authors
Warren Thorngate, Wahida Chowdhury

17. Simulating Innovation: Comparing Models of Collective Knowledge, Technological Evolution and Emergent Innovation Networks
Christopher Watts, Nigel Gilbert

18. Grand Canonical Minority Game as a Sign Predictor
Karol Wawrzyniak, Wojciech Wiślicki

19. Agent-Based Models for Higher-Order Theory of Mind
Harmen Weerd, Rineke Verbrugge, Bart Verheij

20. Adaptive Learning and Quasi Fictitious Play in “Do-It-Yourself Lottery” with Incomplete Information
Takashi Yamada, Takao Terano

21. Agent Based Simulation of Drought Management in Practice
Olivier Barreteau, Eric Sauquet, Jeanne Riaux, Nicolas Gailliard, Rémi Barbier

22. Changing Climate, Changing Behavior: Adaptive Economic Behavior and Housing Markets Responses to Flood Risks
Tatiana Filatova, Okmyung Bin

23. Diffusion Dynamics of Electric Cars and Adaptive Policy: Towards an Empirical Based Simulation
Wander Jager, Marco Janssen, Marija Bockarjova

24. Simulating Opinion Dynamics in Land Use Planning
Arend Ligtenberg, Arnold K. Bregt

25. Agent-Based Evolving Societies
Loïs Vanhée, Jacques Ferber, Frank Dignum

26. Agent-Based Case Studies for Understanding of Social-Ecological Systems: Cooperation on Irrigation in Bali
Nanda Wijermans, Maja Schlüter

27. Narratives of a Drought: Exploring Resilience in Kenya’s Drylands
Elizabeth Anne Carabine, John Wainwright, Chasca Twyman

28. Towards a Context- and Scope-Sensitive Analysis for Specifying Agent Behaviour
Bruce Edmonds

29. Participatory Policy Making in Practice: Simulating Boundary Work in Water Governance
Nicolas Gailliard, Olivier Barreteau, Audrey Richard-Ferroudji

30. An Adaptation of the Ethnographic Decision Tree Modeling Methodology for Developing Evidence-Driven Agent-Based Models
Pablo Lucas

31. Grounded Simulation
Martin Neumann

32. Generating an Agent Based Model from Interviews and Observations: Procedures and Challenges
Tilman A. Schenk

33. Defining Relevance and Finding Rules: An Agent-Based Model of Biomass Use in the Humber Area
Frank Schiller, Anne Skeldon, Tina Balke, Michelle Grant, Alexandra S. Penn, Lauren Basson, Paul Jensen, Nigel Gilbert, Ozge Dilaver Kalkan, Amy Woodward

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Operation Research/Decision Theory

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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