Martínez-López, Francisco J.

Handbook of Strategic e-Business Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Background

1. The Framework and the Big Ideas of e-Business
Vladimir Zwass

2. Economic Implications of e-Business for Organizations
James E. Prieger, Daniel Heil

Part II. Evolved Strategic Framework for the Management of Companies

3. Towards a New Understanding of the e-Business Strategic Process: The Rise of a Dynamic Interaction-Based Approach
Reimer Ivang

4. Value Creation and Value Capture Through Internet Business Models
Francesco D. Sandulli, Antonio Rodríguez-Duarte, Daría C. Sánchez-Fernández

5. IT Competence-Enabled Business Performance and Competitive Advantage
Maria N. Pérez-Aróstegui, Francisco J. Martínez-López

6. Strategic Flexibility in e-Business Adapters and e-Business Start-ups
Antonio J. Verdú-Jover, Lirios Alós-Simó, José María Gómez-Gras

7. First-Mover Advantage in the Internet-Enabled Market Environment
Rajan Varadarajan, Manjit S. Yadav, Venkatesh Shankar

8. Can Online Retailers Escape the Law of One Price?
Francesco D. Sandulli, José Ignacio López-Sánchez

Part III.1. Key Business Processes, Areas and Activities: Production/Operations

9. Leveraging Information Systems for Enhanced Product Innovation
Gordon Burtch, C. Anthony Benedetto, Susan M. Mudambi

10. Processes Integration and e-Business in Supply Chain Management
Beatriz Minguela-Rata, Daniel Arias-Aranda, Marco Opazo-Basáez

11. Creating Business Value Through e-Business in the Supply Chain
Paul Humphreys, Brian Fynes, Frank Wiengarten

12. Issues in the Design and Evaluation of e-Supply Chains
Muriati Mukhtar

13. Linking ERP and e-Business to a Framework of an Integrated e-Supply Chain
Mahesh Srinivasan, Asoke Dey

Part III.2. Key Business Processes, Areas and Activities: Marketing

14. Strategic Marketing and e-Business
John M. Rudd, Neil Shepherd, Nick Lee

15. A Model of Online Consumer Behavior
Michel Laroche, Marie-Odile Richard

16. Online Consumption Motivations: An Integrated Theoretical Delimitation and Refinement Based on Qualitative Analyses
Francisco J. Martínez-López, Cintia Pla-García, Juan Carlos Gázquez-Abad, Inma Rodríguez-Ardura

17. The Concept of Flow in Online Consumer Behavior
Irene Esteban-Millat, Francisco J. Martínez-López, David Luna, Inma Rodríguez-Ardura

18. Research on the Use, Characteristics, and Impact of e-Commerce Product Recommendation Agents: A Review and Update for 2007–2012
Bo Xiao, Izak Benbasat

19. An Evolutionary Approach to e-Tailing: Implications for Practitioners
David E. Williams

20. The Role of e-Commerce in Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy
James R. Brown, Rajiv P. Dant

21. Pricing Strategies in the Electronic Marketplace
Jihui Chen

22. An Integrated Review of the Efficacy of Internet Advertising: Concrete Approaches to the Banner Ad Format and the Context of Social Networks
Francisco Rejón-Guardia, Francisco J. Martínez-López

23. Online Advertising Intrusiveness and Consumers’ Avoidance Behaviors
Francisco Rejón-Guardia, Francisco J. Martínez-López

Part III.3. Key Business Processes, Areas and Activities: Human Resources

24. e-HRM: A Catalyst for Changing the HR Function?
Emma Parry

25. Research Approaches in e-HRM: Categorisation and Analysis
Stefan Strohmeier

26. e-HRM Research and Practice: Facing the Challenges Ahead
Huub Ruël, Tanya Bondarouk

Part III.4. Key Business Processes, Areas and Activities: Information Systems and Knowledge Management

27. Knowledge Management Alignment Strategies for Organizations and e-Businesses
Deborah E. Swain, Jean-Pierre Booto Ekionea

28. Information Systems Outsourcing, the Umbrella Term for e-Business Strategic Management Sourcing: Service Comparison
Ricardo Martins, Tiago Oliveira

29. Organizational Websites Need Developmental Guidelines
Abeer A. Al-Hassan, Edgar H. Sibley

30. Enhancing Knowledge Marketplaces Through the Theory of Knowledge Measurement
David G. Schwartz

Part IV.1. Emerging Issues, Trends and Opportunities: E-Business Issues and the Social Web

31. Web 2.0 and Digital Business Models
Bernd W. Wirtz, Linda Mory, Robert Piehler

32. Rethinking Social CRM Design: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective
Hong-Mei Chen, Stephen L. Vargo

33. e-Novation: A Platform for Innovation in the Digital Economy
Hugh M. Pattinson

34. The Pervasive Influence of Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) on Today’s Social Consumer
Francisco Rejón-Guardia, Francisco J. Martínez-López

35. Qualitative Analysis of Online Communities to Support International Business Decisions
Rudolf R. Sinkovics, Elfriede Penz, Francisco Jose Molina-Castillo

Part IV.2. Emerging Issues, Trends and Opportunities: Other Emerging Issues and Trends

36. Ethics in e-Business: Emerging Issues and Enduring Themes
Daniel E. Palmer, Mary Lyn Stoll

37. eImage: Elements and Effects of Positive Organizational Online Identity
Steven Walczak, Dawn G. Gregg, Gary L. Borkan, Michael A. Erskine

38. Online Complaint Communication Strategy: An Integrated Management Framework for e-Businesses
Jan Breitsohl, Marwan Khammash, Gareth Griffiths

39. Developing and Validating a Multi-Criteria Model to Evaluate Mobile Service Quality
Emmanouil Stiakakis, Konstantinos Petridis

40. Corporate Disclosure Strategies on Company Websites: Reviewing Opportunistic Practices
Encarna Guillamón-Saorín, Francisco J. Martínez-López

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business/Management Science, general, Computer Science, general

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