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Cold-adapted Yeasts

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Cold-Adapted Yeasts: A Lesson from the Cold and a Challenge for the XXI Century
Pietro Buzzini, Rosa Margesin

2. Methods for the Isolation and Investigation of the Diversity of Cold-Adapted Yeasts and Their Ex Situ Preservation in Worldwide Collections
Kyria L. Boundy-Mills

Part II. Diversity and Ecology of Cold-Adapted Yeasts in Worldwide Cold Habitats

3. Cold-Adapted Yeasts in Arctic Habitats
Polona Zalar, Nina Gunde-Cimerman

4. Cold-Adapted Yeasts in Antarctic Deserts
Laurie B. Connell, Russell R. Rodriguez, Regina S. Redman, Joseph J. Dalluge

5. Cold-Adapted Yeasts in Alpine and Apennine Glaciers
Benedetta Turchetti, Marta Goretti, Pietro Buzzini, Rosa Margesin

6. Cold-Adapted Yeasts in Patagonian Habitats
Virginia Garcia, Diego Libkind, Martín Moliné, Carlos A. Rosa, Maria Rosa Giraudo

7. Cold-Adapted Yeasts in Deep-Sea Environments
Yuriko Nagano, Takahiko Nagahama, Fumiyoshi Abe

8. Black Yeasts in Cold Habitats
Laura Selbmann, G. Sybren Hoog, Laura Zucconi, Daniela Isola, Silvano Onofri

Part III. Adaptation Strategies of Cold-Adapted Yeasts to Low Temperatures

9. Production of Pigments and Photo-Protective Compounds by Cold-Adapted Yeasts
Martín Moliné, Diego Libkind, Virginia Garcia, María Rosa Giraudo

10. Changes in Lipids Composition and Fluidity of Yeast Plasma Membrane as Response to Cold
Nina Gunde-Cimerman, Ana Plemenitaš, Pietro Buzzini

11. Cold-Shock Response and Adaptation to Near-Freezing Temperature in Cold-Adapted Yeasts
Masayori Inouye, Sangita Phadtare

12. Production of Antifreeze Proteins by Cold-Adapted Yeasts
Hak Jun Kim, Jun Hyuck Lee, Hackwon Do, Woongsic Jung

13. Role of Sterol Metabolism and Endoplasmic Reticulum-Associated Degradation of Proteins in Cold Adaptation of Yeasts
Kelaine Haas

14. Subzero Activity of Cold-Adapted Yeasts
Nicolai S. Panikov

15. Fundamentals of Cold-Active Enzymes
Charles Gerday

Part IV. Biotechnological Significance of Cold-Adapted Yeasts

16. Cold-Active Yeast Lipases: Recent Issues and Future Prospects
Mirosława Szczęsna-Antczak, Janina Kamińska, Tomasz Florczak, Marianna Turkiewicz

17. Miscellaneous Cold-Active Yeast Enzymes of Industrial Importance
Aneta Białkowska, Marianna Turkiewicz

18. Production of Polymers and Other Compounds of Industrial Importance by Cold-Adapted Yeasts
Kostantsa I. Pavlova

19. Low-Temperature Production of Wine, Beer, and Distillates Using Cold-Adapted Yeasts
Maria Kanellaki, Argyro Bekatorou, Athanasios A. Koutinas

20. Cold-Adapted Yeasts as Biocontrol Agents: Biodiversity, Adaptation Strategies and Biocontrol Potential
Marcela P. Sangorrín, Chistian Ariel Lopes, Silvana Vero, Michael Wisniewski

21. Bioremediation and Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons by Cold-Adapted Yeasts
Rosa Margesin

22. Heterologous Expression of Proteins from Cold-Adapted Yeasts in Suitable Hosts: Methods and Applications
Rosli Md. Illias, Aizi Nor Mazila Ramli, Kheng Oon Low, Nor Muhammad Mahadi, Abdul Munir Abdul Murad, Amir Rabu

23. Food Spoilage by Cold-Adapted Yeasts
Anna Maráz, Mónika Kovács

Keywords: Life Sciences, Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Applied Microbiology, Enzymology

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