Cuadrado-Roura, Juan R.

Regional Problems and Policies in Latin America

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Table of contents

Part I. General Overview, Problems, Trends and Regional Policies in Latin America

1. The Reason Why of This Book: An Introduction
Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura, Patricio Aroca

2. Facing the Need for Regional Policies in Latin America
Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura, Patricio Aroca

3. Territorial Development in Latin America: A Long Term Perspective
Jorge Máttar, Luis Riffo

4. The Origins, Development and Current State of Territorial Policies in Latin America in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
Sergio Boisier

5. Growth and Regional Disparities in Latin America Concentration Processes and Regional Policy Challenges
Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura, Sergio Gonzalez-Catalán

6. Concentration and Growth in Latin American Countries
Miguel Atienza, Patricio Aroca

7. Urban Primacy and Regional Economic Disparities in Latin America
Luis Mauricio Cuervo G., Nicolás Cuervo B.

Part II. Analysis by Countries

8. Growth, Concentration, Inequality and Regional Policy in Mexico
Luis Quintana-Romero, Norman Asuad-Sanén

9. Regional Inequalities and Regional Policies in Colombia: The Experience of the Last Two Decades
Luis Armando Galvis, Adolfo Meisel

10. Concentration and Inequality Across Brazilian Regions
Carlos Roberto Azzoni

11. Argentina’s Regional Performance: 1970–2010
Victor J. Elias, Mauro Alem, Julio J. Elias, Maria Antonella Mancino

12. Territorial Inequality and Regional Policy in Chile
Patricio Aroca

13. The Paradox of Peruvian Growth: The Evolution of Territorial Disparities and Regional Policy
María Teresa Gallo-Rivera, Rubén Garrido-Yserte, Efraín Gonzales Olarte, Juan Manuel Pozo-Segura

14. Growth, Clusters, and Convergence in Ecuador: 1993–2011
Marlon G. Ramón-Mendieta, Wilman S. Ochoa-Moreno, Diego A. Ochoa-Jiménez

Part III. Horizontal and Comparative Analysis

15. Population Distribution and Internal Migration Issues in LAC
Patricio Aroca, Jorge Rodríguez

16. Education, Innovation and Economic Growth in Latin America
Miguel Ángel Mendoza-González, Marcos Valdivia-López, Jorge Isaac-Egurrola

17. The Geography and Determinants of Regional Human Capital in Eight Latin American and Caribbean Countries
Francisco Rowe

18. Labor Income and Poverty in Brazil and Mexico: A State Level Analysis, 2000–2009
Carlos Salas, Anselmo Santos

19. Decentralization and Democracy in Latin America: Reshaping the Development Paradigm
Clemente Ruiz-Duran

20. Political and Fiscal Decentralization in South America: A Comparative Analysis of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru
M. Camilo Vial-Cossani

21. Impact Assessment of Interregional Government Transfers: Lessons from the Brazil Experience
Eduardo A. Haddad, Carlos A. Luque, Gilberto T. Lima, Sergio N. Sakurai, Silvio M. Costa

22. Regional Policies in the Andean Nations: A Comparative View
Edgard Moncayo-Jiménez

23. Export Specialization and Regional Growth: The Chilean and Colombian Cases
Miguel A. Márquez, M. Teresa Fernández, Julián Ramajo

24. Trends and Realities in Foreign Direct Investments in Latin America
Michael Penfold, José Luis Curbelo

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Regional/Spatial Science, Development Economics, Economic Geography

Publication year
Advances in Spatial Science
Page amount
19 pages

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