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Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

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Table of contents

Part I. Modeling and Simulation

1. Study of the Environmental Control of Sow Farrowing Rooms by Means of Dynamic Simulation
Enrico Fabrizio, Gianfranco Airoldi, Roberto Chiabrando

2. Numerical Model of a Slurry PCM-Based Solar Thermal Collector
Sara Baronetto, Gianluca Serale, Francesco Goia, Marco Perino

3. Energy Performance Assessment of Advanced Integrated Façades by Means of Synthetic Metrics
Francesco Goia, Lorenza Bianco, Valentina Serra, Marco Perino

4. Simulation of the Natural Smoke Filling in Subway Tunnel Fire
Wenjun Lei, Angui Li, Jie Yang, Ran Gao, Baoshun Deng

5. Heat Transfer Characteristics of Various Plastic–Steel Triple–Glazed Windows
Jianing Zhao, Yi Chen, Bo Sun

6. Simulation and Energy Economic Analysis of an Air-conditioning System with Energy Recovery Ventilator in Summer
Li Li, Yaping Li, Qingling Zhang, Qiuhua Tao

7. Analysis of Heat Transfer by Pile and Borehole Ground Heat Exchangers: Composite-Medium Line-Source Approach
Min Li, Yi Yang

8. A Comparison Study of the Short-Time Responses of Borehole Ground Heat Exchangers by Using Numerical and Analytical Methods
Yi Yang, Min Li

9. Comparing Condensation Theory with Hygrothermal Models for the Mixed Climate Region of China
Shui Yu, Xu Zhang, Mark Bomberg, Guohui Feng

10. Numerical Simulation and Evaluation of Mechanical Smoke Exhaust in a Loop Corridor of a High-Rise Hotel
Wei Shi, Fusheng Gao

11. The Effect of Fresh Air Opening Locations on Natural Ventilation and Thermal Environment in Industrial Workshop with Heat Source
Yaxin Su, Chao Miao

12. Dynamic Modeling of HVAC System with State-Space Method
Ye Yao, Mengwei Huang, Kun Yang

13. Research on Building Configuration Adapt to Natural Ventilation
Weijie Zhang, Yingying Ma, Yu Du, Meiyuan Yang

14. Simulation and Analysis of Low-Energy Consumption of Office Building
Huixing Li, Wei Wang, Guohui Feng, Hongyu Ding, Xingzhi Zheng

15. Heating Transfer Characteristics Analysis on the Flooded Refrigerant Evaporator Using Untreated Sewage Heat Energy
Zhaoyi Zhuang, Haiying Pang

16. “Cross-Ventilation” Effect of Piston Wind and Energy-Saving Evaluation for the Ventilation and Air Condition in Subway Station
Zhenzhen Li, Chao Chen, Le Yan, Song Pan, Lili Zhang

17. Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristics of Server Rack in Datacenter
Jianfei Zhang, Donghao Liu, Xiping Qiao, Xu Du, Kaizhen Zhu

18. Study on Thermal Resistance of Basement Exterior Wall in Hot Summer and Cold Winter Zone
Huizhi Zhong, Ya Feng

19. A CFD Study of Convective Heat Transfer at an Isothermal Surface with Horizontal Louvers
Fujian Jiang, Zhengrong Li, Qun Zhao, Qiuhua Tao, Xiaobin Li

20. Study on the Optimal Control Strategy for Condensing Side of Chiller Systems
Zheliang Chen, Pinshu Yang, Fulin Wang

21. Application of Multizone Model and CFD Method in Ventilation System Design of Soft Sleeper Car
Gang Wang, Songtao Hu

22. Numerical Simulation of Aerosol Particles Distribution in a Classroom
Yi Zhang, Guohui Feng, Kailiang Huang, Guangyu Cao

23. A Numerical Investigation of Mechanical Smoke Exhaust in the Powerhouse of an Underground Hydropower Station
Jiangyan Ma, Angui Li, Yeqiu Wu, Bin Xiao

24. An Overview of the Applications of Particle Image Velocimetry for Indoor Airflow Field Measurement
Xiaodong Cao, Junjie Liu, Nan Jiang

25. Optimized Analysis of Lightweight Wall Outfitted with PCM in Hot Summer Zone
Yuan Zhang, Kai Du, Jiapeng He

26. Modeling and Simulation of Ventilated Double-Skin Facade Using EnergyPlus
Sha Le, Youming Chen, Yuan Bi, Xiang Lu

27. Study on the Effect of Enclosed Balcony Partition on Indoor Heating Load in Xi’an
Zhewei Li, Zengfeng Yan, Shuyun Wu

28. The Intermittent Operation Control Strategy of Low-Temperature Hot-Water Floor Radiant Heating System
Chao Ma, Yanfeng Liu, Cong Song, Dengjia Wang

29. Modeling on Indoor Transportation Energy Use for Large-Scale Commercial Buildings
Qi Shen, Jiang Jiang, Xiaochen Mao, Mingjin Guo, Jianjun Xia

30. Numerical Simulation for Convergent Air Curtain Under Undisturbed Area Condition
Faen Shi, Zhenying Zhu, Dahua Jiang, Wei Yuan

31. A Practical Software for Hourly Energy Efficiency Simulation of U-Tube Ground Source Heat Pump Systems
Hua Su, Xungen Shi, Jingwen Kang

32. A Physical Model for VOC Emissions from Coating Materials Applied on Porous Substrates
Zhao Gao, Xinke Wang

33. Baseline Office Building Comparison of GB Standard and ASHRAE Standard in Energy Modeling
Xing Han, Ting Shi

34. Numerical Analysis of Passive Heavy Concrete Wall Cool Discharge Performance
Ping Luo, Xu Zhang, Kunming Che, Biao Zeng

35. Coupled Heat and Moisture Transfer in Two Common Walls
Guojie Chen, Xiangwei Liu, Youming Chen, Xingguo Guo, Yingying Tan

36. Dynamic-Load Compensation Method and Simulation of the Heat-Supply Control System
Yanling Zhang, Yongming Song

37. Numerical Study of the Return Air Characteristics in the Stratified Air-Conditioning System with Middle Sidewall Air Return Intakes
Huan Wang, Chen Huang, Qianru Zhang

38. Influence of Urban Highway Tunnel Upper Vents Groups Number on Natural Ventilation Efficiency
Zhiyi Huo, Enshen Long, Jun Wang

39. Study on Air Distribution Characteristics of Air Orifice Plate in CRH6 Intercity Rail
Haiying Wang, Chunfang Li, Songtao Hu

40. Research of the Vertical Movable Exterior Sunshade Devices’ Impact on Indoor Natural Ventilation in Guangzhou Area
Xiangyang Jiang, Jiankun Yang, Chongpao Gan, Yonghua Zhang

41. Numerical Simulation on Central Exhaust System Design for Residential Kitchen in High-Rise Buildings
Qinghong Zheng, Haichao Wang, Qingqing Chen, Ou Zhang

42. Applicability of Vapor Transport Theory for Common Wall Types in Mixed Climate Zone of China
Shui Yu, Xu Zhang, Guohui Feng

43. Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Natural Smoke Exhaust for Straight Corridor in a High-Rise Hotel
Wei Shi, Fusheng Gao

44. Study on Thermal Performance of Insulating Glass Window with Blind Inside
Shengjie Li, Zengfeng Yan, Junzhi Peng

45. Simulation and Analysis for Laboratory Animal Room Air Environment Security Control System
Xinbo Jiang, Changzhi Yang, Wei Chen

46. CFD Simulation of the Airflow in Poultry Housing with Wind Shield
Huifeng Zou, Fuhua Yang, Yingchao Fei, Hao Tang, Ying Zhang, Sheng Ye

47. Research on Built Environmental Characteristics of Double-Skin Facade
Weijie Zhang, Yanyan Li, Dongyuan Gao, Qianqian Zhao

Part II. Building Information and Management

48. Temperature Field Real-Time Diagnosis by Means of Infrared Imaging in Data Elaboration Center
Fabio Favoino, Alfonso Capozzoli, Marco Perino

49. Solar-Based Pre-Heating and Pre-Cooling of Buildings to Reduce Overnight Energy Demand
David Johnston

50. Building Energy Benchmarking Between the United States and China: Methods and Challenges
Tianzhen Hong, Le Yang, Jianjun Xia, Wei Feng

51. Oversizing Analysis of HVAC System in Prototypical Commercial Buildings
Yuebin Yu, Haorong Li, Denchai Woradechjumroen, Daihong Yu

52. Analysis on CO2 Emissions of Construction Industry in China Based on Life Cycle Assessment
Xilong Cong, Hailin Mu, Huanan Li, Changzheng Liu

53. Indicator-Based Energy Diagnosis for Cooling Water System
Cheng Chang, Yiming Feng, Xuedong Tian, Qingpeng Wei

54. The Energy Consumption Analysis for the Windows with External Shading Influenced on the Green Building
Guohui Feng, Qinhong Zhang, Shuai Sha, Zhichao Wang

55. Survey of Window-Opening Behavior of Severe Cold Area in Winter and Relevant Energy Consumption Analysis
Kailiang Huang, Guohui Feng, Lei Zhao, Shasha Chang, Mingzhi Jiang

56. A Study on the Household Heat Metering with Dynamic Temperature Method
Xiangli Li, Renjin Wang, Lin Duanmu, Lixin Hu

57. A Survey on Energy Consumption in Rural Households in Three Regions of China
Zhengwu Yang, Pengfei Si, Xiangyang Rong, Yueshen Fan, Xiaodan Min

58. Research on Improving the Engineering Applicability of On–Off Time–Area Method
Shuyi Qi, Hua Yang, Guoqiang Xia, Chunhua Sun, Dan Chen

59. Based on AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Residential Life Decision-Making Framework for Research
Wei Yuan, Jianyong Yang, Zhenying Zhu

60. Survey on HVAC Energy Consumption Status and Indoor Environment Quality Test for Hotel Buildings in Guangzhou
Yonghua Zhang, Jiankun Yang, Xiangyang Jiang

61. The Influence of Human’s Behavior on Energy-Efficient Technologies Promotion in China
Cui Li, Zhengrong Li, Wangxiang Yao, Yuyang Wang

62. The Method of Field Date Collection and Date Validity for Energy Efficiency Diagnosis in Heat Pump Operating
Zhanwei Wang, Zhiwei Wang, Zengfeng Yan

63. Discussion on a Running Control Strategy Suitable for Evaporative Cooling Straight-Flow Air-Conditioning System
Zhixiang Wu, Zhuan Xue, Rengang Wang, Yuan Qu

64. The Research of Applying TOPSIS Combined with Grey Relational Analysis Approach for Building Energy Consumption Evaluation
Ying Li, Guohui Feng, Liang Yu, Qiang Li, Mengyun Sun

65. Analysis of Energy Saving Potential of a Low-Energy Building in China
Shuaifei Wang, Xiang Zhou, Guangyu Cao, Yangjun Wu, Xu Zhang

66. Evolutionary Game Theory Analysis of the Role of Government Regulation on the Rural Energy Efficiency Construction
Mingling Zhai, Xu Zhang

Keywords: Energy, Energy Efficiency (incl. Buildings), Building Physics, HVAC, Sustainable Development, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

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