Böhme, Rainer

The Economics of Information Security and Privacy

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Table of contents

Part I. Management of Information Security

1. A Closer Look at Information Security Costs
Matthias Brecht, Thomas Nowey

2. To Invest or Not to Invest? Assessing the Economic Viability of a Policy and Security Configuration Management Tool
Lukas Demetz, Daniel Bachlechner

3. Ad-Blocking Games: Monetizing Online Content Under the Threat of Ad Avoidance
Nevena Vratonjic, Mohammad Hossein Manshaei, Jens Grossklags, Jean-Pierre Hubaux

4. Software Security Economics: Theory, in Practice
Stephan Neuhaus, Bernhard Plattner

Part II. Economics of Information Security

5. An Empirical Study on Information Security Behaviors and Awareness
Toshihiko Takemura, Ayako Komatsu

6. Sectoral and Regional Interdependency of Japanese Firms Under the Influence of Information Security Risks
Bongkot Jenjarrussakul, Hideyuki Tanaka, Kanta Matsuura

7. Can We Afford Integrity by Proof-of-Work? Scenarios Inspired by the Bitcoin Currency
Jörg Becker, Dominic Breuker, Tobias Heide, Justus Holler, Hans Peter Rauer, Rainer Böhme

8. Online Promiscuity: Prophylactic Patching and the Spread of Computer Transmitted Infections
Timothy Kelley, L. Jean Camp

Part III. Economics of Privacy

9. The Privacy Economics of Voluntary Over-disclosure in Web Forms
Sören Preibusch, Kat Krol, Alastair R. Beresford

10. Choice Architecture and Smartphone Privacy: There’s a Price for That
Serge Egelman, Adrienne Porter Felt, David Wagner

11. Would You Sell Your Mother’s Data? Personal Data Disclosure in a Simulated Credit Card Application
Miguel Malheiros, Sacha Brostoff, Charlene Jennett, M. Angela Sasse

Part IV. Economics of Cybercrime

12. Measuring the Cost of Cybercrime
Ross Anderson, Chris Barton, Rainer Böhme, Richard Clayton, Michel J. G. Eeten, Michael Levi, Tyler Moore, Stefan Savage

13. Analysis of Ecrime in Crowd-Sourced Labor Markets: Mechanical Turk vs. Freelancer
Vaibhav Garg, L. Jean Camp, Chris Kanich

Keywords: Computer Science, Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Economics general, Systems and Data Security

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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