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Advances in Condition Monitoring of Machinery in Non-Stationary Operations

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Table of contents

Part I. Keynote Speeches

1. Dynamical Behavior of Rotating Machinery in Non-Stationary Conditions: Simulation and Experimental Results
Nicolò Bachschmid, Steven Chatterton

2. Speed Transform, a New Time-Varying Frequency Analysis Technique
Cécile Capdessus, Jérôme Antoni

3. SMART: Integrating Human Safety Risk Assessment with Asset Integrity
Diego Galar, Peter Sandborn, Uday Kumar, Carl-Anders Johansson

Part II. Rolling Bearing Diagnostics

4. Incipient Fault Detection in Bearings Through the use of WPT Energy and Neural Networks
Maria Jesus Gomez, Cristina Castejon, Juan Carlos Garcia-Prada

5. Bearing Fault Detection Using Beamforming Technique and Artificial Neural Networks
Walace Souza Pacheco, Fernando A. N. C. Pinto

6. HOS Analysis of Measured Vibration Data on Rotating Machines with Different Simulated Faults
Akilu Yunusa-Kaltungo, Jyoti K. Sinha, Keri Elbhbah

7. Signal Complexity and Gaussian Process Models Approach for Bearing Remaining Useful Life Estimation
Pavle Boškoski, Matej Gašperin, Dejan Petelin

8. Estimating Rolling Element Bearing Stiffness Under Different Operational Conditions Through Modal Analysis
William Jacobs, Rene Boonen, Paul Sas, David Moens

9. Parametric Analysis Focused on Non-linear Forces in Oil-film Journal Bearings
Andrea Vania, Paolo Pennacchi, Steven Chatterton

10. Diagnostic of Rolling Element Bearings with Envelope Analysis in Non-Stationary Conditions
Pietro Borghesani, Roberto Ricci, Steven Chatterton, Paolo Pennacchi

11. Bearing Fault Identification using Watershed-Based Thresholding Method
H. Fandiño-Toro, O. Cardona-Morales, J. Garcia-Alvarez, G. Castellanos-Dominguez

12. Envelope Cepstrum Based Method for Rolling Bearing Diagnostics
Milena Martarelli, Paolo Chiariotti, Enrico Primo Tomasini

13. Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines Using Vibration and Bearing Temperature Measurements
Adrian D. Nembhard, Jyoti K. Sinha, A. J. Pinkerton, K. Elbhbah

14. A Comparative Analysis of Detecting Bearing Fault, Using Infrared Thermography, Vibration Analysis and Air-Borne Sound
Nikolaos G. Athanasopoulos, Pantelis N. Botsaris

15. Monitoring Lathe Tool’s Wear Condition by Acoustic Emission Technology
Tobias Pinner, Hermann Sommer Obando, Georg Moeser, Wolfgang Burger

Part III. Modelling of Dynamics and Fault in Gear Systems

16. Joint Power-Speed Representation of Vibration Features. Application to Wind Turbine Planetary Gearbox
Jacek Urbanek, Marcin Strączkiewicz, Tomasz Barszcz

17. Parallel Autoregressive Modeling as a Tool for Diagnosing Localized Gear Tooth Faults
Paweł Rzeszuciński, James R. Ottewill

18. Modulation Sidebands of Planetary Gear Set
M. Karray, F. Chaari, A. Fernandez Del Rincon, F. Viadero, M. Haddar

19. A Novel Method of Gearbox Health Vibration Monitoring Using Empirical Mode Decomposition
Jacek Dybała, Adam Gałęzia

20. Artificial Immune Systems for Data Classification in Planetary Gearboxes Condition Monitoring
Edyta Brzychczy, Piotr Lipiński, Radoslaw Zimroz, Patryk Filipiak

21. Gearbox Condition Monitoring Procedures
Walter Bartelmus, Radoslaw Zimroz

22. Vibration Monitoring of Winch Epicyclic Gearboxes Using Cyclostationarity and Autoregressive Signal Model
Bassel Assaad, Mario Eltabach

23. Gear Parameter Identification in Wind Turbines Using Diagnostic Analysis of Gearbox Vibration Signals
Nader Sawalhi, Robert B. Randall

24. Phase Monitoring by ESPRIT with Sliding Window and Hilbert Transform for Early Detection of Gear Cracks
Thameur Kidar, Marc Thomas, Mohamed Elbadaoui, Raynald Guilbault

Part IV. Signal Processing for Machine Condition Monitoring

25. Performance of Time Domain Indicators for Gear Tooth Root Crack Detection and Their Noise-Sensitivity
Omar D. Mohammed, Matti Rantatalo

26. Cepstral Removal of Periodic Spectral Components from Time Signals
Robert B. Randall, Nader Sawalhi

27. The Local Maxima Method for Enhancement of Time-Frequency Map
Jakub Obuchowski, Agnieszka Wyłomańska, Radoslaw Zimroz

28. Reconstruction of the Instantaneous Angular Speed Variations Caused by a Spall Defect on a Rolling Bearing Outer Ring Correlated with the Length of the Defect
Adeline Bourdon, Didier Rémond, Simon Chesné, Hugo André

29. Instantaneous Angular Speed: Encoder-Counter Estimation Compared with Vibration Data
M. Spagnol, L. Bregant

30. Non-linear Geometric Approach to Friction Estimation and Compensation
Marcello Bonfè, Paolo Castaldi, Nicola Preda, Silvio Simani

31. Empirical Mode Decomposition of Acoustic Emission for Early Detection of Bearing Defects
Mourad Kedadouche, Marc Thomas, Antoine Tahan

32. Signal Processing Diagnostic Tool for Rolling Element Bearings Using EMD and MED
Steven Chatterton, Roberto Ricci, Paolo Pennacchi, Pietro Borghesani

33. Influence of Stopping Criterion for Sifting Process of Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) on Roller Bearing Fault Diagnosis
A. Tabrizi, L. Garibaldi, A. Fasana, S. Marchesiello

34. On the use of Vibration Signal Analysis for Industrial Quality Control: Part I
Gianluca D’Elia, Simone Delvecchio, Marco Malagò, Giorgio Dalpiaz

35. On the use of Vibration Signal Analysis for Industrial Quality Control: Part II
Simone Delvecchio, Gianluca D’Elia, Marco Malagò, Giorgio Dalpiaz

Part V. Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Machine Dynamics

36. Non-Clustering Method for Automatic Selection of Machine Operational States
Adam Jablonski, Tomasz Barszcz, Piotr Wiciak

37. Simple Relations for Estimating the Unknown Functions of Incomplete Experimental Spectral and Correlation Response Matrices
Jose Antunes, Laurent Borsoi, Xavier Delaune, Philippe Piteau

38. Condition Monitoring Under Non-Stationary Operating Conditions using Time–Frequency Representation-Based Dynamic Features
O. Cardona-Morales, D. Alvarez-Marin, G. Castellanos-Dominguez

39. Comparison of Torsional Vibration Measurement Techniques
Karl Janssens, Laurent Britte

40. Numerical Investigations on the Accuracy of an Automated Modal Identification Technique
Carlo Rainieri, Giovanni Fabbrocino

41. The Principles of Operation and Equipment Design in Modelling of Separating-System Dynamics
Vladimir D. Anakhin, Timur V. Anakhin

42. Test Bench for the Analysis of Dynamic Behavior of Planetary Gear Transmissions
A. Fernández del Rincón, R. Cerdá, M. Iglesias, A. de-Juan, P. García, F. Viadero

43. A Novel Gear Test Rig with Adjustable Shaft Compliance and Misalignments Part I: Design
A. Palermo, J. Anthonis, D. Mundo, W. Desmet

44. A Novel Gear Test Rig with Adjustable Shaft Compliance and Misalignments. Part II: Instrumentation
A. Palermo, J. Anthonis, D. Mundo, W. Desmet

45. A Distributed Control System for a Field of Spin-Elevation Heliostats
Alessandro Carandina, Mirko Morini, Claudio Pavan, Michele Pinelli

Part VI. Mechanical Systems Diagnostics

46. Preliminary Investigations on Automatic Detection of Leaks in Water Distribution Networks by Means of Vibration Monitoring
Alberto Martini, Marco Troncossi, Alessandro Rivola, Davide Nascetti

47. An Application of Statistical Tools in the Identification of the Transient Vibrations of Bucket-Wheel Excavators Under Random Loads
Weronika Huss

48. Effectiveness of Advanced Vibration Processing Techniques for Fault Detection in Heavy Duty Wheels
Marco Malagó, Emiliano Mucchi, Giorgio Dalpiaz

49. Chatter Marks and Vibration Analysis in a S6-High Cold Rolling Mill
Maria Cristina Valigi, Sergio Cervo, Alessandro Petrucci

50. Advanced Testing of Heavy Duty Gearboxes in Non-Stationary Operational Conditions
Paweł Kępski, Bartłomiej Greń, Tomasz Barszcz

51. Spatial Acceleration Modulus for Rolling Elements Bearing Diagnostics
Michele Cotogno, Marco Cocconcelli, Riccardo Rubini

52. Artificial Neural Networks-Based Decoupling Approach in the Vector Control Block of the Single-Phase Induction Machine
Kenza Bouhoune, Krim Yazid, Mohamed S. Boucherit

53. Fault Identification on Electrical Machines Based on Experimental Analysis
H. Balan, M. I Buzdugan, Karaisas P.

54. Fault Diagnosis in Induction Motor Using Motor’s Residual Stator Current Signature Analysis
Khalid Dahi, Soumia Elhani, Said Guedira, Nabil Ngote

55. Advanced Data Mining Techniques for Power Performance Verification of an On-Shore Wind Farm
Francesco Castellani, Alberto Garinei, Ludovico Terzi, Davide Astolfi, Michele Moretti, Andrea Lombardi

56. Virtual Assessment of Damage Detection Techniques for Operational Wind Turbine
Emilio Lorenzo, Simone Manzato, Bart Peeters, Herman Auweraer

57. Data-Driven Wind Turbine Power Generation Performance Assessment Using NI LabVIEW’s Watchdog® Agent Toolkit
Lodovico Menozzi, Wenyu Zhao, Edzel Lapira

58. ART-2 Artificial Neural Networks Applications for Classification of Vibration Signals and Operational States of Wind Turbines for Intelligent Monitoring
Tomasz Barszcz, Andrzej Bielecki, Mateusz Wójcik, Marzena Bielecka

59. Software Applications for Wind Turbine Vibrations Analysis
I. Cozorici, H. Balan, R. A. Munteanu, P. Karaisas

60. Experimental Characterization of Chatter in Band Sawing
Tilen Thaler, Primož Potočnik, Edvard Govekar

Keywords: Engineering, Machinery and Machine Elements, Engineering Design

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