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Table of contents

1. Asteroids Close-Up: What We Have Learned from Twenty Years of Space Exploration
Ivano Bertini

2. Trojan Asteroids in the Inner Solar System
Michael Todd

3. Orbital and Dynamical Characteristics of Small Bodies in the Region of Inner Planets
Bojan Novaković

4. Prospecting Asteroid Resources
Martin Elvis

5. What’s Out There? Asteroid Models for Target Selection and Mission Planning
Mikko Kaasalainen, Josef Ďurech

6. Earth’s Temporarily-Captured Natural Satellites – The First Step towards Utilization of Asteroid Resources
Mikael Granvik, Robert Jedicke, Bryce Bolin, Monique Chyba, Geoff Patterson, Gautier Picot

7. Human Missions to NEO’s – A System Perspective
Marco Cenzon, Dragoş Alexandru Păun

8. Designing Robots for Gravity-Independent Locomotion
Marco Chacin

9. Bio-inspired Landing Approaches and Their Potential Use on Extraterrestrial Bodies
Thibaut Raharijaona, Guillaume Sabiron, Stephane Viollet, Nicolas Franceschini, Franck Ruffier

10. Electric Power System Options for Robotic Miners
Simon D. Fraser

11. Rubble-Pile Near Earth Objects: Insights from Granular Physics
Karen E. Daniels

12. Asteroids: Anchoring and Sample Acquisition Approaches in Support of Science, Exploration, and In situ Resource Utilization
Kris Zacny, Philip Chu, Gale Paulsen, Magnus Hedlund, Bolek Mellerowicz, Stephen Indyk, Justin Spring, Aaron Parness, Don Wegel, Robert Mueller, David Levitt

13. Closed-Cycle Pneumatics for Asteroid Regolith Mining
Leonhard E. Bernold

14. Extracting Asteroidal Mass for Robotic Construction
Narayanan Komerath, Thilini Rangedera, Scott Bennett

15. Curing of Construction Composite Materials on Asteroids
Alexey Kondyurin

16. Architecture for an Asteroid-Mining Spacecraft
Haym Benaroya

17. Near Earth Asteroids – Prospection, Orbit Modification, Mining and Habitation
Werner Grandl, Akos Bazso

18. Available Asteroid Resources in the Earth’s Neighbourhood
Joan-Pau Sanchez, Colin R. McInnes

19. Asteroid Capture
Didier Massonnet

20. Change the Asteroid Trajectory
Alexander A. Bolonkin

21. Opportunities for Asteroid Retrieval Missions
Daniel García Yárnoz, Joan-Pau Sanchez, Colin R. McInnes

22. Shaped Metal Earth-Delivery Systems
Richard B. Cathcart, Alexander A. Bolonkin, Viorel Badescu, Dorin Stanciu

23. Artificial Gravitation on Asteroids
Alexander A. Bolonkin

24. Making Asteroids Habitable
Alexander A. Bolonkin

25. Usage of Asteroid Resources for Space-Based Geoengineering
Russell Bewick, Joan-Pau Sanchez, Colin R. McInnes

26. Using Asteroids for Launch/Landing, Change of Trajectory and Acceleration of Space Ships
Alexander A. Bolonkin

27. Observation of Asteroids for Searching Extraterrestrial Artifacts
Csaba Kecskes

28. The Case for Asteroids: Commercial Concerns and Considerations
Mike H. Ryan, Ida Kutschera

29. Legal Considerations on Asteroid Exploitation and Deflection
Virgiliu Pop

Keywords: Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Energy Harvesting

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33 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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