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Table of contents

1. Historical Trends of Neuroendoscopic Surgery
Bernhard L. Bauer

2. The Application of Neuroendoscopic Techniques in Improving Altered CSF Physiology
Yavor P. Enchev, Shizuo Oi

3. Neuroendoscopy in Infants and the International Infant Hydrocephalus Study (IIHS)
Shlomi Constantini, Spyros Sgouros, Abhaya V. Kulkarni

4. Controversies in the Endoscopic Management of the Various Forms of Hydrocephalus
Giuseppe Cinalli, Pietro Spennato

5. Current Status and Future Developments of Neuroendoscopic Management of Pituitary Tumours and Craniopharyngiomas
Paolo Cappabianca, Luigi Maria Cavallo, Isabella Esposito, Felice Esposito

6. Current Status and Future Developments of Neuroendoscopically Assisted Neurosurgery
Henry W. S. Schroeder

7. Neuroendoscopic Instruments and Surgical Technique
André Grotenhuis

8. Integrating Endoscopy in the Technological Environment of the Modern Neurosurgical Operating Room
Dieter Hellwig

9. Endoscopic Treatment of Hypothalamic Hamartomas
Harold L. Rekate

10. Endoscopic Management of Intraventricular Brain Tumors in Children
Mark M. Souweidane

11. Neuroendoscopic Treatment of Colloid Cysts
Phillipe Decq

12. MRI of Patients with Hydrocephalus
Jérôme Hodel, Alain Rahmouni, Philippe Decq

13. Neuroendoscopic Management of Intraparenchymal Lesions
Luiz Carlos Alencastro, Luiz Felipe Alencastro, Ademir A. Lodetti, Mário de Barros Faria

14. Neuroendoscopic Techniques in the Management of Pineal Region Tumors
Tai-Tong Wong

15. The “Complex” Management of Sylvian Fissure Arachnoid Cysts
Concezio Rocco, Federica Novegno, Gianluca Trevisi

16. Neuroendoscopy in Spinal Pathology: Our Experience, New Trends, and Developments
Alvaro Cordoba

17. Endoscopy-Assisted Craniosynostosis Surgery
Erik J. Lindert, Anke M. Ettema, Wilfred A. Borstlap

18. Endoscopic Endonasal Repair of CSF Leak
Yaron A. Moshel, Madeleine R. Schaberg, Vijay K. Anand, Theodore H. Schwartz

19. Man-to-Machine Interface in Neuroendoscopy: The Importance of Human Interface in the Development of Neuroendoscopy
Spyros Sgouros

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Neurosurgery, Surgical Orthopedics, Otorhinolaryngology

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