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Computational Flight Testing

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Table of contents

1. AMG in TAU: Adjoint Equations and Mesh Deformation
M. Förster, A. Pal

2. Accurate Simulation of Flows with Convected Vortices: Cartesian TAU
Philip Kelleners

3. Hybrid RANS-LES Models
Koen Geurts, Axel Probst

4. Investigation of the Resolution Requirements for a Hybrid RANS/LES Simulation of a Multi-element Airfoil
S. Reuß, T. Knopp, D. Schwamborn

5. Improved Transition and Reynolds Stress Modeling in RANS Simulations
René-Daniel Cécora, Rolf Radespiel, Axel Probst

6. Simulation of Maximum Lift Using URANS for a High-Lift Transport Configuration
J. W. Burg, M. Luehmann

7. Industrialization of the Automatic Transition Prediction in the DLR TAU Code
Normann Krimmelbein

8. Variable-Fidelity and Reduced-Order Models for Aero Data for Loads Predictions
Stefan Görtz, Ralf Zimmermann, Zhong-Hua Han

9. Response Surface Methods for Efficient Aerodynamic Surrogate Models
Benjamin Rosenbaum, Volker Schulz

10. Nonlinear Reduced Order Modeling for Aeroelastic Simulation with Neural Networks
K. Lindhorst, M. C. Haupt, P. Horst

11. Projection-Based Model Order Reduction for Steady Aerodynamics
Alexander Vendl, Heike Faßbender

12. Implementation of an Automatic Multi-fidelity Scheme for Industrial Applications in the Cassidian SimServer Environment
Kurt Sermeus, Luca Nardin, Kaare A. Sørensen

13. Modeling of Movable Control Surfaces and Atmospheric Effects
Lars Reimer, Ralf Heinrich

14. Coupling Strategies for Large Industrial Models
Jens Neumann, Wolf Krüger

15. NASTRAN Based Static CFD-CSM Coupling in FlowSimulator
Bernd Stickan, Hans Bleecke, Silvio Schulze

16. DLR Pilot Applications in ComFliTe
Ralf Heinrich, Lars Reimer, Andreas Michler, Britta Ernst, Markus Ritter, Jens Neumann

17. Industrial ComFliTe Applications
Hans Bleecke, Bernd Stickan

18. Multi-component Modeling with the Dual Mesh Connect Approach
Kaare A. Sørensen

19. Transonic Tail Buffet Simulations on the ATRA Research Aircraft
Sebastian A. Illi, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

Keywords: Engineering, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics

Publication year
Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design
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7 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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