Ibáñez, Santiago

Progress and Challenges in Dynamical Systems

Ibáñez, Santiago - Progress and Challenges in Dynamical Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Secants of Trajectories in Dimension Three
C. Alonso-González, F. Cano, R. Rosas

2. Statistical Stability in Chaotic Dynamics
J. F. Alves, M. Soufi

3. Combinatorial Dynamics and an Elementary Proof of the Continuity of the Topological Entropy at θ =101, in the Milnor Thurston World
Solange Aranzubía, Rafael Labarca

4. Homoclinic Spirals: Theory and Numerics
Roberto Barrio, Fernando Blesa, Sergio Serrano, Tingli Xing, Andrey Shilnikov

5. Numerical Results on a Simple Model for the Confinement of Saturn’s F Ring
Luis Benet, Àngel Jorba

6. Analysis of the Full Vibrational Dynamics of the LiNC/LiCN Molecular System
P. Benítez, J. C. Losada, R. M. Benito, F. Borondo

7. Resonance and Singularities
Henk W. Broer, Gert Vegter

8. Inverse Jacobi Multipliers: Recent Applications in Dynamical Systems
Adriana Buică, Isaac A. García, Susanna Maza

9. On Entropy of Non–autonomous Discrete Systems
Jose S. Cánovas

10. Interlacing and Separation of Solutions of Linear Meromorphic ODEs
Félix Álvaro Carnicero, Fernando Sanz

11. A Walk Through the New Methods of Celestial Mechanics
Alain Chenciner

12. Porcupine-Like Horseshoes: Topological and Ergodic Aspects
L. J. Díaz, K. Gelfert

13. Planar Filippov Systems with Maximal Crossing Set and Piecewise Linear Focus Dynamics
Emilio Freire, Enrique Ponce, Francisco Torres

14. Some Applications of the Extended Bendixson-Dulac Theorem
Armengol Gasull, Hector Giacomini

15. On Solutions of Zero Exponential Type for Some Inhomogeneous Differential-Difference Equations in a Banach Space
Sergey Gefter, Tetyana Stulova

16. Homoclinic Solutions to Infinity and Oscillatory Motions in the Restricted Planar Circular Three Body Problem
Marcel Guardia, Pau Martín, Tere M. Seara

17. Partial Symmetry Breaking and Heteroclinic Tangencies
Isabel S. Labouriau, Alexandre A. P. Rodrigues

18. Finding Periodic Orbits in the Hindmarsh-Rose Neuron Model
M. Angeles Martínez, Roberto Barrio, Sergio Serrano

19. Realization Problems in the Theory of Foliations
Daniel Peralta-Salas

20. A Hopf-Zero Degenerated Case in Symmetric Piecewise Linear Systems
Enrique Ponce, Javier Ros, Elísabet Vela

21. The Focus-Center-Limit Cycle Bifurcation in Discontinuous Planar Piecewise Linear Systems Without Sliding
Enrique Ponce, Javier Ros, Elísabet Vela

22. Piecewise Linear Bidimensional Maps as Models of Return Maps for 3D Diffeomorphisms
A. Pumariño, J. A. Rodríguez, J. C. Tatjer, E. Vigil

23. Practical Stability Domains Near L
4,5 in the Restricted Three-Body Problem: Some Preliminary Facts
C. Simó, P. Sousa-Silva, M. Terra

24. A Physical Dissipative System with a Poincaré Homoclinic Figure-Eight
C. Simó, A. Vieiro

25. Generalizing the May-Leonard System to Any Number of Species
Genaro Vega, Santiago López Medrano

Keywords: Mathematics, Difference and Functional Equations, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Ordinary Differential Equations, Applications of Mathematics, Systems Theory, Control, Mathematical and Computational Biology

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
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26 pages
Natural Sciences

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