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Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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Table of contents

1. Linking Business and Society: An Overview
René Schmidpeter, Christina Weidinger

Part I. Sustainability, Innovation and Society

2. Sustainability: The Concept for Modern Society
Franz Fischler

3. Sustainability: Challenges for the Future
Estelle L. A. Herlyn, Franz Josef Radermacher

4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Invisible Cycle
Robert B. Rosenfeld

5. Sustainability: Ethical Perspectives
Clemens Sedmak

6. International Perspective on Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Liangrong Zu

Part II. Business Related Concepts

7. Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A Driver for Social Innovation
Thomas Osburg

8. Entrepreneurship: Introducing Shared Innovation into the Business Model
Bradley Googins, Manuel Escudero

9. The Evolution of CSR from Compliance to Sustainable Entrepreneurship
René Schmidpeter

10. Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Next Stage of Responsible Business
Mara Baldo

11. Opening the Door to Opportunities: How to Design CR Strategies that Optimize Impact for Business and Society
Michael Fürst

Part III. Implementation and Instruments

12. Embedding Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Companies: The Eternal Internal Challenge
Aileen Ionescu-Somers

13. Fostering Sustainable Innovation Within Organizations
Peter Vogel, Ursula Fischler-Strasak

14. Corporate Capability Management: Collective Intelligence in Use for Improvement on a Company’s Sustainability, Innovativeness and Competiveness
Daniel Velásquez Norrman, Martin Riester, Wilfried Sihn

15. Greening the Bottom Line
Marc R. Pacheco

16. Sustainability Reporting: A Challenge Worthwhile
Matthias S. Fifka

Part IV. Statements

17. Plant-for-the-Planet: A Worldwide Children’s and Youth Movement
Felix Finkbeiner

18. Doing Sustainable Business Through a Strong Set of Values
Walter Rothensteiner

19. Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Europe Should Market Its Expertise Better
Markus J. Beyrer

20. Sustainability and SMEs: The Next Steps
Almgren Gunilla

21. CSR Europe: Sustainability and Business
Stefan Crets

22. Future-Oriented Actions
Jakob Uexkull

23. We Are Living Beyond Our Means
Claudia Kemfert

24. Responsible Entrepreneurship
Katherina Reiche

Part V. Looking Ahead

25. We Have to Embed Egoism
Ernst Ulrich Weizsäcker

26. Business Success Through Sustainability
Christina Weidinger

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Non-Profit Enterprises/Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Management, Business Strategy/Leadership, Sustainable Development

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CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance
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23 pages

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