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The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

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Table of contents

1. A Study of Research and Application of Credit Scoring Model Based on Probit Model
Da Ren, Maodong Hou, Huan Li

2. A Study on the Impact of Cash Dividend Distribution on Earnings Persistence of Listed Company
Zhi-jian Zeng, Wei-yi Yang, Chang-qing Luo

3. A Study on the Stock Price Effect of Convertible Bonds Redemption
Chi Xie, Liang-jing Guo, Chang-qing Luo

4. Auditor Industry Specialization, Analysts Following and Financing Constrains
Heng-gao Tang, Tao-ying Peng

5. Bank Debt, Growth Opportunities and Corporate Investment Behavior
Gong-rong Chen, Cong-min Ding, Cheng-yin Zheng

6. Comparative Study of Our Commercial Banks’ Efficiency
Hai-qing Yu

7. Comparative Study of the Executive Compensation Validity Between the Entity Economy and Virtual Economy Listed Company
Kun Zhang, Ming-yue Cui

8. Corporate Finances and Investor Relations Management: Empirical Evidence from the Chinese Listed Companies
Zhong-xin Wu, Yi-zhou Liu

9. Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Informed Trading on Chinese Open Fund Performance
Lei Xia, Cui-cui Liu, Li-li Qing

10. Empirical Research of the Relevance among Analysts Coverage, Institutional Environment and Earnings Management
Bo Xu, Kai Li, Wei Zhang

11. Fair Value Accounting Estimate: Theoretical Analysis
Yun Yu

12. Macroeconomic Condition, Firm’s Financial Characteristics and Capital Structure Dynamic Adjustment
Zhi-xiong Ling, Ya-wei Lin

13. Private Placement Discount of Chinese Listed Companies Based on the Perspective of the Investors’ Sentiment
Jun Yu, Zhu-bao Wei, Shu-zhen Wang, Jing Tang

14. Private Placement Under the Control of Large Shareholders and Long-Run Stock-Price Performance
Fang-Fei Ding, Ting-Yu Gao

15. Research on Pricing Mechanism of Mergers and Acquisitions
Wei Liu

16. Research on the Influence of FDI on Improving Technological Progress of China’s Western Region
Hai-bing Wu, Yan-qiong Zhou, Hua Li

17. Research on the Listed Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies Performance Evaluation System
Zhi-yi Long, Jing-meng Mao

18. Research on the Principal-Agent and Game Theory of Logistics Finance Oriented to the Financial Institution
Peng-fei Li, Li-jie Feng, Yao-hui Li

19. Studies of CSI-300 Index Futures Volatility on Garch Models and CARR Models
Sulin Zhang

20. Study on Finance Contributions and Efficiencies Comparations and Market Position of Credit Guarantee Organizations
Xue-zhou Wen, Jin-wen Zhang

21. Study on Financial Reporting Quality Which is Affected by Subordinate Modes of Internal Audit in IPO Companies
Tao-ying Peng, Xin Liu

22. Study on the Traditional Pricing Model of Convertible Bonds
You-zhi Zeng

23. The Analysis of China’s Medium Commercial Bank Financing Activity
Yong-gang Ye, Xi-yu Liu

24. The Balanced Scorecard Application in Performance Evaluation of H Equity Fund Company
Wei Zhang, Yu Zhang, Yong-jun He

25. The Determinants of Shareholder Value Efficiency in Chinese Commercial Banks
Chun-hong Zhao, Yi-yong Xu

26. The Empirical Research of the Relationship on Underlying Stock Volatility Before and After Convertible Bonds Issue in China
You-zhi Zeng

27. The Empirical Study on the Correlation between Equity Incentive and Enterprise Performance for Listed Companies
Xiao-feng Hui, Shan-shan Zou

28. The Impact of Information Asymmetry on Liquidity Basing on the MEM Model
Hua Guo, Yang Liu

29. The Implied Cost of Capital: Based on Chinese Listed Companies
Hui-guo Sun

30. The Influence of Corporate Governance and Independent Audit on the Cost of Debt
Biao Yu, Tao-ying Peng, Xin Liu

31. The Engineering of Mechanism Between China’s Economic Transformation and Capital Market Development
Mao-wei Xu

32. The Reform of IPO Bookbuilding Mechanism and IPO Anomalies in China Stock Market: Evidence from the Bidding of Institutional Investors
Hong-hai Yu

33. The Relation Between Earnings Management and Internal Control Information Disclosure: Evidences from Listed Companies in China
Jing-ri He, Jia Wang

34. The Requirements of Fair Value Measurement on Market Environment
Fang Liu

35. The Study on Non-linear Relationship Between Shareholding Ratio of the Largest Shareholder and Corporate Performance
Ji-xiao Xu, Wen Gu, Bo Gu

36. Trading Volume Movement Versus Price Change: The Volume Shock Around Earning Announcement in Chinese Stock Market
Hong-ru Wu

37. An Analysis of TNCs’ Investment Motives and Their Impact on Host Countries’ Industrial Security
Xian-yong Zheng, Chun Hu

38. A Multiperspective Analysis of Housing Consumption Selection Behavior Based on Cognitive Process
Xiao-jun Wen, Bo Wang, Ai-bin Liu

39. An Analysis of the Dilemma in Offering Incentive to Mine Operators and Selection of the Ways to Its Solution
Nai-wen Li, Li-rong Zhou

40. Cultural Incompatibility Influences Psychological Reactions in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: The Moderating Role of Multicultural Orientation
Jing Shi, Hua-jian Cai

41. Examining Satisfaction Paradox of Industrial Behavior: Case of High-tech Firms Using Air Express
Ming-Chih Tsai, Chih-Wen Yang, Che-Yu Cheng

42. Human Resource Development of Chinese Rural Women in E-business
Pei Jiao

43. Human Resource Flexibility and Firm Performance in China
Qing-hui Xue, Ling Xu

44. Research on Knowledge Worker Incentive Factors
Xin Wang, Zai-Sheng Zhang

45. Research on Mechanism of Capturing of Customers’ Requirements in Process of Concept Design
Hong-bo Shan, Hong-li Zhou, Bin Ge, Hai-yan Yu, Zhi-hong Sun

46. Research on the Incentive Mechanism of the State-Owned Coal Enterprise Managers Based on the Principal-Agent Theory
Ai-yun Xing, Guo-hui Wang

47. Study on Human Resource Capacity of the New Generation of Peasant Workers: The Empirical Research of Central Six Provinces Based on SEM
Xin-jie Li, Ze-hou Sun

48. The Challenges and the Countermeasures to Human Resource Management through Flattening Organizational Structure
Xiao-ming Li, Jing-liang Chen

49. The Effects of International Intelligence Outflow on Human Capital Levels of Mother Countries
Ping Li, Li-na Yang

50. The Knowledge Deficit Economic Analysis of the Women in Rural Areas
Ju-ling Qiao, Li-juan Xin, Juan Wang

51. An Empirical Study on Relationship Between Diversification Strategy and Research and Development Investment
Yu-feng Wang, Fan Yang

52. An Empirical Study on the Endogeneity of Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Firm Performance
Xiao-chun Lan, Tie-nan Zhang

53. Government Intervention, Ownership Structure and Diversification
Zhi-xiong Ling, Zhu-yun Zheng

54. Leadership Skills Training Model of NGO Executive Leaders Based on the Lifecycle Theory
Lai-bin Wang

55. Linking Paternalistic Leadership and Organizational Creativity: A Multilevel Model
Bozhang Ge

56. Organizational Innovation Climate and Performance: Based on the Intermediation of Innovative Behavior
Hong Zhao

57. Organizational Learning, Ambidexterity, and Firm Performance
Jun Zhou, Qiu-zhi Xue

58. Research on ERP Customer Capability Maturity Model Based on PEMM
Zhen-zhen Liu, Hao-yu Wen

59. Research on Selection of Enterprise Management-Control Model Based on Mahalanobis Distance
Wei Guo, Rui-zhi Yin, Gang Li, Nan Zhao

60. The Evaluation of Employee on Enterprise Restructuring in China
Ming-ming Peng, Han-min Liu

61. The Research on the Relationship Between Servant Leadership and Knowledge Team Performance
Ya-bo Li, Na-na Han

62. Small and Medium-Sized Textile Enterprise Employee Turnover Motivation Research
Xiao-dong Li, Xi-yuan Li

63. Study on the Characteristics of Fund Managers and the Impacts on Fund Performance in China
Tiao-yan Hui, Yun Chang

64. Study on Internship Employee Performance Evaluation Based on the Gray Correlation Analysis and Analytic Hierarchy Process
Ze-hong Li, Meng-zhu Chen

65. Customer Engagement Behavior: A New Perspective in CRM
Chun-yu Gao, Ming-liang Chen

66. Development and Revelation of Leadership Trait Theory
Yu-fang Chao, Xue-fei Chang

67. Study on Theory Framework of Enterprise Strategic Motivation
Tong-ai Du

68. The Research of the Knowledge Worker Incentive Strategy Based on Human Capital Characteristics
Nai-wen Li, Meng-hong Xu

69. Study on CDIO Talents Training Mode of Industrial Engineering
Xiu-ju Lan, Yan Zhan, Ying-de Li, Jian-sha Lu

70. Study on Limited Partnership Based on an Analysis of Incentive Mechanism Model of Venture Capitalist
Tian-jia Wang, Ya-na Chen

71. Analysis of Losing Talents and Incentive Theory in Economics: Shenhuo Group in Henan as an Example
Shuo Hao, Wei-min Cai

72. Enterprise Compensation Incentive Theory on Principle-Agent Relation
Huo-bao Xie, Chun-yan Chen

73. Different Paths Different Effects: Testing the Relationship Between Team Task Conflict and Team Creativity
Ming-jian Zhou, Hai-bo Pan

74. Organizational Routines and Organizational Performance Feedback
Dong-hong Hu

75. Corporate Entrepreneurship: Constructs and Research Focuses
Qi-lu Fang

76. Study on the Relationship Between the Executive Incentives and Business Performance in Listed Companies of Manufacturing Industry
Xiao-xuan Kou, Ao-bo Dong, Lei Zhang

77. A Review of Institutional Theory and Entrepreneurship
Hao-zhe Chen

78. Analysis of Industrial Engineering in South China University of Technology
Jian-jun Yu, Wen-hui Zhou, Yu-ting Shu

79. New Media: A Rising Way for Public Involvement in China Based on Case Study
Chun Li

80. Balanced Scorecard of Manufacturing Enterprises Based on Flexible Strategy
Ying-ban He, Bo Wang

81. Enterprise Human Resource Matching Model Based on Job Analysis and Quality Assessment
Shao-hui Yun

82. The Initial Research on the Governance of Chinese Football Environment
Yue Li, Yu-hua Wu

83. Study on the Performance Evaluation of the Parent-Subsidiary Corporation’s Financial Management and Control
Xi Zhao, Guo-hong Li, Jia-yin Liu, Hang Xu

84. A Research on Innovation and Development of Ethnic Tourism Service Products Based on the Theory of Industrial Engineering: A Case Study in Brocade of Hainan Li Nationality
Xiaohuai Wu, Yan Li, Liwei Zhang, Kunlong Wang

85. A Study of Performance Evaluation on Facility Management of City Integrated Transport Hub
Gao-feng Luo, Hong Ke

86. An Empirical Study on Consumer Satisfaction with Community Commerce: Taking Hangzhou as an Example
Biao Nie, Xu-feng Shu, Jia-jia Zuo

87. Analysis on Core Antecedents of Customers’ Purchasing Attitude of Products with After-Sales Service
Bei Zhao, He-lin Wei

88. Analysis of Patient Flow in Emergency Department Based on Markov Chain
Ting Zhu, Xin-li Zhang, Li Luo, Ying-kang Shi, Yu Cao

89. Analysis of Risk Assessment and Risk Management for Power Generation Enterprise
Lu-ming Yan

90. Application of ISM in Influence Factors of Human Resource Training Effects of Transportation Enterprises
Tian-bo Li, Shu-dong Li

91. Application of LibQUAL+TM and FAHP on Public Library Service Quality Evaluation
Xiao-qing Li, Jing-zhong Yang

92. Conceptualizing the Chinese Consumer’s Self-Concept
Wei-hong Zhao, Hai-qing Zhu

93. Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Structure Dimensions About Service Employees’ Innovation Behavior
Xia Li

94. Evaluation and Analysis of Competitiveness in Market Industry
Yong Cui, Yuan-sheng Huang, Xin-bo Dai

95. Farmer Cooperatives as the Mainstay on Safety of Agricultural Products in China
Guo-Ming Han, He Wang

96. Genetic Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problem with Recourse Cost Model
Jun-qi Chen, Tomohiro Murata

97. Optimal Reliability, Warranty Length, Price and Service Quality for Repeat Purchase Products
Xuan Wang, Liwen Liu

98. Power Supply Enterprise Human Resources Management Ability Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Based on ANP
Yi-ming Zhao

99. QoS-Driven Dynamic Pricing Mechanism of SaaS in Cloud Services
Gang Nan, Ya-min Wang

100. Research on the Mechanism of Energy Service Outsourcing Vendors Trust in ESCOs
Yu-lu Wang, Xiao-hong Zhang

101. Research on Indicator System of Risk Early-Warning in ITO

Zhuo Shi, Yu-jie Huang, Xiao-lan Cui

102. Research on Innovation Path of Rural Tourism Based on the Innovation Theory: Taking Chongqing as an Example
Li Li, Xue-jun Chen

103. Service Capability: Capability Quality and Capability Process
Xi-qiu Wang, Can Li

104. The Empirical Research of Urbanization Level Measure from the Spatial Economics: On the Data of Henan Province
Li-ping Fu, Jun-hui Li, Yong-jun He

105. Would Stress Always Lead to Bad Outcome? The Differentiation of Job Stress and Mediating Effects of Job Engagement
Steven Ji-fan Ren, Cai-hong Hu, Ping Xie

106. Under the Macro-Control of the Relationship Between Supply and Demand in the Residential Market Study: In the Case of Xi’an
Yan-wei Zhang, Jian-ping Yang

107. Research on Employment Ability Evaluation of Graduates
Xiao-nan Ma, Ye Sun

108. An Empirical Study of the Influence Factors of Infrastructure Investment on Promoting Private Investment: Based on the Empirical Data of Jiangsu Province from 1990 to 2011
Guo-qing Han, Hui Wang

109. A Study on the Satisfaction of Training Program for S&T Talents Based on Modified IPA
Qi Zhang, Qiu-ping Wang, Yi-kai Wang

110. A Configuration Strategy for Emergency Medical Supplies in Earthquake Disaster
Xue-dong Liang, Rong Huang, Ying-kang Shi, Lei Xie, Jian Liu

111. Analyst Coverage and Earnings Management: Evidence from China
Zhao-hua Lan, Su-sheng Wang, Tao Yu, Zhen Yu

112. Research on the Competitive Dimension of Travel Agencies Based on the Marketing Dynamic Capabilities Theory
Na Han, Jian Li, Jian-mei Liu

113. Diamond Model of Cultural Theme Blocks Operation: Taking “Nanjing 1912” as an Example
Xiao-hu Zhou, Hai-long Jiao, Zhong-jin Zhang, Yun-qin Chen

114. Formation and Transcendence: Institutional Change from Moral Autonomy to Heteronomy
Yi-fang Li

115. Empirical Study on Social Responsibility Evaluation of Listed Hotels Based on Set Pair Analysis
Zhong Wang, Lan Hu, Ying-wen Deng

116. A Study of Coping Strategies in Emergencies with Group Panic in Large Public Places
Han Wang, Yue-ning Bai, Chun-dong Zheng, Xiao-liang Li

117. Cloud Service Model for Safety Monitoring and Assessment of Oil and Gas Pipelines
Si-jian Lin, Xiao-lie Liao, Wei Long, Jun-bi Liao

118. Research of Human–Machine Collaborative Emergency Management in Major Transport Hub of China
Chun-dong Zheng, Hai-xin Qi, Xiao-liang Li, Ya-dong Qiu

119. The Analysis of Parking Problems at Huaxi Hospital
Xue-dong Liang, Chao Ji, Qi-gang Ran, Li Liu

120. A Comparative Study on Industrial Promoting Policies of China’s Service Outsourcing Model Cities
Jun-wu Dong, Wei-jin He

121. A Study on the Continuous Improvement of Hotel Service Quality Based on the PDCA Cycle
Guo-xia Sun

122. Implementation of Six Sigma to Service Quality Management in Auto After-Sale
Xiang-ping Bo, Yi-yi Wang, Jun-fang Zou

123. Trust Evaluation in Cloud Manufacturing Environment
Lu Gao, Quan Liu, Ping Lou

124. The Exploration of the Influencing Factors of Impulsive Purchasing and the Construction of the Model: On the Basis of the Researches of Cultural Difference and Mental Accounting
Jun-feng Liao, Xun-qi Liu, Xi-chen Dong

125. Study on Airport CRM Strategy and Tactics in Detainment
Qing-song Zhang, Yi-nan Yang, Li Li

126. Research into Consumers’ User Acceptance Willingness of Mobile Advertising
Zhong He, Xia Chen, Ting-jie Lv

127. Does Organizational Injustice Lead to Unethical Behavior in Workplace? The Moderating Effect of Guanxi
Ya-li Tan

128. The Empirical Research about the Effects of Consumption Experience on Word-of-Mouth Intention
Bao-ku Li, Jin-zhi Jiang

129. A Systematic Analysis on the Sustainable Development of Tourism Industry Cluster: Take Hainan Province as an Example
Xiao-mei Qi, Li-jun Hu

130. Research on Dispatched Employees’ Voluntary Turnover in Electronics Industry
Xu-tao Zhang, Zhen He, Yun-na Liu, Yun Wang

131. The Design and Realization of VB Excellent Course Website
Xiu-ying Wang, Yu-min Sui, Ming-hua Liu

132. VIKOR with Fuzzy TOPSIS Techniques to Investigate Nurses’ Competency in Different Job Characteristics
Ying-chyi Chou, C. H. Lu, C. C. Sun

133. Health Promotion Activities for Professional and Technical Workers in the Beauty Service Industry: Beauty Franchise Stores in Taipei as Case Study
Hsiu-chuan Chiu, Chien-pei Ko

134. The Construction and Evaluation of Consistency Between Compensation Management and Strategy
Gang Du, You-min Gao, Xiao-diao Wu, Jing Sun

135. Brand Credit Degree, Choice Cost and Sales Model Building
Wei-liang Li, Hui Wang

136. Product Platform Design Services Architecture and Key Technologies Based on Cloud Computing
Hai Ji, Qian-jin Yang, Xin-min Han

137. Research on ERP and PLM Integration Based on R&D Project Management
Xu Zhao, Kai-chao Yu

138. Research and Application of General Collision Detection Simulation Platform
L. Zeng, T. Ning, P. Xi

139. Resource Productivity in Tianjin Based on Ecological Footprint
Jian Li, Zhe Pan

140. Research on Operation Mode of Green ERP Based on Multilife Cycle
Yong Ren, Min Zhou, Yan-xia Chen, Hua Zhang

141. Development of Automatic Downloads System for Slub Yarn Parameters Based on MODBUS/TCP
Yue-gang Liu, Chong-qi Ma, Han-ming Lv

142. The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Innovation Performance of Subordinates: Psychological Capital as Mediator
Jiang-lin Ke, Han-xi Zhang, Rui Sun, Hang Zhang

143. The Research of “Crossover” Marketing Strategy
Xiao-feng Ji, Hai-na Shen

144. Research the Discipline Construction and Reform of Packaging Engineering Based on the Complete Packaging Solutions
Ying-zhe Xiao, Xi-hai Hao, De-jian Zhao

145. Negative Information Communication: What Can Leaders Do
Qiong Bu, Steven Ji-fan Ren, Ming-jian Zhou

146. Product Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Efficiency Assessment
Yu-hua Cao, Guo-zhang Chen, Guo-ning Qi, Xin-jian Gu, Hong-guang Peng

147. Municipal Solid Waste Characteristics and Management in Kolkata, India
Swapan Das, Bidyut Kr. Bhattacharyya

148. Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Energy Intensity
Yong Yang

149. Study on Development Model of Ecological Economy in Shiyang River Basin
Hui Ding, Hui-chun Shi

150. The Study on Public Participation in Environmental Protection
Xiao-liang Xu, Xue-fen Xu

151. Erratum to: The Research of “Crossover” Marketing Strategy
Xiao-fen Ji, Hai-na Shen

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Economics/Management Science, general

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