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The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

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Table of contents

1. A Bayesian Learning Approach for Making Procurement Policies Under Price Uncertainty
Zhi-xue Xie, Li Zheng

2. A Class of Robust Solution for Linear Bilevel Programming
Bo Liu, Bo Li, Yan Li

3. A Comparison of the Modified Likelihood-Ratio-Test-Based Shewhart and EWMA Control Charts for Monitoring Binary Profiles
Chao Yin, Yihai He, Zhen Shen, Chun-hui Wu

4. A Decision-Making Model of Price Control for Administering Authority
Chong-yi Jing

5. A Method for Multiple Attribute Decision Making without Weight Information but with Preference Information on Alternatives
Yun-fei Li

6. A Prediction of the Container Throughput of Jiujiang Port Based on Grey System Theory
Yan Du

7. A Rapid Data Processing and Assessing Model for “Scenario-Response” Types Natural Disaster Emergency Alternatives
Daji Ergu, Gang Kou, Yong Zhang

8. A Research on Value of Individual Human Capital of High-Tech Enterprises Based on the BP Neural Network Algorithm
Xiu-fen Li, Ping Zhang

9. A Stochastic Programming Model for Evaluating Real Options in Wind Power Investment Projects
Han Qin, L. K. Chu

10. Action Recognition Based on Hierarchical Model
Yang-yang Wang, Yang Liu, Jin Xu

11. Adaptive Ant Colony Algorithm Researching in Cloud Computing Routing Resource Scheduling
Zhi-gao Chen

12. An Empirical Analysis on Guangdong Industrial Energy Intensity Based on Panel Data
Xin-dong Hao

13. An Empirical Research on the Ability of Sustainable Development for Coal Resource Exhausted Cities
Bing Zhang

14. An Extensive Innovation Procedure to Quality Function Deployment for Product Design
Chang-tzuoh Wu, Jyh-rong Chou, Chang-shiann Wu

15. Analysis on Grey Relation of Labor Export Mechanism’s Influence Factors in Poverty-Stricken Areas
Shan-ping Wang, Yi Zhou

16. Analysis on Trend of Research and Development Intensity in China
Bin Huang, Lu-cheng Huang

17. Application of IE Method in Modern Agro-Ecological Park Planning
Li Yue

18. Application of Improved Grey Prediction Model for Chinese Petroleum Consumption
Ying Ma, Meng Sun

19. Applying an Integrated SOM Model on Studying Corporate Governance Data
Jen-Ying Shih

20. Applying Constraint Satisfaction Methods in Four-Bar Linkage Design
Gang Chen

21. Appraisal of Estate Enterprise’s Social Responsibility Based on ANP and Fuzzy Theory
Chun-hua Wu

22. Bottleneck Detection Method Based on Production Line Information for Semiconductor Manufacturing System
Xiao-yu Yu, Fei Qiao, Yu-min Ma

23. Clinical Decision Support Model of Heart Disease Diagnosis Based on Bayesian Networks and Case-Based Reasoning
Man Xu, Jiang Shen

24. Construction of Project Management Classification Frame and Classification Controlling Model Based on Project Portfolio
Chao Yang, Fa-jie Wei

25. Product Material Combination Image Method Based on GEP
Ke Su, Sheng-li Kong

26. D2-Index: A Dynamic Index Method for Querying XML and Semi-Structured Data
Yin Zhang, Hua Zhou, Zhi-hong Liang, Jun-hui Liu, Yun Liao, Peng Duan, Zhen-li He

27. Data Preprocessing in Web Usage Mining
Xiang-ying Li

28. Design Knowledge Reduction Approach Based on Rough Sets of HCI
Qing Xue, Qi-qi Yin, Li-ying Feng, Min-xia Liu

29. Diagnostic Testing and Analysis of CAN Data Bus Based on the Sagitar Power Transmission System
Wen Fang

30. Effectiveness to Driving by Interbeds in Channel Sand of River Delta System
Lun Zhao, Shu-qin Wang, Zi-fei Fan, Lei Zhang, Ben-wei Li

31. Effectiveness Valuation of Electronic Countermeasure on Ground Air Defense and Anti-missile
Yong-ling Yan, Zhi-feng Zhang, Qing-bo Zhang, Tao Dong

32. Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: Cointegration and Granger Causality Test
Jing-wei Liang, Zhou Liu

33. Estimation of Lead Time in the RFID-Enabled Real-Time Shopfloor Production with a Data Mining Model
Ray Y. Zhong, George Q. Huang, Qing-yun Dai, Tao Zhang

34. Evaluation of Green Residence Using Integrated Structural Equation Model with Fuzzy Theory
Michael H. Hu, M. Y. Ku, C. K. Liao, P. Y. Ding

35. Evaluation of Population Age Structure Model Using Grey Clustering Theory
Bao-ping Chen

36. Evaluation of Recycle Level of Qaidam Salt Lake Circular Economy with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy Measures
Fei Feng, Yu Liu, Jian Zhang, Nan Wang, Xiao-hui Xing

37. Evolution Analysis of Standardization Production Behavior in GI Agricultural Product Enterprise Cluster
Zhi-fang Li, Tong Chen

38. Forecasting of Vehicle Capacity Based on BP Neural Network
Ya-qin An, Ya-jun Wang, Wen-wei Gao

39. Fuzzy Data Mining with TOPSIS for Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making Problems
Chin-yao Low, Sung-nung Lin

40. Knowledge Discovery from Granule Features Mining
Jian-hong Luo, Xi-yong Zhu, Xiao-jun Wang

41. Multivariable Forecasting Model Based on Trend Grey Correlation Degree and its Application
Li-ping Fu, Lu-yu Wang, Juan Han

42. Partner Selection About the PPP Reclaimed Water Project Based on Extension Evaluation Method
Xu-kuo Gao, Xiao-hu Chen

43. Personnel BDAR Ability Assessment Model Based on Bayesian Stochastic Assessment Method
Zhi-feng You, Tian-bin Liu, Ning Ding, Kai-xuan Cui

44. Power Control of Cellular System in CDMA Technology Integrated with SIC
Pan-dong Zhang, Juan-juan Min

45. Research of Embedded Intelligent Decision Support System for Natural Disasters
Jiang Shen, Tao Li, Man Xu

46. Research on Classifying Interim Products in Ship Manufacturing Based on Clustering Algorithm
Lin Gong, Yan Song, Hao Lin, Zi-xu Chen

47. Research on Financial Accounting Information Disclosure of China’s Social Security Fund Based on Game Analysis
Sha-sha Dai, Ke Pan, Yuan-yuan Dai

48. Research on the Multi-Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Double FPGA
Xu-dong Liu

49. A Study of the Effect of Xi’an Subway on the Rent of Office Building
Ying Wang, Wen-jia Wei

50. Urban–Rural Income Gap in China: Evolutionary Trend and Influencing Factors
Cun-gui Li

51. Sensitivity Analysis on Optimized Sampling for Sealing Performance of GVTP
Long Yu, Shu-rong Yu, Wen-li Yang

52. Study on Application of Logistic Curve Fitting and Forecast from Inbound Tourist Market
Wei-qi Tan

53. Study on Decision Mechanism Choosing by Cost Model for Projectized Organization
Hua-ming Zhang

54. Study on Impact of Investor’s Herd Behavior on Corporation Investment Behavior
Hai-ming Wang, De-ming Zeng

55. Study on the Evaluation Framework of Enterprise Informationization
Qing-wen Yuan, Shu-wei Yu, Yuan-yuan Huo, Dan Li

56. Supplier Selection Model Based on the Interval Grey Number
Zhi-yong Zhang, Sheng Wu

57. The Accuracy Improvement of Numerical Conformal Mapping Using the Modified Gram-Schmidt Method
Yi-bin Lu, De-an Wu, Ying-zi Wang, Sha-sha Zheng

58. The Application of AHP in Biotechnology Industry with ERP KSF Implementation
Ming-Lang Wang, H. F. Lin, K. W. Wang

59. Application of Gray Correlation Method in the Employment Analysis of Private Enterprises
Bao-ping Chen

60. The Design of Three-Dimensional Model for the Economic Evaluation of the Coal Enterprise Informationization
Qing-wen Yuan, Shu-wei Yu

61. The Effects Decomposition of Carbon Emission Changes and Countermeasures in Shandong Province: Based on De Bruyn’s Factors Decomposition Model
Guo-hua Wu, Jin-sheng Hou, Lin Wu

62. The Empirical Research of the Causality Relationship Between CO2 Emissions Intensity, Energy Consumption Structure, Energy Intensity and Industrial Structure in China
Tao Zhao, Xiao-song Ren

63. The Evaluation of China Construction Industry Sustainable Development on DEA Model
Peng-Yang Liu, Jian-Ping Yang, Fan-Fang Wen

64. The Prediction of Customer Retention Costs Based on Time Series Technique
Fan Yu, Ji-fang Yang, Ai-wu Cheng

65. The Research on the Location Selection of the Bank Outlets Based on Triangular Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
Yang Han, Fa-shan Dai

66. The Study of Sino-Russian Trade Forecasting Based on the Improved Grey Prediction Model
Zhen-zhong Zhang, Shuang Liu, Li-xia Tian

67. The Role of Preference and Emotion in Environmental Risk Perception
Charlene Xie, Yang Liu, Shengxiang She, Dixi Song

68. The Model Research on Risk Control
Qing-hai Zhang

69. TOPSIS Based Power-Saving Plans Choice for Manufacturing Enterprise
Dong-sheng Wang, Kuan-ming Zheng

70. Research on Central Control DDSS System for Fund Portfolio Management
Cheng Hu, Er-shi Qi

71. The Evaluation and Application of Residential Structure System Based on Matter-Element Model
Sen Yu, Xiang-ju Liu

72. Logistic Financial Crisis Early-Warning Model Subjoining Nonfinancial Indexes for Listed Companies
Shao-fang Ding, Ying-chao Hou, Pei-pei Hou

73. Evaluation Research on Logistics Development of the Yangtze River Port Based on the Principal Component Analysis
Gao Fei

74. A Game Analysis of New Technical Equipment Procurement
Ai-hua Zhang, Zhi-wei Yang, Qiong Zhang, Hong-wei Fu

75. Constructing Performance Measurement Indicators in the Government’ Information Unit in Taiwan: Using Balanced Scorecard and Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
Yi-Hui Liang

76. A Decision Model and Its Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem to Meet Emergencies
Xing Liu, Min Zhong, Ya-hong Ma

77. A Solution to Optimize Enterprise Business and Operation Process
Xue-wu Chang, Xiao-yuan Ji, Jian-xin Zhou

78. An Approach with Nested Partition for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
Zhen-yuan Liu, Wen-min Yu

79. An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach for Computing Base Stock Levels
Hong-zhi He

80. An Inventory Model Considering Credit Cost and Demand Rate Varying with Credit Value
Zi-quan Long, Ran Gao

81. An M/M/1 Queue System with Single Working Vacation and Impatient Customers
Xiao-ming Yu, De-an Wu, Lei Wu, Yi-bing Lu, Jiang-yan Peng

82. Analysis of Bank Queueing Based on Operations Research
Liang Li, Jia-lin Wu, Jin-xiang Ding

83. Application of DEA-Malmquist Index in Analyzing Chinese Banking’s Efficiency
Man Ding, Chao-qun Ma, Zhong-bao Zhou, Wen-bin Liu

84. The Improvement on R. G. Bland’s Method
Yu-bo Liao

85. Influence Mechanism of Lean Production to Manufacturing Enterprises’ Competitiveness
Hong-liang Zhang, Zhan-wen Niu

86. Mobile Device User Research in Different Usage Situation
Wei Liu, Jiu-zhou Li

87. Optimal Enterprise Cash Management Under Uncertainty
Xiao-yun Wei, Li-yan Han

88. Problem Analysis and Optimizing of Setting Service Desks in Supermarket Based on M/M/C Queuing System
Chun-feng Chai

89. Proposed a Novel Group Scheduling Problem in a Cellular Manufacturing System
Y. Gholipour-Kanani, N. Aghajani, R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, S. Sadinejad

90. Regional Eco-Environment Optimization Based on Multiple Parallel Sub-Systems’ Efficiency
Li Wang, Ning Li

91. Research on Brand Strategy to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Xin-zhu Li

92. Research on Information Mining About Priority Weight of Linguistic Judgment Matrix
Cai-feng Li

93. Research on the Project Hierarchy Scheduling for Domestic Automobile Industry
Peng Jia, Qi Gao, Zai-ming Jia, Hui Hou, Yun Wang

94. SVM-Based Multi-Sensor Information Fusion Technology Research in the Diesel Engine Fault Diagnosis
Jian-xin Lv, Jia Jia, Chun-ming Zhang

95. The Purchase House Choice Research Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
Zhi-hong Sun, Lu Pan, Yan-yan Wang, Da-hu Zhang

96. The Relations Tracking Method of Establishing Reachable Matrix in ISM
Xue-feng He, Yue-wu Jing

97. The Selection of the Regional Center City Under the Policy of Expanding Domestic Demand
Jian-wei Cheng, Juan Shang

98. A Research on Mine Pressure Monitoring Data Analysis and Forecast Expert System of Fully Mechanized Coal Face
Hong-bing Qiao, Hai-long Xu, Ao-shuang Pang, Chang-dong Zhou, Yi-lun Wang

99. The U-Shaped Relationship Between Corporate Social Disclosure and Corporate Performance: Evidence from Taiwan’s Electronics Industry
Chin-Shien Lin, Ruei-Yuan Chang, Van Thac Dang

100. Empirical Study on the Five-Dimensional Influencing Factors of Entrepreneurial Performance
Xin Lan

101. A Multistart Local Search Heuristic for Knapsack Problem
Geng Lin

102. Heterogeneity of Institutional Investors and Investment Effects: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Securities Market
Ying Jin

103. Integer Linear Programming Model and Greedy Algorithm for Camping Along the Big Long River Problem
Zhen-ping Li, Xiao-dong Huang

104. Research on End Distribution Path Problem of Dairy Cold Chain
Zhen-ping Li, Shan Wang

105. Improved Evolutionary Strategy Genetic Algorithm for Nonlinear Programming Problems
Hui-xia Zhu, Fu-lin Wang, Wen-tao Zhang, Qian-ting Li

106. Simulation and Optimization of a Kind of Manufacturing and Packing Processes
Chun-you Li

107. Equilibrium and Optimization to the Unequal Game of Capital-Labor Interest
Ming-liang Wang, Yu Lu

108. Innovative and Entrepreneurship Education in Underdeveloped Western Regions of China
Chang-jiang Lu, Yan Feng, De-wen Chen

109. Network-Based Optimal Design for International Shipping System
Er-shi Qi, Lian-yu Zhu, Meng-wei Yu

110. A Dynamic Analytic Approach to Study on the Interaction Between Product Innovation and Process Innovation of the Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises
Ting Wang, Ying Wang, Jing Liu, Yang Gao

111. A Multi-agent Simulation System Considering Psychological Stress for Fire Evacuation
Fan-xing Meng, Qin-lin Cai, Wei Zhang

112. A Multi-Granularity Model for Energy Consumption Simulation and Control of Discrete Manufacturing System
Jun-feng Wang, Shi-qi Li, Ji-hong Liu

113. Analysis on System Archetype of High College and University Competitiveness Based on Hierarchical Structure
Li-qing Li, Ying-ting Yu

114. Analysis on the Operation Effects of Logistics Park Based on BP Neural Network
Jun Luo

115. Application of Ant Colony Algorithm on Secondary Cooling Optimization of Continuous Slab
Ji-yun Li, Hong-xing Pei

116. Application of the Catastrophe Progression Method in Employment Options for Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
Qun Yuan, Ting Chen, Yang Gao

117. Cooperation Relationship Analysis of Research Teams Based on Social Network Analysis and Importance Measures
Zheng-sheng Han, Zhi-qiang Cai

118. Establishment of Construction Standard System Based on the Complex System Theory
Zhi Sun, Shou-jian Zhang

119. Location Selection of Coal Bunker Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Qing-an Cui, Jing-jing Shen

120. Mechanism of Firm’s Response to Innovation Policy in Industrial Cluster: Based on Echo Model
Yong-an Zhang, Chen-guang Li

121. Modeling and Simulation of Troubleshooting Process for Automobile Based on Petri Net and Flexsim
Wei-zhen Liao, Kai-hu Hou, Yu-jie Zheng, Xiao-ling He

122. Modeling and Simulation of Wartime Casualty Surgical Treatment
Kai Zhang, Rui-chang Wu, Yun-dou Wang, Xiao-feng Zhang, Hai-jian Du

123. Modeling of Shipboard Aircraft Operational Support Process Based on Hierarchical Timed Colored Petri-Net
Ting Wang, Bo-ping Xiao, Lin Ma, Yan-kun Tian

124. Modeling and Simulation of a Just-in-Time Flexible Manufacturing System Using Petri Nets
Yue Cui, Yan-hong Wang

125. Numerical Simulation of External-Compression Supersonic Inlet Flow Fields
Ping Wang, Hong-wei Wang, Si-dong Wei, Xue-shan Liu, Qing-guo Zhang, Xin Hua

126. Ontology-Based Multi-Enterprise Heterogeneous Model Fusion Method
Hong-xiu Wang

127. Outpatient Scheduling in Highly Constrained Environments: A Literature Review
Xiao-dan Wu, Mohammad T. Khasawneh, Juan Hao, Zhan-ting Gao

128. Realization of 3D Reconstruction of CAD Model Based on Slicing Data
Ming Li, Quan-qing Li

129. Recommender System Based “Scenario-Response” Types Post-Disaster Emergency Supplies Planning
Gang Kou, Xin Zhao, Daji Ergu

130. Research on the Simulation Case of Traffic Accident
Chao Wei, Xiang Gao, Miao-xin Nie

131. Regional Brand Development Model Under the Perspective of System Theory
Lai-bin Wang

132. Research on Bayesian Estimation of Time-Varying Delay
Meng Wang, Ying Liu, Ji-wang Zhang

133. Research on Design and Analysis Platform for Modular Spacecraft
Xiao-wen Zeng, Zhao-xia He, Hao Luo

134. Research on H-Point of Driver Based on Human Physical Dimensions of Chinese People
Lin-lin Sun, Fan-sen Kong, Duo-nian Yu, Bao Lan, Xiang-bei Wang

135. Research on Modeling Framework of Product Service System Based on Model Driven Architecture
Xin-zhi Zhao, Xin Cai

136. Research on the Civil Aircraft Customer Service System Simulation Based on SD Model
Jun Xu, Cui-xia Bi

137. Research on the Modeling Method of Wargaming for Equipment Support on Computer
Xiao-ming Du, Gui-qi Wang, Ping Gu, Lu Gao

138. Risk Sharing Proportion of Cooperation Between the Banks and Guarantee Agencies Based on Elman Neural Network
Jun Liang, Qiang Mei

139. Simulation Analysis on Effect of the Orifice on Injection Performance
Yu-lan Li, Xiang-bi An, Da-hai Jiang

140. Simulation and Optimization Analysis of a Wharf System Based on Flexsim
Na-qing Lin, Xiao-yan Zhai

141. Simulation Design of Piezoelectric Cantilever Beam Applied on Railway Track
Hui Zheng, Fengjing Zheng

142. Simulation of Scenic Spots Dynamic Pricing Based on Revenue Management
Zhi-ping Duan, Shu-lian Yang, Fu-ping Zhang

143. Study of Adaptive Noise Cancellation Controller
Cui-jian Zhao, Su-jing Sun

144. Study of Cost-Time-Quality in Project Failure Risk Assessment Based on Monte Carlo Simulation
Xing Pan, Zi-ling Xin

145. Study on Innovation and Practice of Independent Auto Companies Lean Digital Factory Building
Yu-chun Wang, Li-fang Wang, Ze-yong Xu, Zhen-kui Li, Feng-qi Wang

146. The Application of Kernel Estimation in Analysis of Crime Hot Spots
Yan-yan Wang, Zhi-hong Sun, Lu Pan, Ting Wang, Da-hu Zhang

147. The Research of Full-Bridge and Current Double Rectifier Switched-Mode Power Supply for Vehicle
Yi-lin Yin, Rui-peng Chen, Xi-ming Cheng

148. The Research of Industrial Optimization of Beijing CBD Ribbon Based on Fitness Function Mode
Youliang Zhang, Gang Zong

149. A Study on the User Acceptance Model of SNS Websites Based TAM
Dan Jin, Mei-mei Zhou

150. Augmented Reality Based Factory Model Comparison Method
Wei-wei Sun, Jian-feng Lu, De-zhong Li

151. An Evaluation Method Based on Cloud Model for the Credit of High-Tech SMEs
Guo-qiang Zhou, Xue-qing Wang, Rui Liu, Li-guo Sun

152. The Structural Optimum Design of Erected Circular Medicine-Chest Based on Non-Intervention Motion
Zhi-qiang Zhang, Chao Yun, Xiang-quan Liu, Li-yong Wang

153. Application of Noise Estimator with Limited Memory Index on Flexure Compensation of Rapid Transfer Alignment
Wei-dong Zhou, Yu-ren Ji

154. A Cumulative SaaS Service Evolution Model Based on Expanded Pi Calculus
Jun He, Tong Li, De-hai Zhang

155. Permanence and Extinction of Periodic Delay Predator–Prey System with Two Predators and Stage Structure for Prey
Wei-wei Zheng, Er-dong Han

156. Design of Military Logistics Management System Based on Internet of Things Technology
Xue-jiang Wei, Jian-fei Feng, Shao-juan Feng, Yu-zhu Zhai

157. Simulation and Optimization of the Steel Enterprise Raw Material System
Lin-wei Xu, Pei-qing Wang, Shang-lun Chen, Xing-li Zhong

158. Comprehensive Evaluation and Optimizing for Boarding Strategies
Da-wei Sun, Xia-yang Zheng, Zi-jun Chen, Hong-min Wang

159. Modeling for Crime Busting
Da-wei Sun, Xia-yang Zheng, Zi-jun Chen, Hong-min Wang

160. Personalized Emotion Model Based on Support Vector Machine
Jin-bin Wu, Wan-sen Wang

161. Research on Decision-Making Behavior Test System for Top Management Team Based on Simulation Environment
Xue-ying Hong, Zhu-chao Yu, Zhu Wang, Yang Jiang

162. An Exploratory System Dynamics Model of Business Model Evolution
Xiao-lin Shao, Ju-wei Shi

163. An Empirical Study on the Influence of Independent Directors on Fund Performance in China Fund Management Company
Tiao-yan Hui, Fei-lan Lu

164. Research on Optimal Enterprise Contribution of Hunan Province Based on OLG Model
Ni Yang

165. Comprehensive Experiment Design of Production Logistics Based on CDIO
Ying-de Li, Xiu-ju Lan

166. Improved Grey Forecasting Model for Taiwan’s Green GDP Accounting
Shin-li Lu, Ching-I Lin, Shih-hung Tai

167. Simulation Research of the Fuzzy Torque Control for Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Based on ADVISOR
Bo-jun Zhang, Yu Wang, Jia-tian Guo

168. Vulnerability Analysis and Assessment System of Natural Disaster
Jiang Shen, Jing Huang, Tao Li, Man Xu

169. Application of Actuarial Model in the Forecast of Maternity Insurance Fund’s Revenue and Expenditure: A Case Study of Tianjin
Li-ping Fu, Jun Liu, Xue-zhen Chu, Jin-li Fan

170. Study on Process Reengineering of Medium and Small Coal Machine Manufacture Enterprises
Jing-wen An, Zhi-qiang Zhang

171. The Increase and Decrease Connecting Potential Analysis on Urban and Rural Residential Land of Tianjin
Guo-bin Lin, Shuo Hao

172. Study on Re-Evaluation of Technological Innovation Efficiency Based on the C2R Improvement Model in Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprises
Jing-wen An, Sen Zhang, Guang-lin Sui

173. Research on the Strategic Management of Small and Medium Enterprises in China
Xin Zhu, Ying Li

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Innovation/Technology Management

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