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Thoracoscopy for Pulmonologists

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Table of contents

Part I. The Pleura and Thoracoscopy Technique

1. Introduction to the Pleura and Thoracoscopy Technique
Philippe Astoul, GianFranco Tassi, Jean-Marie Tschopp

2. Thoracoscopy: An Old Technique for a Modern Work-Up of the Pleural Cavity
Gian Pietro Marchetti, GianFranco Tassi

3. Macroscopic Approach to the Pleural Cavity
Delphine Trousse, Pascal Thomas

4. Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Pleural Space
Daniella Negrini

5. Ultrasound for Medical Thoracoscopy
Cyrus Daneshvar, Saiyad A. Sarkar, David P. Breen

6. Anaesthesiology for Thoracoscopy
Antoine Delage, Charles-Hugo Marquette

7. Thoracoscopy: Equipment and Technique
Philippe Astoul, David P. Breen

Part II. Thoracoscopy for the Beginners (‘The Green Zone’)

8. The Current Practice of Medical Thoracoscopy
Philippe Astoul, GianFranco Tassi, Jean-Marie Tschopp

9. Diagnostic Thoracoscopy: Malignant Pleural Effusion
Marios Froudarakis

10. Diagnostic Thoracoscopy: Atlas
Philippe Astoul

11. Diagnostic Thoracoscopy: Nonmalignant Pleural Effusion
Wolfgang Frank, Nicolas Schönfeld

12. Management of Spontaneous Pneumothorax: Common Sense Should Prevail
Jean-Marie Tschopp, Philippe Astoul

13. Thoracoscopy for Spontaneous Pneumothorax
Seamus Grundy, Andrew Bentley

14. Management of Recurrent Pleurisies by Thoracoscopy
Felix Herth

Part III. Interventional Thoracoscopy (‘The Grey Zone’)

15. Advanced Application of Medical Thoracoscopy
Philippe Astoul, GianFranco Tassi, Jean-Marie Tschopp

16. Thoracoscopy for Parapneumonic Effusions and Empyema
GianFranco Tassi, Martin H. Brutsche, Robert J. O. Davies

17. Pulmonary Biopsies via Thoracoscopy
Christophe Dooms, Johan Vansteenkiste

Part IV. Advanced Thoracoscopy (‘The Red Zone’)

18. The Frontier of Medical Thoracoscopy
Philippe Astoul, GianFranco Tassi, Jean-Marie Tschopp

19. Sympatholysis via Thoracoscopy
Marc Noppen

20. Pericardial Window
Paul Schil, Bernard Paelinck, Jeroen Hendriks, Patrick Lauwers

Part V. Complications of Thoracoscopy and Management

21. The Safety Profile of Medical Thoracoscopy: Expert Advices and Recommendations
Philippe Astoul, GianFranco Tassi, Jean-Marie Tschopp

22. Complications of Thoracoscopy
Francisco Rodríguez-Panadero, Beatriz Romero Romero

23. Practical Advice to Prevent Complications
Julius Janssen

Part VI. Future in the Field of Thoracoscopy

24. Future Developments in Medical Thoracoscopy
Philippe Astoul, GianFranco Tassi, Jean-Marie Tschopp

25. Minithoracoscopy
GianFranco Tassi, Gian Pietro Marchetti

26. Autofluorescence and Thoracoscopy
Miltiadis G. Chrysanthidis

27. Flexi-Rigid Thoracoscopy
Teruomi Miyazawa, Atsuko Ishida

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Thoracic Surgery, Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Pneumology/Respiratory System

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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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