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Values of Our Times

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: A New Approach to Contemporary Studies on Axiology
Deshun Li

Part I. The Gist of Values and Contemporary Philosophy

2. Value and Time
Wei-ping Sun

3. “To Be” of Value: A Direction of the Research into the Essence of Value
Meitang Sun

4. The Course of Human Subjectivity
Zhan Guo

5. Value is Human Being Itself and Human Self-realization
Jintian Liu

6. A Philosophy That Addresses Chinese Issues
Ping Feng

7. The Formation of Value and Modern Axiological Questions: From the Perspective of Being and Nothingness
Shuguang Zhang

8. Change from Abstract Value Philosophy to Realistic Value Philosophy
Zhuzhi Zhou, Jing Pan

9. Wanted: Dialogue at the Level of Value Beliefs Among Chinese, Western and Marxist Philosophies
Lai He

Part II. Towards the Depth of Human Life

10. Interactivity Between Virtue and Wisdom
Chang Jiang

11. On the Transformation of Value Orientation of Commodity Symbols: Some Philosophical Considerations on Spiritual Transformation of Consumptive Activities
Zhen Han

12. The Social Self-criticism on the Threshold of Evaluation: Thinking on the Thought of Marx’s Social Self-criticism
Xinhan Chen

13. On the Intimate Relation Between Social Facts and Three Types of Values
Qun Gong

14. The Practical Survival State of Public Society and the Occurrence of the Reasonable Value Experience
Zu-she Yuan

15. On Marx’s Politic Economic Method of Value
Ping He

16. Historical Understanding and Historical Appraisal
Kaifeng Huang

17. A Brief Study of the Hierarchy Value Thought of the Pre-Qin Confucianism
Jun Zhang

Part III. Value Conceptions and Value

18. An Analysis of the Concept of Justice from the Perspective of Value Theory
Junfeng Ma

19. How is Environmental Ethics Possible?
Xinyan Wang

20. Ideal of Social Values for Hermeneutics of Human History
Qiusuo Cui

21. Three Dimensions of the Formation of Values
Zhilong Tang

22. On the Value Orientation of Modern Market Economic System
Zhen-ping Hu

23. Three Doubts About the Comparison Between Western and Chinese Views of Harmony from the Perspective of Axiology
Maotang Dai, Jialian Li

24. The Value Basis of Evidence Rules
Baosheng Zhang, Chuanming Fan

25. The Connotation of Rule of Law: In the View of Axiology
Liqing Zhang

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy

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