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Advances in Aerospace Guidance, Navigation and Control

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Table of contents

Part I. Guidance and Control

1. Linear Parameter Varying Control of an Agile Missile Model Based on the Induced L
2-norm Framework
Raziye Tekin, Harald Pfifer

2. Improving the Performance of an Actuator Control Scheme during Saturation
Chang How Lo, Hyo-Sang Shin, Antonios Tsourdos, Seung-Hwan Kim

3. Concurrent Learning Adaptive Model Predictive Control
Girish Chowdhary, Maximilian Mühlegg, Jonathan P. How, Florian Holzapfel

4. Model Reference Adaptive Control of Mildly Non-Linear Systems with Time Varying Input Delays – Part I
James P. Nelson, Mark J. Balas, Richard S. Erwin

5. Model Reference Adaptive Control of Mildly Non-Linear Systems with Time Varying Input Delays – Part II
James P. Nelson, Mark J. Balas, Richard S. Erwin

6. Flight Control Algorithms for a Vertical Launch Air Defense Missile
Raziye Tekin, Ozgur Atesoglu, Kemal Leblebicioglu

7. LFT Model Generation via ℓ1-Regularized Least Squares
Harald Pfifer, Simon Hecker

8. An Impulsive Input Approach to Short Time Convergent Control for Linear Systems
Martin Weiss, Yuri Shtessel

9. Model Formulation of Pursuit Problem with Two Pursuers and One Evader
Sergey S. Kumkov, Stéphane Ménec, Valerii S. Patsko

10. Nonlinear Output-Feedback H
 ∞  Control for Spacecraft Attitude Control
Alon Capua, Nadav Berman, Amir Shapiro, Daniel Choukroun

Part II. Estimation and Navigation

11. Rotorcraft System Identification: An Integrated Time-Frequency Domain Approach
Marco Bergamasco, Marco Lovera

12. Air Data Sensor Fault Detection Using Kinematic Relations
Laurens Eykeren, Qiping Chu

13. A Multiple-Observer Scheme for Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery of Satellite Thrusters
Antoine Abauzit, Julien Marzat

14. A Spherical Coordinate Parametrization for an In-Orbit Bearings-Only Navigation Filter
Jonathan Grzymisch, Walter Fichter, Massimo Casasco, Damiana Losa

15. A New Substitution Based Recursive B-Splines Method for Aerodynamic Model Identification
Liguo Sun, Coen Visser, Qiping Chu

16. Spacecraft Fault Detection and Isolation System Design Using Decentralized Analytical Redundancy
Saurabh Indra, Louise Travé-Massuyès

17. Flight Test Oriented Autopilot Design for Improved Aerodynamic Parameter Identification
Matthias Krings, Karsten Henning, Frank Thielecke

18. A Flight State Estimator that Combines Stereo-Vision, INS, and Satellite Pseudo-Ranges
Franz Andert, Jörg Dittrich, Simon Batzdorfer, Martin Becker, Ulf Bestmann, Peter Hecker

L_1 Adaptive Control for Systems with Matched Stochastic Disturbance
Toufik Souanef, Federico Pinchetti, Walter Fichter

Part III. Atmospheric Applications

20. Decoupling the Eye: A Key toward a Robust Hovering for Sighted Aerial Robots
Augustin Manecy, Raphaël Juston, Nicolas Marchand, Stéphane Viollet

21. Flight Guidance and Control of a Tethered Glider in an Airborne Wind Energy Application
Sören Sieberling

22. Lateral Fly by Wire Control System Dedicated to Future Small Aircraft
Matthias Heller, Thaddäus Baier, Falko Schuck

23. Dynamic Trajectory Control of Gliders
Rui Dilão, João Fonseca

24. Cooperative Autonomous Collision Avoidance System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Yazdi Ibrahim Jenie, Erik-Jan Kampen, Bart Remes

25. Nonlinear Non-cascaded Reference Model Architecture for Flight Control Design
Fubiao Zhang, Florian Holzapfel, Matthias Heller

26. Aircraft Longitudinal Guidance Based on a Spatial Reference
Hakim Bouadi, Daniel Choukroun, Felix Mora-Camino

27. Adaptive Trajectory Controller for Generic Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aircraft
Maximilian Mühlegg, Johann C. Dauer, Jörg Dittrich, Florian Holzapfel

28. Stereo Vision Based Obstacle Avoidance on Flapping Wing MAVs
Sjoerd Tijmons, Guido Croon, Bart Remes, Christophe Wagter, Rick Ruijsink, Erik-Jan Kampen, Qiping Chu

29. The Total Energy Control Concept for a Motor Glider
Maxim Lamp, Robert Luckner

30. TECS Generalized Airplane Control System Design – An Update
Antonius A. Lambregts

31. Integrated Modelling of an Unmanned High-Altitude Solar-Powered Aircraft for Control Law Design Analysis
Andreas Klöckner, Martin Leitner, Daniel Schlabe, Gertjan Looye

32. Design and Flight Testing of Nonlinear Autoflight Control Laws Incorporating Direct Lift Control
Thomas Lombaerts, Gertjan Looye

33. A Frequency-Limited H_2
Model Approximation Method with Application to a Medium-Scale Flexible Aircraft
Pierre Vuillemin, Charles Poussot-Vassal, Daniel Alazard

34. Hardware-in-the-Loop Flight Simulator – An Essential Part in the Development Process for the Automatic Flight Control System of a Utility Aircraft
André Kaden, Bernd Boche, Robert Luckner

35. Autonomous Wind Tunnel Free-Flight of a Flapping Wing MAV
Christophe Wagter, Andries Koopmans, Guido Croon, Bart Remes, Rick Ruijsink

36. Application of Frequency-Limited Adaptive Quadrocopter Control
Kirk Y. W. Scheper, Daniel Magree, Tansel Yucelen, Gerardo La Torre, Eric N. Johnson

37. Aeroservoelastic Investigations of a High-Aspect-Ratio Motor Glider
Flávio J. Silvestre

Part IV. Space Applications

38. Relative Optical Navigation for a Lunar Lander Mission
Mark J. Verweld

39. Toward an Autonomous Lunar Landing Based on Low-Speed Optic Flow Sensors
Guillaume Sabiron, Paul Chavent, Laurent Burlion, Erwan Kervendal, Eric Bornschlegl, Patrick Fabiani, Thibaut Raharijaona, Franck Ruffier

40. Online Estimation of Mean Orbital Elements with Control Inputs
Weichao Zhong, Pini Gurfil

41. Flight Nutation Validation of the COS-B and EQUATOR-S Spacecraft
Hans Kuiper, Edward Bongers

42. Fault-Tolerant Spacecraft Magnetic Attitude Control
Aviran Sadon, Daniel Choukroun

43. GNC Challenges and Navigation Solutions for Active Debris Removal Mission
Erwan Kervendal, Thomas Chabot, Keyvan Kanani

Keywords: Engineering, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Control

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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