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Parasitic Orobanchaceae

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The Parasitic Syndrome in Higher Plants
Henning S. Heide-Jørgensen

Part I. The Orobanchaceae and Their Parasitic Mechanisms

2. The Haustorium and the Life Cycles of Parasitic Orobanchaceae
Daniel M. Joel

3. Functional Structure of the Mature Haustorium
Daniel M. Joel

4. Haustorium Initiation and Early Development
Pradeepa C. G. Bandaranayake, John I. Yoder

5. Haustorium Invasion into Host Tissues
Alejandro Pérez-de-Luque

6. The Physiology of the Established Parasite–Host Association
James H. Westwood

7. Host Reaction to Attack by Root Parasitic Plants
Michael P. Timko, Julie D. Scholes

8. Seed Production and Dispersal in the Orobanchaceae
Daniel M. Joel

9. The Seed and the Seedling
Daniel M. Joel, Hilla Bar

10. Induction of Germination
Koichi Yoneyama, Carolien Ruyter-Spira, Harro Bouwmeester

11. Germination Ecophysiology
Alistair J. Murdoch, Ermias Kebreab

12. Are Karrikin Signaling Mechanisms Relevant to Strigolactone Perception?
David C. Nelson

13. Changing Host Specificities: By Mutational Changes or Epigenetic Reprogramming?
Toby J. A. Bruce, Jonathan Gressel

14. Phylogenetic Relationships and Evolutionary Trends in Orobanchaceae
Gerald M. Schneeweiss

15. Genomic Evolution in Orobanchaceae
Susann Wicke

16. Ecology of Hemiparasitic Orobanchaceae with Special Reference to Their Interaction with Plant Communities
Duncan D. Cameron, Gareth K. Phoenix

Part II. The Weedy Orobanchaceae and Their Control

17. Weedy Orobanchaceae: The Problem
Jonathan Gressel, Daniel M. Joel

18. The Parasitic Weeds of the Orobanchaceae
Chris Parker

19. Population Diversity and Dynamics of Parasitic Weeds
Belén Román

20. Molecular Diagnosis of Parasite Seed Banks
Jane Prider, Kathy Ophel Keller, Alan McKay

21. Marker-Assisted and Physiology-Based Breeding for Resistance to Root Parasitic Orobanchaceae
Begoña Pérez-Vich, Leonardo Velasco, Patrick J. Rich, Gebisa Ejeta

22. Integrated Agronomic Management of Parasitic Weed Seed Banks
Yaakov Goldwasser, Jonne Rodenburg

23. Chemical Control
Hanan Eizenberg, Joseph Hershenhorn, Jhonathan H. Ephrath, Fred Kanampiu

24. Biotechnologies for Directly Generating Crops Resistant to Parasites
Jonathan Gressel

25. Allelopathy
John A. Pickett, Antony M. Hooper, Charles A. O. Midega, Zeyaur R. Khan

26. Biocontrol
Alan K. Watson

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Physiology, Agriculture, Plant Ecology, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology, Plant Genetics & Genomics, Plant Biochemistry

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