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Ambient Assisted Living

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Table of contents

Part I. Smart Homes

1. Functional Assessment in Elderlies’ Homes: Early Results from a Field Trial
Enno-E. Steen, Thomas Frenken, Melina Frenken, Andreas Hein

2. LsW: Networked Home Automation in Living Environments
Frerk Müller, Peter Hoffmann, Melina Frenken, Andreas Hein, Otthein Herzog

3. Guiding Light for the Mobility Support of Seniors
Guido Kempter, Walter Ritter, Andreas Künz

4. Vibroacoustic Monitoring: Techniques for Human Gait Analysis in Smart Homes
Klaus Dobbler, Moritz Fišer, Maria Fellner, Bernhard Rettenbacher

Part II. Activities of Daily Living

5. Unobtrusive Respiratory Rate Detection Within Homecare Scenarios
Bjoern-Helge Busch, Ralph Welge

6. Context-Enriched Personal Health Monitoring
Barbara Franz, Mario Buchmayr, Andreas Schuler, Werner Kurschl

7. Mneme: Telemonitoring for Medical Treatment-Support in Dementia
Torben Wallbaum, Melina Frenken, Jochen Meyer, Andreas Hein, Carsten Giehoff

8. PASSAge: Personalized Mobility, Assistance and Service Systems in an Ageing Society
Matthias Bähr, Sarah Klein, Stefan Diewald, Claus Haag, Gebhard Hofstetter, Maher Khoury, Daniel Kurz, Andreas Winkler, Andrea König, Nadine Holzer, Monika Siegrist, Axel Pressler, Luis Roalter, Thomas Linner, Matthias Heuberger, Kerstin Wessig, Matthias Kranz, Thomas Bock

Part III. Telemonitoring

9. Facial Movement Dysfunctions: Conceptual Design of a Therapy-Accompanying Training System
Cornelia Dittmar, Joachim Denzler, Horst-Michael Gross

10. Detecting Activities of Daily Living with Smart Meters
Jana Clement, Joern Ploennigs, Klaus Kabitzsch

11. A Personalized and Context-Aware Mobile Assistance System for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation
Alexandra Theobalt, Boris Feodoroff, Dirk Werth, Peter Loos

12. GlobalSensing: A Supervised Outdoor-Training in Cardiological Secondary Prevention
Tim Janus, Torben Kohlmeier, Viktor Marinov, Janina Marks, Christian Mikosch, Michael Nimbs, Thorsten Panke, Jörn Störling, Oliver Dohndorf, Heiko Krumm, Jan-Dirk Hoffmann, Anke Workowski, Detlev Willemsen

Part IV. AAL Platforms

13. Representation of Integration Profiles Using an Ontology
Ralph Welge, Bjoern-Helge Busch, Klaus Kabitzsch, Janina Laurila-Epe, Stefan Heusinger, Myriam Lipprandt, Marco Eichelberg, Elke Eichenberg, Heike Engelien, Murat Goek, Guido Moritz, Andreas Hein

14. Methods and Tools for Ontology-Based Configuration Processes of AAL Environments
Tom Zentek, Alexander Marinc, Asarnusch Rashid

15. The Robot ALIAS as a Database for Health Monitoring for Elderly People
Tobias Rehrl, Jürgen Geiger, Maja Golcar, Stefan Gentsch, Jan Knobloch, Gerhard Rigoll, Katharina Scheibl, Wolfram Schneider, Susanne Ihsen, Frank Wallhoff

Part V. Interaction

16. Visual and Haptic Perception of Surface Materials for Direct Skin Contact in Human–Machine Interaction
A. Mertens, C. Brandl, J. Sannemann, A. Kant, M. Ph. Mayer, C. M. Schlick

17. Human-Robot Interaction: Testing Distances that Humans will Accept Between Themselves and a Robot Approaching at Different Speeds
Alexander Mertens, Christopher Brandl, Iris Blotenberg, Mathias Lüdtke, Theo Jacobs, Christina Bröhl, Marcel Ph. Mayer, Christopher M. Schlick

18. Display of Emotions with the Robotic Platform ALIAS
Jürgen Geiger, Ibrahim Yenin, Frank Wallhoff, Gerhard Rigoll

Part VI. Robotics

19. Housing Enabling: Detection of Imminent Risk Areas in Domestic Environments Using Mobile Service Robots
Nils Volkening, Andreas Hein, Melvin Isken, Thomas Frenken, Melina Brell

20. Mobile Video Phone Communication Carried by a NAO Robot
Paul Panek, Georg Edelmayer, Peter Mayer, Christian Beck, Wolfgang L. Zagler

21. The Robot ALIAS as a Gaming Platform for Elderly Persons
Jürgen Geiger, Thomas Leykauf, Tobias Rehrl, Frank Wallhoff, Gerhard Rigoll

Part VII. Community Conclusions

22. Can the Market Breakthrough in AAL be Achieved by a Large Scale Pilot?
Mohammad Reza Tazari, Reiner Wichert

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, R & D/Technology Policy, Aging, Geriatrics/Gerontology

Publication year
Advanced Technologies and Societal Change
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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