Hou, Michael Z.

Clean Energy Systems in the Subsurface: Production, Storage and Conversion

Hou, Michael Z. - Clean Energy Systems in the Subsurface: Production, Storage and Conversion, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Regulation of Carbon Capture and Storage in China: Lessons from the EU CCS Directive
Tianbao Qin

2. Legal Framework for the Coordination of Competing Uses of the Underground in Germany
Hartmut Weyer

3. Chances and Risks of Geologic CO2 Storage
Jochen Großmann, Andreas Dahmke

4. Supercritical CO2-Corrosion in Heat Treated Steel Pipes during Carbon Capture and Storage CCS
Anja Pfennig, Phillip Zastrow, Axel Kranzmann

5. Operational Reservoir Monitoring at the CO2 Pilot Storage Site Ketzin, Germany
Sebastian Köhler, Jochen Zemke, Winfried Becker, Jürgen Wiebach, Axel Liebscher, Fabian Möller, Andreas Bannach

6. Modelling of Kinetic Interface Sensitive Tracers for Two-Phase Systems
Alexandru Tatomir, Friedrich Maier, Mario Schaffer, Tobias Licha, Martin Sauter

7. A Brief Overview of Isotope Measurements Carried Out at Various CCS Pilot Sites Worldwide
Martin Nowak, Anssi Myrttinen, Robert Geldern, Veith Becker, Bernhard Mayer, Johannes A. C. Barth

8. Use of a CO2 Geological Storage System to Develop Geothermal Resources: A Case Study of a Sandstone Reservoir in the Songliao Basin of Northeast China
Yan Shi, Fugang Wang, Yanlin Yang, Hongwu Lei, Jin Na, Tianfu Xu

9. Identification of Growth Barriers for Exploitation of Geothermal Energy in China
Mingxing Bai, Parimal A. Patil, Catalin Teodoriu

10. Numerical Analysis of Parameters Affecting Hydraulic Fracture Re-orientation in Tight Gas Reservoirs
Jonas Wegner, Birger Hagemann, Leonhard Ganzer

11. Numerical Analysis of Polymer Micro-model Flooding Experiments
Jonas Wegner, Leonhard Ganzer

12. Recovery of the Geothermal Energy Stored in Abandoned Mines
Esmeralda Peralta Ramos, Gioia Falcone

13. Carbon-dioxide for EOR in Upper Assam Basin
Subrata Borgohain Gogoi

14. Performance Evaluation of Polymer Surfactant and Their Displacement Effects
Yikun Liu, Qingjun Deng, Gang Chen, Shuang Liang

15. Production of Coal Bed Methane in Germany
Oliver Langefeld, Amit Agasty

16. Numerical Study of CO2-Injection Borehole Integrity with Consideration of Thermo-mechanical Effects
Michael Zhengmeng Hou, Zhi Qiao, Xuan Luo, Qingyuan Wang

17. Numerical Simulation of CO2 Leakage through Abandoned Wells during CO2 Underground Storage
Mingxing Bai, Kurt M. Reinicke

18. A Study on Shear Characteristics of a Smooth Rock Surface under Different Thermal and Mechanical Conditions
Taehyun Kim, Nan Zhang, Seokwon Jeon

19. Hydro-Mechanical Coupled Discrete Element Modeling of Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation and Induced Seismicity
Jeoung Seok Yoon, Arno Zang, Ove Stephansson

20. Simulation of CO2-Water-Rock Interaction Processes-Mineral Scaling Problems in Saline Formations
Hejuan Liu, Michael Zhengmeng Hou, Yang Gou, Patrick Were

21. Simulation of Hydraulic-Mechanical (HM) Coupling Geo-processes at Ketzin CO2 Sequestration Site Using the Code TOUGHMP-FLAC3D
Qun Wang, Michael Zhengmeng Hou, Patrick Were

22. The Application of the Strength Reduction Method in Site Stability Analysis of CCS
Wei Yuan, Xiaochun Li, Bing Bai

23. Different Methods to Evaluate Strength from Compression Tests for Rock Salt
Yu Bian, Jianfeng Liu, Guosheng Ding, Liang Chen, Zhide Wu, Lina Ran, Michael Zhengmeng Hou, Yang Gou

24. Parameter Determination for the Constitutive Model Lubby2 and Strength Model Hou Based on Laboratory Tests on Rock Salt Samples from Jintan, P.R. China
Juan Zhao, Michael Zhengmeng Hou, Wei Xing

25. Comparison of Triaxial Compression Short-Term Strength Tests and Data Processing Methods for Rock Salt
Guan Wang, Wei Xing, Jianfeng Liu, Lingzhi Xie

26. Soil-Underground Structure Dynamic Interaction Considering Soil Nonlinearity
Qi Ge, Feng Xiong, Qunyi Huang, Lunwu Xie, Ziyu Yao

27. Spatial Distribution of Acoustic Emissions of Rock Salt under Different Stress Conditions
Mingming Xu, Jianfeng Liu, Dewen Zheng, Liang Chen, Zhide Wu, Lina Ran, Michael Zhengmeng Hou, Yang Gou, Huining Xu

28. Damage and Healing Properties of Rock Salt: Long-Term Cyclic Loading Tests and Numerical Back Analysis
Uwe Düsterloh, Svetlana Lerche, Karl-Heinz Lux

29. A Damage Constitutive Model of Rock Salt Based on Acoustic Emission Characteristics
Deyi Jiang, Jie Chen, Song Ren, Yuan Xi, Chunhe Yang

30. A Modified Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criterion for Intact Granites Exposed to High Temperatures
Hong Tian, Thomas Kempka, Nengxiong Xu, Martin Ziegler

31. The H2STORE Project: Hydrogen Underground Storage – A Feasible Way in Storing Electrical Power in Geological Media?
Dieter Pudlo, Leonhard Ganzer, Steven Henkel, Michael Kühn, Axel Liebscher, Marco Lucia, Michel Panfilov, Peter Pilz, Viktor Reitenbach, Daniel Albrecht, Hilke Würdemann, Reinhard Gaupp

32. SEW – A New Software Application That Supports the Safety Evaluation of Underground Storage Wells
Andreas Brecht, Detlef Edler, Klaus-Peter Rehmer

33. Transport and Usage of Hydrogen via Natural Gas Pipeline Systems
Götz Thilo Müller Grün, Steven Hotopp, Joachim Müller-Kirchenbauer

34. Possible Locations for Gas-Fired Power Generation in Southern Germany
Joachim Müller-Kirchenbauer, Anatoly Gorshkov

35. Recent Developments in Geotechnical Design of Natural Gas Storage Cavities Regarding Physical Modelling as Well as Numerical Simulation
Karl-Heinz Lux

Keywords: Energy, Energy Harvesting, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Hydrogeology, Environmental Science and Engineering

Publication year
Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering
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14 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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