Blauert, Jens

The Technology of Binaural Listening

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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Binaural Processing
A. Kohlrausch, J. Braasch, D. Kolossa, J. Blauert

2. The Auditory Modeling Toolbox
P. L. Søndergaard, P. Majdak

3. Trends in Acquisition of Individual Head-Related Transfer Functions
G. Enzner, Chr. Antweiler, S. Spors

4. Assessment of Sagittal-Plane Sound Localization Performance in Spatial-Audio Applications
R. Baumgartner, P. Majdak, B. Laback

5. Modeling Horizontal Localization of Complex Sounds in the Impaired and Aided Impaired Auditory System
N. Le Goff, J. M. Buchholz, T. Dau

6. Binaural Scene Analysis with Multidimensional Statistical Filters
C. Spille, B. T. Meyer, M. Dietz, V. Hohmann

7. Extracting Sound-Source-Distance Informationfrom Binaural Signals
E. Georganti, T. May, S. van de Par, J. Mourjopoulos

8. A Binaural Model that Analyses Acoustic Spaces and Stereophonic Reproduction Systems by Utilizing Head Rotations
J. Braasch, S. Clapp, A. Parks, T. Pastore, N. Xiang

9. Binaural Systems in Robotics
S. Argentieri, A. Portello, M. Bernard, P. Danès, B. Gas

10. Binaural Assessment of Multichannel Reproduction
H. Wierstorf, A. Raake, S. Spors

11. Optimization of Binaural Algorithms for Maximum Predicted Speech Intelligibility
A. Schlesinger, Chr. Luther

12. Modeling Sound Localization with Cochlear Implants
M. Nicoletti, Chr. Wirtz, W. Hemmert

13. Binaural Assessment of Parametrically Coded Spatial Audio Signals
M. Takanen, O. Santala, V. Pulkki

14. Binaural Dereverberation
A. Tsilfidis, A. Westermann, J. M. Buchholz, E. Georganti, J. Mourjopoulos

15. Binaural Localization and Detection of Speakers in Complex Acoustic Scenes
T. May, S. van de Par, A. Kohlrausch

16. Predicting Binaural Speech Intelligibility in Architectural Acoustics
J. F. Culling, M. Lavandier, S. Jelfs

17. Assessment of Binaural–Proprioceptive Interaction in Human-Machine Interfaces
M. Stamm, M. E. Altinsoy

18. Further Challenges and the Road Ahead
J. Blauert, D. Kolossa, K. Obermayer, K. Adiloğlu

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Acoustics, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Acoustics, Otorhinolaryngology

Publication year
Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing
Page amount
523 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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