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Climate-Smart Technologies

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Table of contents

Part I. Climate Change Trends and Strategies

1. An Overview of Climate-Smart Technologies in the Pacific Region
Pritika Bijay, Veronika Schulte, Shivneel Prasad

2. Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries Using ICT as an Enabling Tool
Abel Niyibizi, Alexander Komakech

3. Climate Regulation: Implications for Trade Competitiveness in Caribbean States
Michelle Scobie

4. Climate Change Issues on the Pacific Islands: An Overview
Tony Weir, Dan Orcherton

5. A Framework for Technology Cooperation for the Successful Deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies in Pacific Island Countries and Territories
Emanuele Taibi

6. The Vulnerability, Adaptation and Resilience Capabilities of Water Sector Users in Mauritius
Reshma Cunnoosamy

7. Mapping of Organisations Involved in Energy Research Activities in the Pacific Island Region, Their Research Projects, Budgets and Research Gaps
Sheikh Izzal Azid, Anjeela Jokhan

8. A Transition Management Approach to Designing Post-Kyoto Climate Policy Architecture: A Framework for Negotiation
Shahryar Mohammadrezaie Omran

9. Climate Change Assessment Using Statistical Process Control Methods
Branko Vučijak, Tarik Kupusović, Sanda Midžić-Kurtagić, Admir Ćerić

Part II. Renewable Energy Strategies and Methods

10. Sustainable Energy Development in the Pacific: The Evolution of Energy Frameworks and National Policies
Anirudh Singh, Solomone Fifita, Rupeni Mario, Pritika Bijay

11. Promoting Renewable Electricity Generation in Developing Countries: Findings from Comparative Analyses in South America
Isabel Ribeiro, Jonathan Krink

12. Knowledge Exchange and Application of Hydropower in Developing Countries
Christoph Rapp, Andreas Zeiselmairm, Emile Lando, Mfetoum Moungnutou

13. “Sustainable Energy for All” Approach to SIDS: A Case Study from Dominica
Raúl Iván Alfaro-Pelico

14. A Comprehensive Study of the Wind and Solar Potential of Gau Island, Fiji
Ravita D. Prasad

15. The Potential for Using Renewable Sources of Energy in Mauritius
Jaykumar Chummun

16. The DIREKT Project: An Example of a Technology Transfer Project on Renewable Energy
Veronika Schulte, Walter Leal Filho, Jonathan F. Krink

17. Strategies Developed by DIREKT for the Small Island Developing States to Enhance Renewable Energy Utilisation
Dinesh Surroop, Romeela Mohee, Pratima Jeetah, Walter Leal Filho, Veronika Schulte, Julia Gottwald, Natasha Corbin, Varsha Persaud, Thomas Rogers, Anirudh Singh, Pritika Bijay, Jagdesh Ramnanan, Indra Haraksingh, Debbie Emandie

18. Past and Present Green Economy Initiatives and Capacity Building and Financial Mechanisms for the Future Development of the Barbados Energy Sector
Tom Rogers, Ksenia Chmutina

19. Project Funding for Innovative Research and Development Projects: A Practical Example in the Field of Renewable Energy
Jochen Selle, Stefan Franzke

20. Modern Technologies of Biomass Combustion and Pre-treatment for more Efficient Electricity Production: Review and Case Analysis
Wlodzimierz Blasiak

21. Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques for the Assessment of Biofuel and Biomass Energy Resources
Lalit Kumar, Anirudh Singh

22. A Method for Mapping Monthly Solar Irradiation Over Complex Areas of Topography: Réunion Island’s Case Study
Miloud Bessafi, Béatrice Morel, Jean-Daniel Lan-Sun-Luk, Jean-Pierre Chabriat, Patrick Jeanty

23. Case Study Analysis of Urban Decentralised Energy Systems
Ksenia Chmutina, Chris I. Goodier

24. Strengthening of R&D Competences and Engineering Skills for Renewable Energy Systems: Examples from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Timon Kampschulte

25. Software and Information Technology Support in a Virtual Renewable Energy Laboratory, Based on Areal Physical Environment—ECO UQAR—UOM Potential Collaboration
Drishty Singh Ramdenee, Adrian Ilinca, Dinesh Surroop, Romeela Mohee

26. The New Green Revolution: Sustainable Agriculture for the Caribbean Through the Use of Renewable Energy
Indra Haraksingh

27. Assessment of the Most Sustainable Renewable Energy Configuration in Mauritius and Rodriques
M. Tsang Pun Yin, J. Jayasuriya, T. Fransson, Surroop Dinesh, Mohee Romeela

Part III. Climate-Smart Energy Technologies

28. Adoption of Climate-Smart Technologies: The Case of Rural Solar Electricity in the Pacific Islands
Tony Weir, Shivneel Prasad

29. A Geographic Information Systems Approach to Mitigating Sea Level Rise: Examples from Bermuda
Richard Snow, Mary Snow, Sebastian Brisson

30. Estimation of Carbon Stock in Church Forests: Implications for Managing Church Forest to Help with Carbon Emission Reduction
Tulu Tolla Tura, Mekuria Argaw, Zewdu Eshetu

31. Fast Pyrolysis and Kinetics of Sugarcane Bagasse in Energy Recovery
Mahir Said, Geoffrey John, Cuthbert Mhilu, Samwel Manyele

32. Characterization of Pyrolysis Kinetics for the Use of Tropical Biomass as Renewable Energy Sources
P. Ndalila, G. R. John, C. F. Mhilu

33. Prospects and Limitations of Biomass Gasification for Industrial Thermal Applications in Sub-Saharan Africa
Joseph Ndemere Arineitwe, Mackay Okure, Job Mutyaba, Surroop Dinesh

34. Anaerobic Digestion of Vegetable Wastes Using Biochemical Methane Potential Assays
Ackmez Mudhoo, Romeela Mohee, Zumar M. A. Bundhoo, Dinesh Surroop

35. Viability of Using Cassava as Feedstock for Bioethanol Production in Fiji
Pritika Bijay, Anirudh Singh

36. Feasibility of Using Solar Energy as a Source of Renewable Energy in Mauritius Under Collaboration of DIREKT
Pratima Jeetah, Dinesh Surroop, Romeela Mohee, Walter Leal Filho, Veronika Schulte, Julia Gottwald

37. Optimization of Biogas Production to Use in Cooking Stove
Hemant Munbod, Dinesh Surroop, Deepak Reedoye

38. Efficiency Optimisation of Three-Phase Induction Motor Using Swarm Intelligence
M. Asraf Ally Jubokawa, Robert T. F. Ah King

39. Energy Use in Manufacturing Industries Evidence from Sweden
Clara Inés Pardo Martínez, Semida Silveira

40. Assessing the Potential of Torrefaction for Locally Available Biomass in Mauritius
Surroop Dinesh, Mooloo Devina

41. Investigating the Potential of Using Coconut Oil–Diesel Blends in a Diesel Engine in Rodriques Islands
Dinesh Surroop, Krishna Sooprayen

42. Investigation of Vegetable Oil Conversion by Thermal Deoxygenation and Cracking for Alternative Biofuel Generation
Christian Augustin, Thomas Willner

43. Bio-ethanol Production from Readily Available Lignocellulosic Biomass in Mauritius Through Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Pratima Khadoo-Jeetah, Romeela Mohee

44. A Smart Technology of Carbon Sequestration by the Use of Biochar
Ulrich Suer, Friedrich Naehring, Gopathi Balachandra

45. The Impact of Smart Metering on Energy Efficiency in Low-Income Housing in Mediterranean
Ales Podgornik, Boris Sucic, Peter Bevk, Damir Stanicic

46. Optimization of a Stand-Alone Renewable Energy System for a Small Load Requirement
Shivneel Prasad, Ajal Kumar, Atul Raturi

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Environmental Economics, Climate Change Management and Policy, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, Renewable and Green Energy, Climate Change

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Climate Change Management
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