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Physics of Quantum Fluids

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Table of contents

1. Quantum Fluids of Exciton-Polaritons and Ultracold Atoms
Michiel Wouters

2. Universality in Modelling Non-equilibrium Pattern Formation in Polariton Condensates
N. G. Berloff, J. Keeling

3. Bosonic Spin Transport
Alexey Kavokin

4. Mean-Field Description of Multicomponent Exciton-Polariton Superfluids
Y. G. Rubo

5. Spin Effects in Polariton Condensates: From Half-Solitons to Analogues of Wormholes
Hugo Flayac, Dmitry D. Solnyshkov, Guillaume Malpuech

6. Dynamics of Vortices and Dark Solitons in Polariton Superfluids
Benoit Deveaud, Gael Nardin, Gabriele Grosso, Yoan Léger

7. Polariton Quantum Fluids and Devices
D. Ballarini, A. Amo, M. Giorgi, D. Sanvitto

8. Exciton-Polariton Condensates in Zero-, One-, and Two-Dimensional Lattices
Na Young Kim, Yoshihisa Yamamoto, Shoko Utsunomiya, Kenichiro Kusudo, Sven Höfling, Alfred Forchel

9. Polariton Condensates in Low Dimensional Cavities
Jacqueline Bloch

10. Toward Quantum Fluids at Room Temperature: Polariton Condensation in III-Nitride Based Microcavities
Jacques Levrat, Georg Rossbach, Raphaël Butté, Nicolas Grandjean

11. Toward Room Temperature One-Dimensional Quantum Fluid in the Solid State: Exciton Polaritons in Zinc Oxide Microwires
F. Médard, A. Trichet, Z. Chen, L. S. Dang, M. Richard

12. Superfluid Instability and Critical Velocity in Two and Three Dimensions
F. Piazza, L. A. Collins, A. Smerzi

13. Quantized Vortices and Quantum Turbulence
Makoto Tsubota, Kenichi Kasamatsu

14. Characteristics and Perspectives of Quantum Turbulence in Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates
V. S. Bagnato, R. F. Shiozaki, J. A. Seman, E. A. L. Henn, G. Telles, P. Tavares, G. Roati, G. Bagnato, K. M. F. Magalhães, S. R. Muniz, M. Caracanhas

15. Spatial and Temporal Coherence of a Bose-Condensed Gas
Yvan Castin, Alice Sinatra

16. Effects of Interactions on Bose-Einstein Condensation of an Atomic Gas
Robert P. Smith, Zoran Hadzibabic

17. Universal Thermodynamics of a Unitary Fermi Gas
Takashi Mukaiyama, Masahito Ueda

18. High Resolution Electron Microscopy of Quantum Gases
Giovanni Barontini, Herwig Ott

Keywords: Physics, Solid State Physics, Quantum Gases and Condensates, Quantum Physics, Phase Transitions and Multiphase Systems, Low Temperature Physics, Materials Science, general

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Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences
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22 pages
Natural Sciences

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