Hülsmann, Michael

Evolutionary Paths Towards the Mobility Patterns of the Future

Hülsmann, Michael - Evolutionary Paths Towards the Mobility Patterns of the Future, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Christian Hanke, Michael Hülsmann, Dirk Fornahl

Part I. Mobility Needs and Mobility Concepts

2. Socio-Economic Aspects of Electric Vehicles: A Literature Review
Christian Hanke, Michael Hüelsmann, Dirk Fornahl

3. Mobility Scenarios for the Year 2030: Implications for Individual Electric Mobility
Tobias Kuhnimhof, Irene Feige, Peter Phleps

4. How Does the Actual Usage of Electric Vehicles Influence Consumer Acceptance?
Uta Schneider, Elisabeth Dütschke, Anja Peters

5. Identifying Consumer Groups with Satisfactory Characteristics for Electric Mobility Usage
Dominik Santner, Dirk Fornahl

6. What Do Potential Users Think About Electric Mobility?
Christian Hoffmann, Daniel Hinkeldein, Andreas Graff, Steffi Kramer

7. Electric Car Sharing as an Integrated Part of Public Transport: Customers’ Needs and Experience
Steffi Kramer, Christian Hoffmann, Tobias Kuttler, Manuel Hendzlik

8. Transforming Mobility into Sustainable E-Mobility: The Example of Rhein-Main Region
Birgit Blättel-Mink, Monika Buchsbaum, Dirk Dalichau, Merle Hattenhauer, Jens Weber

9. Validation of Innovative Extended Product Concepts for E-Mobility
Jens Eschenbaecher, Stefan Wiesner, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

Part II. Challenges for Companies and Politics

10. Strategic Perspectives for Electric Mobility: Some Considerations About the Automotive Industry
Richard Colmorn, Michael Hülsmann

11. How Knowledge-Based Dynamic Capabilities Help to Avoid and Cope with Path Dependencies in the Electric Mobility Sector
Philip Cordes, Michael Hülsmann

12. Safety Aspects of Electric Vehicles: Acoustic Measures, Experimental Analysis, and Group Discussions
Kathrin Dudenhöffer, Leonie Hause

13. Transition Management Towards Urban Electro Mobility in the Stuttgart Region
Alanus Radecki

14. Assessment of CO2-Emissions from Electric Vehicles: State of the Scientific Debate
Jürgen Gabriel, Philipp Wellbrock, Marius Buchmann

15. How to Integrate Electric Vehicles in the Future Energy System?
Patrick Jochem, Thomas Kaschub, Wolf Fichtner

16. An Approach Towards Service Infrastructure Optimization for Electromobility
Tim Hoerstebrock, Axel Hahn

Part III. Practical Insights

17. Coping with a Growing Mobility Demand in a Growing City: Hamburg as Pilot Region for Electric Mobility
Sören Christian Trümper

18. The City of Bremen and Its Approach Towards E-Mobility
Michael Glotz-Richter

19. Acceptance of Electric Vehicles and New Mobility Behavior: The Example of Rhine-Main Region
Petra K. Schaefer, Kathrin Schmidt, Dennis Knese

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Innovation/Technology Management, Renewable and Green Energy, Transportation

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Mobility
Page amount
9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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